The Quiz by Callum

‘Q .u .i .t .e’ Freddo spelled nervously. ‘Correct’ Jessica said happily. Hannah’s face was going green like a cabbage because she was so nervous for the grand final Spelling Bee. We all thought it was funny until she puked everywhere. ‘Students we will be there in a few minutes so be ready to get off the bus and have all your stuff ready’ Said Mr. Pele. We continued to test each other. When we got there we were amazed of the big building. We were greeted by the headmaster. She had nice grey hair. ‘Welcome to the banger building where we hold the biggest Spelling Bees.’

Benalmadena by Callum

My family and I went to Benalmadena four years ago and it was my favourite holiday ever. We got to the hotel very late at night so we went to burger King. The heat was unbearable so I got an ice cream. The next morning we spent most of our time in the pool. In the afternoon we went to the harbour and I tried a vr. There was a restaurant there called Jack’s if was America styled. We left to go back to the hotel. We sat in the hotel room listening to music and playing games.

Curbs by Callum

My friend and I were playing curbs outside our house. My friend fredo broke the rules and tried to score by kicking the ball. He hit the ball really hard and it hit my knee. My head felt like it was revolving. Fredo jumped from one side of the curb to the other side to see if I was alright. I said I was OK but a bruise was already appearing on my knee. The bruise was pink and painful. We started to get hungry so we went into my house. We ordered pizza, milkshakes and chips. FYI I won the curbs game.

Tree Huggers by Callum

Tree hugger is another name for people that fight for the environment. If a local tree is getting cut down they would try and change the mind of the people who are cutting them down. If they fail to convince the people not to cut the tree down they sometimes chain themselves around the tree. Back in 1991 Wicklow County Council announced plans to widen the road at the Glen of the downs. In 1997 a group of tree huggers moved into Glen woodland and took up occupation in tree houses and tunnels. The occupation lasted 2 years until the high court ordered them to leave.

Aquarium by Callum

In July I went to an aquarium for my birthday. I went with my family. We got our tickets the day before. We first saw an octopus springing from the water. It was really cool. There was an announcement saying that we should be extra gentle because the fish might be a bit hangry because they haven’t been fed yet. Next we saw a few fish tanks they were very cool and they had cool decorations like mini white pianos. Last we saw loads of sharks there was black tips and hammerheads. Last we saw some funny looking frogs. After we had food it was a great birthday.

Music TIme by Callum

The day before the show I had to go and get a new guitar. I called for a taxi and I went to the music shop. There were loads of guitars hanging up on the wall. There were some nice ones and some brilliant ones. I saw a guitar that was horrible it was a mustard colour and if you know me I hate mustard. I saw a pretty cool guitar that I loved, I froze when I saw it and the guy who was showing me around the shop shoved me over to the beautiful guitar. The show was extraordinary and I nailed it with my new guitar.

The Man by Callum

On a cold night Fred and I were watching a horror movie, called the man. Fredo said he forgot his house key in the field earlier. Neither of us wanted to go out but we had to go outside.

When we were out in the field when a black figure caught the side of my eye. Fredo looked at me and asked ‘what is wrong’ I didn’t reply because I was so shook. Fredo found the key beside a bunch of leaves. We got back and locked the door up really quickly.

After a few moments we heard a knock on the door but it was just Fredo’s mam.

Freddo’s Journey

Fredo booked tickets for a flight to America so he could see the yellow waterfall. Fredo’s flight was at 1 o’clock so he got right to bed.

Fredo woke up at 7 o’clock so he could get a taxi. 

He boarded the plane at half twelve. He was really excited to see the waterfall. 

He arrived at the site at 4 o’clock. A bus arrived ten minutes later to bring the people to see the waterfall. The bus was nice and shiny. 

It took 30 minutes to get to the waterfall. When the people got there they took out cameras and phones to capture the water heavily hitting the 

small stream.

The Treasure Dive by Callum

Every year the Adama’s go to the Fredo’s finest hotel. The Adama’s go because they have a tradition to go when the treasure dive is on at the hotel. They got ready the night before so they could go first thing in the morning. The drive was 2hours so they brought breakfast with them. When they got there they had time to go to the go to their room and unpack. The treasure dive was in the afternoon. Jack the son walked down to the pool and he said it was not like last year because now it was a free for all not just for the kids.

If The Ice Caps Melt by Callum

If the ice caps melt the water will rise. That means that tons of beaches across the globe will disappear and be forgotten. The polar bear’s houses are melting, after a while they will get tired of swimming and drown. Polar bears will invade towns like Russia. The world is getting hotter which causes the ice caps melt quicker. When the water rises small towns will go under water and be forgotten. A lot more disasters will happen such as tsunamis and flash floods. Ireland might be under water because it’s an island but in a couple of hundred years.

Electric Cars by Callum

Electric cars are better than normal cars. I know normal cars may look better but electric cars are better for the environment. In the future there are going to hopefully be more electric cars. One day I hope to have an electric car because it would be better. Hybrid is a company that produces loads of electric cars. The cars are really nice and they have cool features. I would suggest getting a hybrid because they don’t use diesel and at garages they now have chargers for these cars. When I am older I will buy one.

Homer’s Way to Work – by Callum

On a fine morning Homer got ready for work at the power plant, he put on his blue bottoms, a white top, a tie and put on his shiny black shoes. Marge took the car so Homer walked. He walked past Moe’s pub he wanted to go in but it was closed. He finally got there and was greeted by Carl and Lenny who had coffee and donuts, homer rushed to the box but there were none left. He walked sadly to the constructor room with a frown. When he got there he sat down, put his feet up and looked out the window.

The Firework Show by Callum

“Hurry up” shouted my brother. The firework show was on in one hour. The show was at the beach and there was going to be a bone fire as well. My dad drove us to the show. The beach was packed with people. The bonfire was ignited but everyone had to stand 10 feet back. Jack lit the fireworks and the show began. We were excited for the last firework because it was gonna be the best. The last firework went up in the air and came straight into the bonfire and everything was on fire. My brother and I ran straight for the car. Everyone was evacuated by the firemen. Thankfully no injuries.

Environment by Callum

“Oh no”said the scientist we might of created a new species.

“The bad news is we used to much plastic!” said the overwhelmed scientist.

“The world is getting too hot!” exclaimed the scientist.

“How do we use less plastic?” said one of the scientists.

“Let’s brainstorm” All the scientists said together.

One scientist said “we can create a big green billboard and it shall say recycle more,” one of the scientists said.

The head scientist said “ that’s enough brainstorming for now, we need to get a cage for our brand new species.”

“Ok” they all agreed.

“Let’s call him Recy. (Short for recycle)…

Halloween Eve by Callum

“Ha ha ha ha ha” said the Halloween decoration. My mam and I and were Halloween shopping for sweats and decorations. My mam said I can pick out one decoration, I chose a funny light and it cost €5.50. I went home and tried it out the back garden with my brother. I shined it at him and…

HE SHRUNK!!! “Oh no, how am I supposed to find him” I went down on my knees and I heard a little scream I found him on a piece of grass. I picked him up and brought to my mams room and I put him on the hilarious glasses…

Temple Run by Callum

Boom goes the first trap of dust right in my face blinding my eyes.

Crash goes the next trap as the floor starts to sink into the ground as the exit door was closing slowly.

Finally, I got out of the temple. I checked my bag to see if I still had the golden skull.

I had stolen the golden skull because it would sell for millions of Euro.

But there were more challenges to face because the FBI were waiting for me at the exit.

I made a quick break for the river.

“I have never seen the river bed so dry”. I said

I was caught and I was being put in jail.

The re-opening by Callum

In woke up to my mam’s voice saying to get up it’s the day of the reopening of the museum.

I got up out of bed carelessly.

I got dressed, ate breakfast and brushed my teeth.

Me my mam and my sister got in the car and my mam drove to the museum.

The museum got a new artefact and we were very very excited to see it.

I thought it was going to be a new boat room.

My sister thought it was going to be a new animal room.

But when we got there we were speechless.

It was a ball of dinosaur bones.

The Incredible Hulk by Callum

Finally the enclosures were ready. The FBI and I had a project to build enclosures for undiscovered species. One of the species were very unusual because it could shape-shifting from human to a very unusual creature. We kept hostage and took DNA tests. But on the last day of the DNA tests the shape-shifting creature freaked out and then turned into a human and escaped. We quickly and fearfully ran towards the creature. As it ran to a person and said which way to the shops? It panted. It had been shot by a pointy dart so it needed some ice and the vinegar to put on the deep mark.

The Attack by Callum

My mates and I were gone down to Malahide Park, to play football. It was a bright sunny day we were playing a big match and suddenly a flash of light , then darkness entered the deep blue sky. It was the aliens attacking but luckily everyone were trained we hoped in are car and pressed the big red button. In no time we were in are car firing the rockets. Soon enough the aliens surrendered. My mates and I were (secretly in the FBI). We captured the aliens and took them to area 51 where they were put in cells.

The Wrinkly Mushroom by Callum

In the mushroom kingdom there was a wrinkly king called Mushroomy and nobody liked him. He was greedy and stupid. The king would make them pay twice their taxes and they started to get fed up with it. So they sharpened their pitch forks and marched proudly right to the castle. The king had a wistful expression, he regretted the changes he made about their taxes. The king ruled the kingdom so he put a stop to it and he told his guards to protect the kingdom. More people arrived so the king cowardly ran to his kayak and carefully and quickly oared his boat to the next kingdom.

The Envelope by Callum

Fred, Joe and I went on Fred’s laptop and ordered a mystery envelope from the Dark Web. The envelope came explosively fast like it was shot out of a cannon. There was a weird sound at the door. We crept down the stairs and saw something on the floor it was an envelope we picked it up and crept back upstairs. We sat on Fred’s bed and suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. It went pitch black for a few moments. We were freaking out and panicking the darkness cleared out the room. We opened the envelope and we were PETRIFIED.

To be continued…

The Shape-Shifter by Callum

The chase was on man versuss man as they thought. The hairy looking man had just robbed the huge mansion. He shouted “hahaha,you’ll never catch me,” in an evil voice. This was it he thought he would be rich at last. As he was running fearlessly through the woods he heard sirens. He quickly shape- shifted into a kangaroo so he could put his stuff in his pouch. As he got deeper into the forest he could hear running behind him he saw wolves so he slowed down. As it let out a pitfall howl one of the wolves sprained its ankle. ”Yes,” he said. He got away.

The Zoo by Callum

Finally the zoo was back open. “Hooray shouted Fred”. We were at the front gates ready to give in our tickets. There was an announcement saying “there will be a violin show at the elephants house at 2.30. We dawdled our way on the purple foot path. When we got there we got our seat and watched the show happily. The violin was beautiful and the elephants looked like they had a great time. We went to the reptile house and it was closed due to painting. We made our way back to the car it was a great day.

Covid 19 by Callum

One day my mam, dad, sister, brothers daughter I decided to go on a walk decided to have long walk. As we were walking down the long road somebody sneezed and he was not wearing mask he was an idiot. As we finished our walk we had to get food for dinner suddenly John started to feel sick so we rushed home. He lay down in his bed all day long poor John. The next day we went to the hospital it turned out John has covid oh noooooooooo. We were worried and scared he felt really ill.

The Haunted Castle by Callum

The dawn of the 31st of October me and the lads Alex, Tom and Patrick were asked to sort out a haunted castle. We were offered 50 quid so we were up for it. As we approached the White Castle we were smacked with Autumn coloured leaves. They were golden, green, yellow and orange. The castle was white with a grey roof. It was a long walk and the funniest thing happened Tom start rolling down a hill luckily he was alright. We opened the double door and the guy was standing there and told us the problems he said “there were ghosts were very crafty in the arts and craft room we were up for the job…

100 w/c by Callum

Donald and I already had a rough day after that monstrosity of a bee. We called the other scientists and FBI to help us of what happened. We built a huge sustainable carrier to bring the bee to the head quarters of the FBI. We had to do a DNA test and we found out that the oxygen made him have a radioactive reaction and made him huge and hairy. “If only it was a bit smaller,” said Donald we could have fitted it in the lab instead of this headquarters. We were on the way back to the lab in a squad car and we had a nice sleep.

100 w/c by Callum

Donald and I were finishing up in the lab at 5 o’clock on the last day of 2020. Everyone were celebrating that the disastrous year was over. Donald and I were going out with a few of the lads from work. We were going to the front door when we heard a frightening sound coming from the lab. We were trained and ready for anything that happened. We went to the dressing room and got our suits on. Donald interrupted me and saying “where was it?” I said, “in the lab, now hurry up!” We quickly ran to the lab, we knew there was one last scare for 2020…

100 w/c by Callum

Jack and I were knocking for Fredo. Jack asked me “Do you hear that?” I didn’t hear anything. Jack wanted to go in and so did I. We went in and heard the noise coming from the garden. We saw Fredo dancing with his family. They were wearing fluffy clothes and bottoms. They asked if we wanted to join them Jack said yes, I said no, but Jack persuaded me to do it. We were walking to the garden before I tripped on Fredo’s old red scooter. I fell onto the concrete in their back garden and thankfully I was ok we happily danced.

100 w/c by Callum

At Fred’s house Matt, Jeff and Harry were playing . They were trying to repair a bike chain. They heard a loud bang which frightened them. The boys were curious by what happened so they went to where the bang was. When they found it they were scared even more so because it was in Fred’s basement. When they went down they thought they were in danger because of the strange noises. They circled the strange box. Matt was so excited he opened it and smoke started coming out. Suddenly they heard footsteps. It was Fred’s mam. She asked why they were being careless by opening it. Matt quickly said ”  but I had to see what was inside.”

100 w/c by Callum

This was the battle everyone was waiting for. America vs Germany. they decided to have the battle on a plain field in America because it was bigger and better. Germany were well ready they came in jets and war ships, the ships were the size of a football field. America were also ready they had big green tanks, cannons on the top floor of sniper towers and they both had thousands of men. America were waiting on the tall barren hills and then BOOM the Germans dropped a bomb and then the war begun. America slaughtered the Germans. America just had to many people.