100 w/c – Caoimhe

Last Monday, I was in New Zealand. I was going past a school and saw a hand with a face on its palm on the roof of the school. I thought it was a statue but it wasn’t, it was REAL. I went closer and it jumped down. I got a big fright. He looked straight at me and started walking towards me. I thought he was mean but he was actually nice. He shook my hand with one of his fingers. His name was Tony and I told him my name. He loved my name. We became best friends.

100 w/c – Caoimhe

Last year I was in a different school. I was in second class. One day we went on trip down to St Molaga’s school. We found out all about the school and all the different rules. We didn’t find out who our new teacher was going to be that day. We went in little groups to explore the school and see where everything was. When we all got back together we found out that the classes were being split up into new classes. In the beginning I was very sad but now I love my new class and new friends.

100 w/c – Caoimhe

On one bright and lazy morning Ben and Holly were getting ready for school. Oh and I forgot to tell you that Ben and Holly are big chatter boxes. Loudly , they chat and chat all day long. Mr Key, their teacher, always goes home with an annoying and painful headache because of the two chatterboxes . They always go home with at least 5 pages of writing they are so bold. Last week Mr Key threw his laptop off the table. I’m sorry to say he threw it off again today. They have to buy him a new laptop.

100 w/c – Caoimhe

Last Wednesday Hollie and I went to the zoo. There were lots of cool animals there. Suddenly two robbers came, they were trying to steal the rare pink elephant. They smashed all the glass protecting the animals. The fences around the animals fell down like dominoes and they all got out. We tried to run but the tiger was blocking our escape. The tiger said he’d let us go if we answered a riddle. Luckily we got it on our first try. The tiger moved to the side. We ran as fast as cheetahs home. Dad was amazed by our story.

100 w/c – Caoimhe

Isabelle went on a T.V. show. She won two tickets to the White House. She travelled by plane with her Mam to get there. She went on a tour of the White House and met President Obama. The tour was really cool. President Obama showed them a new battery that can power up your whole house. The tour was very relaxed and not hurried. Afterwards they went for lunch with the President, he had a ham and cheese sandwich. Isabelle couldn’t believe how energetic the President was because he has a very busy job. It was a fantastic day.

100 w/c – Caoimhe

One day, Isabelle and Isabella were cycling around the park. While they were cycling. They saw something different they thought it was a human standing by the trees but it was actually a statue. The statue was wearing a black cloak and a little hole for the face like it was a ghost. The twins got scared and they ran home. They came back the next day and the statue was gone. They went home and then they came back the next day and the statue was there again. The twins were creeped out. Someone came behind them and scared them. It was there mam.

100 w/c – Caoimhe

One day, Garda McEvoy was going around Dublin City to look out for any trouble. Another Garda called in that there was a robbery in the bank. When Garda McEvoy heard this she went to the bank straight away. Before Grada McEvoy got there, one of the robbers said “but where would we hide it all?”
She got there and the robbers saw her.
They said “why would we be scared of you, you’re just a girl?”.
Garda McEvoy said “because I have taken down about ten robbers!” The robbers ran away never to be seen again.

100 w/c by Caoimhe

Lucy and her Mam went shopping yesterday. She went into Penny’s for about an hour. When she came out there was ghosts everywhere. She was scared so she ran away from her mum. She was even more scared because she was lost and couldn’t see her mam. As she was walking around a ghost walked through her. The ghost said “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to bump into you, I hope I didn’t hurt you”and Lucy said “oh you didn’t it’s alright”. When she was walking she saw her mum she was so delighted.

100 w/c Caoimhe

On Holloween night all the children were dressing up, trick or treating, nick nacking and pulling pranks. But most of the kids were scared to go trick or treating because the evil witch Krewella was stealing the kids sweets. She’s very mean but one day I went to fight her, I won and she lost. Then she ran away and she was never to be seen again so then all the kids loved going trick-or-treating and loved Halloween but they never knew how Halloween was made, as the door slammed, I knew 100 word challenge was done.

100 w/c – Caoimhe

On Monday, a big storm came in the afternoon. It blew over some trees, fences mobile homes and roofs of houses. Many of the schools were closed. There’s a farmer living down the lane. The farmer had to work every day and night. On Monday the farmer was working and then the storm came he kept working.The storm made the farmer fall upside down into a pond. All you could are his knees and wellies. I think he was very wet when he got out. And then when he got out he went inside to get all nice and dry

100 w/c – Caoimhe

I got it when I was born. It is so precious to me because my mum and dad got it for me. I sleep with it every night. It is really furry and cuddly. Its eyes are black with a white dot in the middle. Its nose is black and it has a big smile on its face. The fur is tan and it has little black paws. Inside of its ears are cream and it has two long tags filled with information about washing it. The information tags on it are kind of dirty now.

The Walk – Caoimhe

Emma and her Mam were going to Malahide Castle. She was really excited about visiting the castle and seeing the dungeon. As she ran towards the castle, she saw there was a big line to get in. She waited in line until she got in and got to see the dungeon. There was a picture on the wall of the dungeon. In the picture there was a King and a dog and the dog was wearing glasses or so Emma thought. When they looked closer it was just black circles around it’s eyes. Emma and her Mam laughed lots about it. It was a great day.

Twisted School – by Caoimhe

One day Lucy was walking to school. Lucy got to school and saw that there was a new teacher.  His name was Professor Purple.  He was Lucy’s new science teacher.  The teacher was very nice.  Every Friday they would have a party in class.  They were allowed bring sweets in if they wanted to. Then on Monday Principal Crocodile gave Lucy a very difficult test.  When Lucy got on to question number five, she saw that it was a twisted word. Lucy gets stuck on these.  She guessed the answer and she got it right. She won a prize. It was a pink bow.

The Colourful Beads by Caoimhe

Once upon a time there was a light bulb it had a some beads in it. And beside the light bulb there was two statues. When someone was walking past they knocked over the light bulb. Then the light bulb broke and all the colourful beads came out. Some how the beads got into colour group . And the colours were yellow, blue, pink, red and yellowy green.The yellow red and blue are cubes but also they are see through. The pink and yellow green are balls and they’re very shiny and smooth.Then it was fixed.

The Castle – 100 w/c Caoimhe

Once upon a time Princess Lucy was walking across the bridge. The princess was going to the castle. Suddenly Dan the Troll jumped up. The princess got a big fright. Dan shouted “Get off my bridge.” Princess Lucy was very scared. She said “You gave me a fright.” She ran towards the castle. She saw that Dan the Troll was following her. “Stop following me and go back to your bridge” she shouted angrily. “Can I be your friend?” said Dan. “Yes” Princess Lucy said nicely. … So,what lies ahead of Princess Lucy?