Chestnut – by Benito

One lovely day, I was in my garden. I was trying to reach a horse chestnut. Finally I managed to grab one, suddenly when I opened it a rat was inside. “Ahhhhh” I screamed as the rat bit me. I searched up the rat on the internet, and it turns out that it is a poisonous. I could not believe my eyes. My mum had to take me to the hospital because I passed out. At this point I woke up feeling 100% better. Suddenly I started to forget how I even passed out.

The Magical Talking Pink Flamingo

Hi my name is Benito and today I will be telling you all about my animal called the magical pink talking flamingo. He is pink and was born on the 13th of march 2018. He sound’s really cute. He was born in a pink lake. He likes to eat grass. He smell’s like lovely flowers. He feels like a really soft flower. And he tastes like grilled cheese. Every Friday I take him to the ice-cream shop if he is good all week. If he is not good all week then I will chop off his head.

The Grave Teacher – by Benito

One misty day in school, everybody was very excited because they were getting a new teacher. Suddenly the new teacher came barging in.

“Be quiet!!!” shouted the new teacher.
As soon as she said that, everybody knew she was grave. Even worse, she said that if anybody talks that she is going to chop off their heads. Then somebody frantically talked, the new teacher stood up, got her metre stick and chopped his head off!

Crimson blood came bursting out. Everybody was screaming in shock and ran out of the classroom. The strange thing is that no one has ever gone back to the school since that day.

100 w/c Benito

One day I went to the woods. I went with my mom to do some yoga, we brought our yoga mats with us. We also met up with my friend. It was a very hot day so, my mom let us get ice cream from the ice cream van. Suddenly I saw the weirdest thing ever, a stick man sticking through a tree. I was so scared, that I left my mum and my friend and I ran home very, very quickly. When I got home I told my dad,
“I honestly think this was the weirdest day ever”.

100 w/c Benito

One day there were 2 kids ccalled Jack, and Jake Paul. Their class was going to do a race tomorrow….On the day of the race Jack ad Jake Paul were not ready at all. Jack was very nervous. 3,2,1.. Go!!! Shouted the coach, Jack and Jake Paul started off with a good start but…Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress… Jack breathed in and out, Jake Paul breathed out and in….And they won the race yay!!!. Jack and Jake Paul’s parents were very,very proud of them so they took them to MacDonalds.

100 w/c Benito

One day I was coming Back from the shops and I had just bought this thing which made your Teeth Gold, I pushed the button but my teeth weren’t Gold, they were yellow and rotten. I was hopeless. Then i noticed my fingers were tiny!. But at least my teeth were shiny. I tried brushing my teeth to make my teeth not be yellow. but it did not work sadly. Then I used mouthwash but it the yellow stuff on my teeth still didn’t come off. I was out of ideas.
Stay tuned still next time,

If I was in Charge – by Benito

Step, Step, Step, Step.

One beautiful day I was walking to school. Suddenly I thought but what if I was in charge of my school?  I told my friend and they said “I don’t know”. After I wrote my answers out on a sheet of paper. ..If I was in charge of my school… 1. I would give everybody a night of homework every single day. 2. I would cancel school for everyone. 3.I would give everyone sweets. Just imagine what it would feel like, you being in charge would be the best thing in the whole world.

The Pet Shop – by Benito

One Happy day, me and mam went to the Pet shop. When we got inside my mam said “What pet do you want to get?”, Suddenly I saw a goldfish around the corner. “A goldfish!”I shouted, My mam gave the shopkeeper the money and we got the goldfish. When I got home I went into the garden. Suddenly, a book flew out of my bedroom window. After that I got tired, so I went to my room and climbed the ladder up to my bed. Slowly I stretched out after my long day, so I guess I should say.

…To Be Continued

Leaf Stinger – by Benito

One beautiful, summer’s day weird tree men were in the park for their combat training. They trained and trained and trained and trained from morning to night. By the next day they were too tired to train. Suddenly, a leaf creature stepped forward. The weird tree men were confused. The leaf man said his name was Leaf Stinger. Leaf Stinger wanted to train with them. They agreed. So from then on, Leaf Stinger always trained with them. Sometimes they went out to fight bad guys. The next day Leaf stinger wasn’t feeling well, they took him to the doctor.

….To Be Continued….

100 w/c – Benito

One Fabulous day there were three people. They were all statues, there names were Brian, Steve and Kevin. One day they were having a conversation, “I wish we could travel to places” said Brian.

“Me too” said Steve.

“Me three!” said Kevin.

Suddenly a boy came along and he said hello to the statues. The statues said hello back to them. Although the boy was horrified,

“So you guys can talk” said the boy,”you guys are silly statues!”

‘Yep!’ they replied.

The statues said “Do you want to be our very special friend?”.

The boy replied ‘sure thing’ And they all became best friends. They lived happily ever after.

100 w/c – Benito

One beautiful day, I woke up then I put on my red socks. Before I dressed up for the day, I brushed my teeth. After I dressed up, I cycled to go and knock for my friend. When I got there I called him invited him to come to my house. When he came inside I showed him my pet snake. At first he was scared, but I told him to not be scared that he does not bite. After that we played on my Xbox One. Then I showed him some games on my tablet. Afterwards we played Hide And Seek. After that the clock said 12 o clock. Then he went home.

100 w/c – Benito

Hello good afternoon, my name is Benito and you are watching RTE. We have a report of what happened this morning according to my memory. I was in my red car driving to work this morning…when I looked up, and you wont believe what I saw. I saw a hand, which at first I thought was just a statue. But I saw it move and it came to life. The hand was destroying everything in it’s path. People to him were like “garbage”, something that he was programmed to destroy. Everybody was screaming “Run for your lives”.

…..To be continued…

The Minecraft Journey – Benito

In the beginning, Stampylonghead, L for Lee and Polly reindeer went on a journey to the end. They went to Stampy’s house and Stampy gave them diamond Armour and diamond swords. Then they got the eyes of ender and the end stones then they built an end portal and of they set off on their adventure. When they got to the End, there were zombies, skeletons, creepers, spiders, endermen and the mighty Ender dragon. they fought their way through all the mobs and defeated the mighty Ender Dragon. After they traveled back Home and they had a big party to celebrate killing the Ender Dragon.

100 w/c Benito

One day there was a monkey, he was at School correcting 100 word challenge’s. When he was done he tried to watch YouTube, but it said no internet connection!. He checked the WiFi cables and the Ethernet cable connected to his computer but everything was fine. He kept on spamming the reload button but it didn’t work. It was nearly 5 o’ clock ,”That’s when the kiddies come in” Said Mr.Monkey. He booted his computer but it didn’t work sadly. Soon his eyes were turning red. Suddenly, He seemed to have had enough,”Arrrgghh!”said Mr.Monkey throwing the laptop on the floor. “Run!!!” Screamed the children,to be continued.

100 w/c – Benito

One day I woke up then I texted my friends Casper,John,Mark,Luke and Joshua to see what we were doing today. Although I was tired,I got up. Then I dressed up into my tracksuit. I met up with my friends at the park. Then we went on a cave journey. When we were in the cave we found lots of souvenirs to take home. When we were leaving …the tiger was blocking our escape…! Although we were in trouble, I stood there thinking. Then we tried to get through the tiger by force. Then, ..To be continued.

100 w/c – Benito

Once upon a time I was on my x-box one. My controller batteries died. I asked my mum could we go to TESCO to go and buy new batteries. Before we went I put on my white gloves. When we were in TESCO I bought a ham and cheese sandwich. After when we hurried to the car I was very energetic. When we got back home I played Minecraft with my new batteries. Then my friend Donan came over to my house to play video-games. Then I played on my tablet in my room with Donan. Then he went home.

100 w/c Benito

Once upon a time, I was in the park with my Mom.  I played on the swings and I played on the see-saw.  We also got some ice-cream and lots of treats.  We had the best day ever.  When we were going home, as we were going to the exit, I saw a weird statue. My heart was pounding when I saw the statue, because I was freaked out a lot.  I thought there was someone in there  So I knocked on it and the ground shook very hard.  Then we started running, eventually we made it home safely.

100 w/c – Benito

In 1981 in an unknown neighbourhood, lived Doris and Denis.  They were very poor and the money they were getting wasn’t enough.  So they thought if they stole they would be happy enough. So they went from house to house and they saw a house.  They went into it and they got money and left.

‘Yes, we got they money’.

But they heard sirens outside.

‘But where will we hide it all’ said Denis.

Before they could hide it all the police were in the room and they both got five years in jail.

A Naughty Boy- Benito

One day I was in my bedroom writing in my diary. I heard my dad calling my name to come down for lunch. I ignored him because I was busy writing in my diary and the food prepared for lunch was not one of my favorites.

Then I waited.

Suddenly as the door slammed, I knew…… I was in big trouble. I started to run around the house. He kept on saying come back here! But I just kept running as fast as I could.

I started getting slower then my dad caught up to me then I got grounded for life.

100 w/c – Benito

This morning a man called John fell into a puddle. According to John,how he fell into the puddle was a mystery. He said he was just walking on the sidewalk and he decided to go down to the docks for a walk. The view was amazing there and it was soon sunset. He just lay on the pier. Suddenly a mysterious person came behind him and pushed him into the puddle. John did not see his face but he saw his clothes. He shouted for help but nobody came. And he was very angry. He tried to dial 911 but there was no service. .

100 w/c- Benito

Hello ladies and gentlemen and my name is Benito. I will be telling you about my most treasured item. It is woolly, fluffy, cosy, and has lots of colours on it. I wear it every day from Monday to Friday. And sometimes on weekends. It is very warm and comfortable to wear as well. It sits on my body,my fluffy item. I like it so much because it has lots and lots of pocket’s on it. You can store all your personal belonging’s in them and other stuff. And that is my most treasured item.

The Dog – by Benito

Once upon a time there was a famous artist. One day he was painting a picture. He wanted to paint his best companion, his dog. He made painting after painting but he could never ever paint the perfect picture of his dog. After hours he had nearly ran out of ideas. Then just when he was about to lose faith he thought of a brilliant idea. He thought he could put clothes on his dog and make him look human like the first thing he could find, glasses. He put on the glasses on his dog and the dog was wearing glasses when he painted the perfect picture.

Professor Crocodile by Benito

Once upon a time there was a professor called Professor Crocodile. He was half human half crocodile. He had a twisted arm and a twisted leg. It was very difficult to obtain his mutant form. He has a purple reflective jacket witch reflects when he turns. One day some people in the community tried to lure him into a net trap with candy because they want to train him as their pet. However, Professor Crocodile was very clever and he knew their plan was to capture him. He escaped the net when they were not looking and he went back home safely.

100 w/c – Benito

Once upon a time there were two boys called Marco and Polo. They were playing in the garden and their mom told them to come inside,so when they came inside they decided to continue their game in side,they were playing wrestiling. They knocked down the light and candy spilled out.They were astonished then suddenly two clay spacemen were standing there with suits on. Next their dad came back from work then he saw them in the house and he went into the garden and he saw what they had done to the light and he called them inside and they got grounded for a lifetime.