A Pandacorn Beside The Pink Lake

‘Hello,’ came a voice from a distance.

As I walked closer and closer very cheerful voices became clearer.

‘Do I know you?’ cried the voice again.

By the way it smelled delicious, just like cupcakes and doughnuts.)

I walked closer and I saw a thing that looked like a unicorn , coloured like a panda. Soon I could see a pink lake that had elephants with wings drinking from it.  I wish this was a dream because there were flaming lionesses beside me!

‘Run!’ the voice called once again.

So I ran as fast as my legs could carry me!

Do you know what the voice was? Hint: It was something that I had seen.

100 w/c – Caitlin

One ordinary day me and my mammy were going to explore the woods. The woods were called “The Wizard’s Woods”. I was as excited as a baby getting candy. The journey took us hours and it was starting to get dark as we got closer. “Are we there yet?” I moaned. “Do you really want to know?” she said. “Yes” I shouted with excitement. She clicked her fingers and with a BANG, two big and red slides that looked like legs started shooting out of the side of a tree as if someone was trying to climb out. “Where here” she said. I nearly fainted in disbelief. “Go have the time of your life” she shouted as I ran of towards the giant slide. I could hardly catch my breath with excitement.

Afternoon Tea – Caitlin

It ws a sunny afternoon and me and my mammy were going to a big garden called Evel Garden. Evel sounds like evil doesn’t it? We were going to take a train to get there. I had just spotted my friend Holly when all of a sudden a giant tea cup came up from the bottom of the train track, like a tree coming out of the ground. It missed knocking Holly over by an inch. Holly almost fainted but managed to keep standing.

“Are you OK Holly”? I asked.

“Dizzy, but yes” she murmured.

“What was that”? we both said as we walked towards the tea cup.

The train driver came over to us and said “I was expecting a tea party but not this kind”. We all laughed.

If I was in Charge – Caitlin

As I lay in my dark room starring at the ceiling I let out a big sigh. I’m not tired i thought to myself. I got out of bed and quietly tiptoed into my Mum’s room and woke her up.

“What?” she whispered.

“Go back to your cosy warm bed now”.

“I can’t go to sleep,” I moaned but before I could finish my sentence mum shouted, “I am in charge and I said go to bed”.

So I walked out of the bedroom, not tired at all. I climbed into bed and thought to myself “what if I was in charge”? I would stay up all night eating junk food and watching TV!

Nature Trail – Caitlin

One sunny evening me and my classmates were on a very exciting nature trail. I was very excited but I was exhausted too.

BANG, CRASH, THUMP, THUD! The noise echoed as the whole forest came crashing down like a giant cucumber being sliced by a knife.

“Are you OK?” came a voice from a distance.

“Yes!” shouted the teacher.

I looked around to see where the voice was coming from and as the person came closer we could hear them more clearly.

“Who are you?” he asked me.

“Me?” I shrugged.
“Yes you”.

“I’m Caitlin……”

I gulped as there was another thud just as my teacher collapsed to the ground.

100 w/c Caitlin

“Its 12:00 o’clock at night, I can’t believe we are still out Caitlin,” said my annoying little brother.

I say he is annoying because he is always banging on his black and white drums at home pretending that he knows what he is doing.

“Are we there yet?” he asked.

“You’ll find out in a while now shhhhh” I told him.

“I’m borrrreee…..” he moaned.

I interrupted him as we finally reached the spot.

“You go in there” I said as I pointed toward a boarded up house.

We walked over to the crooked door and suddenly we heard a rustling sound beside us.

“What was that?” my brother said trembling.

” I don’t know but it came down the drainpipe!” I said as we both ran away with fear.

100 w/c – Caitlin

It has been a brilliant day. Me, my brother Matthew and my mam had been out all day. When we were on our way home down a very busy road and we could hear very loud horns going all around us. Nobody was around except for a suspicious looking man wearing dark clothes. He was carrying a very strange looking camera. It was HUGE and was black with green dots. He turned to me and pointed the camera at me and said “Beware you’re in for a scare”. I turned to my mam to tell her and she had been turned into a statue. Matthew was turned into a statue too.
“Run, before you look like the rest of your family” the man said.
The flash went off and I could not move.

100 w/c – Caitlin

Its 12.05am on the clock and I wake up shaken and sweaty from a horrible dream. It was like this, there was a brave boy named Justin and a curious girl named Caoimhe. They went out for dinner at lovely place called the Red Snake . “I’ve to go home early tonight” said Justin confidently. As they cycled back down the street Caoimhe was talking away as Justin shouted”stop” as he pulled on the brakes. “Why are we stopping?” she said as she tried to see what Justin was looking at. A big black hole opened up right before them. As the hole got bigger and bigger that’s when I woke up…..

1st Day in Third Class – Caitlinn

It was a cold Autumn day and me and my crazy friend Caoimhe were starting in our new school. I got my new black pencil case and all my shiny new books but I was still using the same blue bag I had last year. I was wearing my new blue tracksuit and I was kinda nervous but excited. I can’t wait to find out who my new teacher is! Me and my friend walked into school. In the beginning I was really scared and I started to cry heavily when the school bell rang loudly and everybody started to go inside. I got to know my teacher really well and by the end of the day when my mam came to collect me I felt a lot better and I really started to enjoy school.

100 w/c – Caitlin

It was bring your child to work day. I was so excited to go to the Bologa’s Research center with my mam. We pulled up to the big glass building. At the door were two fat security men. “Can I see your badge Ma’am?” they said. They scanned my mam’s small red ID badge and they let us go by. “There is 100 million more monkeys than humans that work here” said my mam. “My boss will get angry if I don’t get my work done” she said and just then her boss walked through the big office door and sat in his big leather chair. I did not know that my mam’s boss was a monkey. He was typing away on his computer and turned to me and said ” how dare you not get your work done!” and flung his computer off the desk. “Badge please!” he said angrily as his computer lay in pieces on the carpet. I guess he didn’t know that I don’t work there.

100 w/c – Caitlin

Me and my friend were at Dublin zoo one day with our families because we really like it there. She was having a sleepover in my house that night. When everyone was asleep my friend James said “why don’t we sneak back to the zoo”? We climbed out the window, down the flat roof and ran across the field to the front gates of the zoo. We climbed the high gate and followed the sign straight to the tiger cages to see the tigers again. They looked very viscous and angry that we had woken them up. James unlocked the cage and all the tigers rushed out. We started to panic and tried to run back to the front gate but the tiger was blocking our escape!

100 w/c – Caitlin

My Mam and I got dressed and walked down the narrow busy road to the bus stop to get the bus to my school which is in Balbriggan. We were really early for a change. My mam said that we could go to the park for a while before the gates open. At the end of the park there were two old trees and I noticed that there was a new statue in the middle of them. I saw my friend and I asked her if she knew anything about this and she did not answer. I noticed that her eyes were fully white and there was a note on the left side of the tree, it said “I have your friend in my power, I hypnotised her”. I turned around to my Mam to ask her what is going on and she was not there.

100 w/c – Caitlin

As I was driving down the busy narrow street I noticed three strange men looking very suspicious. They looked familiar to me and I remember seeing them on the news the night before. I called 911 and they came straight away with the sirens blasting loudly and the bright lights flashing. As I described the men to the police they told me they were wanted in three different states for burglary. I told them that they were standing at the corner of the museum and they were fighting. One of them shouted “but where are we going to keep it all”. The police finished asking me questions and jumped back into there cars and sped off back down the busy street.

100 w/c – Caitlin

This is my life….I was born….OK my life is not that boring. Except this one time on an cold eerie night in a dark alley. Me and my friends were playing truth or dare and it was my turn. They dared me to go into the forbidden alley. Everybody was told not to go down the forbidden alley, they were told if you go down you wont come back up. There was two closed doors….number 1 and number 2. It was very dark down there but little did they know i had a flashlight. “Go in number one” my friend shouted but to me number one was unlucky. I opened the door and stepped inside as as the door slammed I knew I was in trouble…..

100 w/c – Caitlin

We are reporting from the Halloween party on Scardeycat Lane. Loads of kids are out Trick or Treating unaware of last week’s events. Last week a man’s body was found face down in a deep puddle and only his boots could be seen. This was all discovered behind house number three. The man’s name was Peter Woods and he was not a very nice man. Neighbours have said that house number three was always haunted. This year number three was decorated with very scary decorations and the lights were on but all the children seemed to be skipping that house. Police say that Peter Woods was pushed and then some hooligan tried to steal his wellies.

100 w/c – Caitlin

It’s small and valuable to me. It writes notes to me every night. It always wears a pink and purple fleecy dress. Its sleeps in my room at night but lives in a magic mushroom by day. Every night it sneaks into my fridge and drinks all the coke, milk and so on and eats the chocolate, apples and bananas. She loves playing with toys, like me, and always makes a mess ,like me. Her best friend is named after her great grand mother, Jessy Roundbottom.
One day everyone was in there classroom. Her teacher is called Lilly Lipstick. Her name is princess Cutie Face and she is the teachers daughter.

The Pet Shop Around The Corner – Caitlin

One day me and my friend were walking to the pet shop to get a dog for my sister Molly. “WOW, thats nice dog, shall we get your sister that one” said my friend as she pointed to the poster on the wall and the dog was wearing glasses on the poster she pointed to. We both picked a dog that we liked. He was white with little brown paws and had the fluffiest fur ever. We took her out of the cage and she gave us loads of licky kisses. We carried her over to the dog toy section and picked a pair of glasses just like the dog had in the poster.

The Let Loose Crocodile – by Caitlin

One night in the lab as the professor was working on a project a crocodile wandered into his office. He did not notice until he turned to grab his microscope and he spotted something spiky under his desk. He moved closer to investigate and he fell and twisted his ankle. He came face to face with the fierce crocodile and he knew immediately it was a difficult situation that he was in. The crocodile came out from under the desk as the professor lay crying in pain. He quickly grabbed the fire extinguisher and flung it towards the crocodile. the crocodile ran into the closet. The professor tried to stand up to lock him in but noticed his foot was swollen and purple. He grabbed his phone and called 999.

The Colourful Disaster – by Caitlin

The year is 4027. Me and my pal Joey were out delivering a container full of jewels when booosh, we shrank and our hovercraft started to loose control. We fell into an open window of an old ladies house. Joey grabbed the thing-a-ma-bob and pulled us to a stop but we crash landed into the old ladies lamp. The hovercraft and the lamp collided into a colourful disaster all over the carpet. The old lady walked in and let out a scream as she stepped onto the pointy, sharp and colourful jewels. She saw me and my partner joey and asked us what the jewels were for.

The Unicorn (100 w/c Caitlin)

It all started when I was in my room doing my homework and all of a sudden a book started to call my name. The name of this book was called The Unicorn. All of a sudden there was a BANG CRASH THUMP noise as the book fell, I got sucked in. Woah! As I looked up I saw a rainbow coloured unicorn eating the fluffy clouds. the unicorn stopped to look at me and suddenly it flew down in one glittery swoop. “HEEEEEY, my name is Rainbow Dash” she shouted. “I have been waiting for you!” “What do you mean?” I said. “I was the one who sucked you in here. You have magical powers that you are going to find out and I am the one who will show you what lies ahead of us”.