Mr Brown by Charlie

I was in school when all of a sudden a giraffe walked in and said “Hello my name is Mr Brown and I will be your substitute for today”. Everyone was looking at him gasping then he took one more step forward and hit his head, everyone burst out laughing. He ignored is walked up to the teachers desk and picked up the greasy marker our teacher always used. He put some sums on the whiteboard and pulled some salt out of his bag and started eating it. Then we all stared in horror as he melted away. I waked up and looked at the can of salt. It read


Space by Charlie

Crraaasssshhhhh! My crew and I had just crash landed on an alien planet. We got out of the space shuttle and looked around, just then my crew member Emmanuel came out he said “our communications device is broken”. I told him to go and start fixing it whilst I took Cillian and Brian with me to explore the perimeter. We stumbled upon a swamp with small trees. We were looking around when all of a sudden little furry aliens jumped out from behind the trees with some sort of bow they shot Brian in the leg then dragged him behind a tree, Cillian and I barely escaped.

The Taxi by Charlie

My family and I went on a holiday to Orlando in America. We got into a taxi and started driving towards our hotel that was half an hour away. I started playing games in my phone, about ten minutes past then all of a sudden the taxi came to a stop. The driver checked the bonnet of the car but nothing was wrong there, he got back in and looked at the fuel light it was red. He told us that the fuel tank was empty. What a surprise and not a pleasant one because the hotel was still twenty minutes away…

The Day A Bird Talked To Me by Charlie

One day I was cycling to school when all of a sudden it started raining red coins. They started hitting the pavement. The rain of coins focused onto one spot, they started sinking into each other ,they expanded into a ladder that reached the clouds. A bird flew down and landed beside me he said, “Climb to the top and you will receive a homework pass!” I agreed. About ten minutes later a bird flew into me an I almost fell off, but I kept going, eventually I got to the top. The bird congratulated me then he tapped his foot and the entire ladder collapsed. I woke up on the ground beside my bike…

The Magic Vinegar by Charlie

I had just passed the ball to my friend in the box when suddenly a bottle of vinegar fell out of the sky and hit him on the head. He was knocked out cold, I poured water over his head. He woke up and smacked the bottle of out my hand. He said his head was throbbing. We dared him to drink some of the vinegar that nocked him out he said “fine” and reluctantly drank from it he said “the vinegar was too sharp” and made a disgusted expression on his face. We started to play football again but this time he was running faster. He was just a blur running to get the ball.

The Haunted Hotel by Charlie

Me and my family went to a hotel in Cork. It looked amazing, we went inside signed in and went to our room. We had driven a long way so we went to bed. The next morning my sister Chloe’s hair had somehow grown 10 inches overnight. We went straight to the hairdressers, she cut Chloe’s black hair to about 5 inches below her fringe, then she washed Chloe’s hair. We went back to the hotel for brunch, I had sausages, bacon, pudding and eggs. I went to the toilet when suddenly the lights started flickering and then I heard a deep voice saying my name Charlie CHARLIE! I screamed for help…

Australia by Charlie

Me and my family went on a trip to Australia for two weeks. We went to a five star hotel beside a beach near Sydney Opera House. The hotel was excellent, when we got there we unpacked all of our stuff and then went to find a restaurant. The food was delicious, for dessert me and my sister had oreo chocolate cheesecake. The next day we went out for breakfast, the first thing we saw was a load of weird looking multi coloured plastic people wearing tunics.We went into the breakfast place there was an ample amount of people I had eggs, smokey bacon, sausages, grilled tomato and mushrooms.

The Disappearance in the Forest by Charlie

Me my Mam, Dad, sister Chloe and my dog Buttons went to a forest for a day out. We started walking around. Me and Chloe started climbing trees, just then I lost track of her. I called her name “Chloe CHLOE!”, I thought to myself I will find her. I was also thinking but how could she just disappear. Suddenly my Mam and Dad walked over and said “come on hurry up”. I told them Chloe was missing, just then we heard laughing and Buttons started walking towards the noise. Chloe jumped out and scared poor Buttons. It turns out she hid whilst nobody was looking.

Mrs Pink by Charlie

Once Upon A Time there was a woman who’s name was Mrs Pink. Mrs Pink loved to ride her bicycle to work.She was a scientist, her job was to see how fast a bullet went after being fired from different guns. One day cycling to work she sew a baby boy blowing bubbles. Suddenly the boys bubbles rang out the boys started crying saying “Mammy it’s empty”. Mrs Pink felt bad for the boy. 5 minutes later she arrived at work, She put her bag on the ground and started working.She discovered that a bullet fired from heavy artillery can travel 30,000 metres.

The Well by Charlie

BOOM! John fell into a deep dark well. He and his friends Tom and Seán had being playing football when the ball went flying through some bushes. John went looking for the ball and fell into what he thought was a creepy well. John called for help,Tom and Seán sprinted over, Tom looked at John and ran as quick as he could to his house whilst Seàn stayed over with John. Tom rang the fire brigade. When the fire brigade arrived 30 minutes later John could hear the siren and looked up, the light blinded him. John eventually got out and thanked his friends and the fire brigade.

Christmas Day – Charlie

s was Christmas Day. Joe and his brother Philip were out having a snowball fight, Philip was chucking snowballs at Joe. Joe was losing then he hit his brother right in the face with a huge snowball. They decided to stop and build a snowman, they had a huge garden so this was easy. After 15 minutes they had finished building the snowman, it was the best snowman ever! They decided to go inside and raced each other up to the window Philip won and looked in the window he saw his uncle put his present under the Christmas tree.

100 w/c Charlie

Once there was two friends Jack and Joseph.They were arching with their bows in the forest. Joseph shot an arrow over the trees,so they went looking for it. They found it in a tree, the tree seemed to be the tallest in the forest. Jack tried to climb the tree but got nowhere they wanted to stay out but they were exhausted. The next day after school they went back to the forest,Jack brought a knife. He carved a target board in the fattest tree they had seen. Joseph hit two bullseyes,unfortunately Jack only hit one.

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here by Charlie

Me and my sister were watching I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! It was Nick and Noel’s turn for the Bush Tucker trial it was called Catch A Falling Star. They were both suspended in two separate glass boxes. The trial looked very hard.The ad breaks were about to come on, when all of a sudden we seemed to be on tv. We had won the trip to Australia for five and the 70,000 dollars spending money. We ran to and told our Mam and Dad when the ad breaks came on. We decided we were bringing my friend Cillian because I got my Dad to enter it.

Joe’s Bike by Charlie

There was a boy who lived on a farm in Ireland in the year 1906,his name was Joe. He loved riding his bike with his best friend Tom,they both loved to ride their bikes through the forest. The forest stretched on for 10 kilometres. Every morning he and Tom would go for a 10 kilometre cycle,they would race each other. One time when Joe fell off his bike he went tumbling down the hill. He had hurt his left leg badly,he had also lost his bike. After an hour he got back home. In that forest you can see a bike with a tree growing through it.

The Zoo by Charlie

Today we had our school tour. We were going to the zoo.Everyone couldn’t wait to see the gorillas. The entrance was made from mustard yellow bricks, I thought that was odd. Suddenly our tour guide appeared out of nowhere. She said, “hello my name is Amy”. A question came up about gorillas. Amy unfortunately said that we would be seeing the gorillas last. Finally we got to the gorillas habitat. The tallest one was running everywhere.Then the tour finished. When we were leaving we saw a girl from another school, one of my friends thought she looked pretty.

100 w/c – Charlie

I had Tae KwonDo in Castlelands Community Centre. I walked inside nobody was there, I strolled over to the receptionist desk there was also nobody there. So I rang the bell. Five minutes past,at this point I was bursting to go to the toilet so I slowly walked into the cubicle, it was dead silent. I creeped out of the cubicle and washed my hands . Then I heard something from a locked cubicle, it was a tapping noise and then a high pitch scratch. I looked down there was a pool of blood. I wondered what was behind the door…

100 w/c – Charlie

Once upon a time I went to a party I wore an orange t-shirt.It was a very good party we had a humongous obstacle course bouncy castle.I danced very clumsily.Then we put on a movie with a fighter called Throx,he had to fight loads ginormous monsters.The next day me and my family went to a circus.There were loads of acts people in a steel cage went on motorbikes they were extremely loud.People were using throwing knifes that were on fire.Then we went to Mc Donald’s I had a Big Mac,we went home,my Mam had a bath.The two days were extremely fun.

Taekwondo Tournament – by Charlie

When I was sparring a green belt on Tuesday it reminded me of a time when I attended the all Ireland tournament.When I got there we had to wait.Then I got ready to spar.We were called over to the ring that we were going to be sparring at.Suddenly my name was called out ,I walked over and bowed. Then we started I threw some sidekicks he threw some punches in the end I won.Then I was called back up for the next round it started he threw some sidekicks and then I threw some punches he won,then we bowed.I had fun even though I lost.

The Animal Heads – by Charlie

Once upon a time there was a war being fought between Mankind and Animals.

Mankind kept killing the animals for meat so they fought back.They killed loads of humans they attacked all over the world.The war went on for six years.The biggest battle was in Ireland.The pigs,cows,chickens,dogs and birds attacked Dublin.The people were scared but some fought back,the military from Ireland,England, and Spain barely managed to win.The last battle was off the coast of Australia.Mankind won after three weeks of non stop fighting the animals surrendered.Then they made a treaty and mankind agreed not to kill any more animals.Then sculptures of animals were made.