Detective Harrison – by Ben H

One misty morning Detective Harrison had left the police station to attend a crime scene. When he got there the floor was covered in a sea of crimson. Detective Harrison had a grave look on his face. He shouted to the other officer to cover up the scene, the officer frantically obeyed Detective Harrison’s orders. Detective Harrison knew it was a robbery that had gone very wrong. There was no sign of any evidence left behind. This would be a tough case to crack! There had been a lot of break-ins in this area lately and Detective Harrison wasn’t going to rest until he solved this case and got justice.

100 w/c – Ben H

Their was once a music note that was different to the other music notes. The other music notes made fun of him because he was back to front.One day the music note was planning to run away in the middle of the night. In the middle of the night he woke up and ran into the woods. The next day he woke up and felt scared and lonely so he tried to get back home but he was lost in the middle of the woods.Suddenly he had heard the music notes and he ran towards the music then he saw the house and he got home safely.

The Day At The Beach – Ben H

I cannot wait for a hot day in summer when we can go to the beach. I like to go to the beach because myself and my friends play different games and go for a swim.  My mom brings yellow towels and a bag filled with lots of food and drinks. My Mom always makes my favourite sandwich of thin slices of chicken, cheese, tomato and lettuce.  My friends and I go looking for tiny shells and sea creatures.  I love when I see a boat in the distance and it looks shiny because the sun in shining on the boat.

100 w/c Ben H

One hot summer day I decided to go for a walk. I looked up and noticed a big black cloud came over my head.I ignored it and just kept walking then suddenly to my amazement it started raining giant cups and saucers and even the rain drops that fell were giant ones.. I ran toward a giant cup that had fallen and sheltered inside it for protection. The rain drops started to create a flood so I swam over to
a floating saucer and I used the saucer as a big boat. I tried to steer the saucer towards my house. Finally I found my way home but I couldn’t get in the door because it was blocked with all the water so I tried going around the back and I successfully got home and everything was okay.

The Boy Scout – Ben H

Once there was a boy named Jamie. Jamie loved to go to scouts for overnight trips.One day Jamie’s Mom got a call from the scout leaders to say the camp was on for a whole week.When Jamie heard the good news he was filled with exitment and he ran upstairs and got his bag packed and ready to go.When Jamie arrived at camp the leaders were waiting for everybody to arrive but the only problem was that it was getting late at night so everybody had to go straight to bed but Jamie couldn’t sleep he just kept thinking but what if I was in charge some day I’d love to be a leader. The next day Jamie got up and had the time of his life.

The Magic Goldfish – Ben H

Once I bought a magic goldfish that could turn into any colour but he loved to be the colour brown the most I bought him in a pet shop with my Grandad. I kept the fish bowl in my bedroom. One night when I went to bed I had a dream that the goldfish jumped off a ladder and flew away.
The next day I slowly got out of bed but when I looked at the tank and the fish was gone I looked out the window and I saw the fish had grown wings suddenly I realized that my dream was becoming real and I realized that I would never see the goldfish ever again.

Kung Fu Trees – by Ben H

Legend has it that there was once a wizard who lived deep in he woods in his little cottage. The wizard loved to do experiments in his lab.One day the wizard saw people near his cottage building a park. The wizard felt a bit scared so he built a wall around his house to keep his cottage secret from the people. The wizard did an experiment to make Kung fu trees around his cottage to be safe and protected. He didn’t want the trees to hurt the people so he made them into statues just to frighten people away because he was a kind and loving wizard.

100 w/c- Ben H

One day there were three people outside of a restaurant. A mysterious man came over and asked if he could get a picture of them.
They though it was weird but said yes to the man, so the man took a picture of them but when he took the picture suddenly they all turned to stone. They were stuck in one spot and could not move. The man who took the picture with his magic camera ran away from the scene. The three people were doomed to stay as stone statues forever until somebody could find a way to break the curse.

100 w/c Ben H

I was going for a walk with my friends today in the forest then suddenly before our eyes we saw a big red snake. It had a clock in its mouth, we all got really scared so we ran away from the snake we packed up our stuff and cycled Out of the forest. We decided to go back, when we got there the snake was gone so we went deeper into the forest. We tried to find the snake but couldn’t until we found a trail of clocks the snake must have left behind. When the trail of clocks ended I saw the snake hiding in a corner so we all ran over to it and called the night zoo and they come straight away and collected the snake.

100 w/c – Ben H

Once there was a boy and he loved science. He spent all his time making up experiments. One day when he was mixing a formula he dropped some on his hand and suddenly he discovered that his experiment had gone horribly wrong, His hand separated from his body and grew a face. They looked at each other in horror and the hand then took off out the window and ran away. The boy panicked and tried quickly to reverse the formula. When he did he ran after the hand to bring it back. He was scared his parents would be home soon. He finally found his hand and put the new formula on it and everything was ok again. He ran back home safely.

The Superhero – Ben H

One day in New York City a young boy was walking through the park, when he noticed something in the sky. It was like a meteor falling from space. The boy ran towards where it fell & when he got close he felt like it spoke to him. It said you are the chosen one! The boy said me? Yes you! This meant he now had Super powers. In the beginning he had a lot to learn about being a Superhero he could fly, he could run super fast and he could also become invisible but most of all he could save the world.

100 w/c – Ben H

There was once a mad monkey who loved his computer so much that when It died he cried.
One day the monkey snuck into St Maloga’s School in Balbriggan to go into Ms Brennock’s class so he could play on the class computer.
The next day when we all went into class, suddenly we heard a noise then we saw a monkey, he was as high as a giraffe to us.
He jumped down from the table and went straight to the computer but computer wasn’t working so the monkey pushed the computer off the table and got very angry. Ms Brennock called Night Zoo and they collected the monkey immediately.

100 w/c – Ben H

One day me and my friends went to the zoo. We walked around all the cages looking at all of the animals.There was one tiger that kept staring at us, suddenly the tiger jumped out of his cage, he was blocking our escape. We panicked and tried running but that was no use. Luckily we had a mobile phone and rang animal control and they came as fast as they could. They captured the tiger and put him safely back into his cage. We decided the best idea was to stay away from the Zoo for a little while after that.

Sandwich Town by Ben H

Sandwich Town was a very magical place. There was sandwiches everywhere, there were white ones and brown ones as well. My friends and I didn’t know that such a magical place could exist so we hurried in our mini battery car to see if we could find it together. We searched and searched high and low until are car battery died. After a lot of time walking the streets and not finding Sandwich town, we no longer felt energetic enough to look anymore for this magical place. We decided the best sandwich that day would be the one we made when we got home.

The Sleepover – Ben H

One night my friends and I decided to have a sleepover.
We had been best friends since we were very small and loved staying in each others houses. We decided to tell scary stories in the middle of the night. We thought it would be a great idea to sneak out and set up camp with our tent and tell the scary stories outdoors. We walked for a few minutes then suddenly we frooze, we saw a dark hooded figure standing very still in the distance. Was it a monster? Was it a witch? No it was just a statue! We felt very silly.

100 w/c Ben H

Three boys who were best friends since they were very small, loved to play hide and seek and treasure hunting.
One day they heard on the news that there was a hidden treasure chest somewhere in Dublin filled with golden coins.
The boys were so excited and really wanted to find that treasure chest so they could be rich.
They mapped their journey and walked for miles but didn’t find anything! Suddenly one of the boys spotted a wooden box on the beach and ran over to it. It was the treasure chest they had found it! They looked at each other & all thought the same thing “but where would we hide it all?” & so the game continued.

100 w/c – Ben H

One night when I was just about to go to sleep I saw a ghostly figure outside of my window. I got very scared, I took a big breath, this made me brave enough to go to my window and look outside. When I looked out through my blinds there was nothing there! I panicked I got really scared again and so I ran into my mum, she said go back to bed but I didn’t want to until she checked to see the ghosts I saw. She opened my window and smiled and told me to look again that it was just the trees outside.

The Haunted House – Ben H

Once I went to a spooky house with my friends. We went there because it was Halloween and we wanted to collect lots of sweets. We rang the door bell and the door opened.
We walked into the spooky house it was dark and creepy, suddenly we heard a really loud noise it was like screeching.
It was a giant swarm of bats!
Then out of nowhere as the door slammed,I knew that we were going to be trapped in there for a long time. It felt like monsters, zombies, witches, evil wizards and werewolves were after all of us. We were scared so we all ran for our lives until we found somewhere to hide. Suddenly our luck changed and the door opened , we made a run for it and we all got out safely.

100 w/c – Ben H

On Tuesday as we all know it was hurricane Ophelia.
We know that three people died sadly.
Also during the storm that day a man was walking in the park and the wind was so strong it lifted him off his feet and threw him into a big lake. He was struggling to swim but luckily somebody rang 999 and a few minutes later the rescue team came to help the poor man. They were able to pull him to safety on their Rescue Boat. The Rescue team worked very hard that day, they are very brave men and women.

What Matters to Me by Ben H

I’ve known this person for nine years and she has been there ever since I was a little baby. She has always been there for me since the day I was born and will be there for her as long as I live. She is related to my aunty and my aunty really rocks! When I get lonely I go to this person and she gives me a hug and kiss and then I don’t feel so lonely. I will always love her as long as I live on this earth, she is the most important thing in the world to me and I hope other people feel the same love as I do for her.

The Shopping Centre by Ben H

Once a boy who was named Ben went to the shopping centre and saw a picture. It was a picture of a dog, and the dog was wearing glasses.
He thought to himself for a few seconds, that if that dog is wearing glasses, he must be very rich and very smart! He thought it must be really nice to be rich and smart and that some day he would have a good job and be in a picture just like that clever dog.
How should he get a good job?
Then he saw a shop in the Shopping Centre that had loads of people in really nice suits and he said to himself that looks like a good place to start working and make loads of money.
He applied for the job and he got it.
He feels just as smart and just as rich as he pictured that dog wearing glasses.

The Firebird (100 w/c Ben H)

This is a Fire Bird from the secret island Kimku. When he is angry he spits fireballs and he can Camouflage from his enemies. The male Fire Bird is red in colour and the female Fire Bird is green . They love hiding behind trees. Their favourite food is coconut milk. The island of Kimku is populated with 2000 Fire Birds , they are the only species known to live on the island as it was once a volcanic island. They have a very high heat barrier but they also love to cool off in the ocean, where they spend a lot of the day. The island of Kimku never gets cold so the Fire Birds done need much shelter instead they nest on the sand. The females lay their eggs in spring time just like chickens except the Fire Birds eggs are very large and purple in colour with small white speckles on the shell. Because they are a beautiful Rare bird wildlife experts ask the question “so what lies ahead of the future for them?” the answer is to help keep them safe by leaving the island untouched.