The Horrifying News by Ben

Ms. Cabbage was walking round to St. Molaga’s school to teach her class when a random person came up to her and told her to ‘watch out.’ The person walked off like nothing and left Ms. Cabbage very confused. But suddenly, BANG. Ms. Cabbage had tripped over a traffic cone on the grey gravel. She then woke up in the hospital. Someone must have called the ambulance. She was alone, no one was there. But then the doctor came in, she looked very nervous and there was another person came in too. The woman said nervously ‘we have some terrible news.’

The Life of a Piece of Toast by Ben

There I was, about to go to the hottest place in the planet, the toaster. I was ready, to be burnt alive and eaten. I entered the toaster, the heat was unbearable, so I started to panic. I was on fire. I knew as soon as I was put in the toaster it would be the end. A few of my descendants have told me very scary things about the toaster, it’s worse than being eaten alive. Suddenly, I heard clicking, maybe it was the people noticing that there was a fire. It wasn’t. I popped straight out of the toaster, like nothing happened.

That Was Close by Ben

I was walking to football training on a warm Wednesday evening and while I was I seen a very big metal object on the floor. At first I was just going to leave it alone and walk away but instead I decided to pick up. Suddenly, everything rose up in the air, cars were floating in the air, buildings and houses were going miles in the air. I knew as soon as I picked the object up I made the wrong decision. But then I thought I should smash the object on the floor and see if anything would change. It did. Everything was back to normal like nothing happened.

Mr Revolving’s Horrible Day

One day there were two boys they always wanted to be a scientist .There parents were very supportive and rich. So they bought them the right gear and a little pink lab it even had a revolving door. This lad was basically there 2nd home they would be in it 7 hours a day . There was only 1 thing they didn’t like and that was the concert floor. If they were ever in there socks they would have to jump around that’s how bad it was. The boys got Hungry easily they had a mini fridge full of goodies

The Disturbing Looking Tree by Ben

Jack and Zack were walking though the wood ten minutes from their house to get some fresh air. They put their rain coats on because it looked liked it was going to rain and put on their shoes and off they went. As they approached the wood it began to drizzle, Jack debated that they should just go back but Zack said no so kept walking. They were finally in the forest and they were ready and were hopeful that would stop raining. Suddenly, they spotted two hands round a tree but there was nobody, they were left clueless. Sadly it continued raining and they got got lashed on.

Oh! No! by Ben

Mr. Gentle was running to his friends house to get his wife a birthday present without her knowing, his friend’s name was Zak Piano. As he was walking down the street he felt a sudden rumble in the ground but just ignored it and kept on walking. Suddenly, a gigantic white octopus arose from the gravel and springing on the gravel causing a very unexpected earthquake that affected the whole world. Poor Mr. Gentle was having an absolute nightmare, he just wanted to collect his wife’s birthday present. Suddenly he realised that he couldn’t move, he was in a dream this whole time.

Guitar Mayhem by Ben

Mr. Mustard was walking to his music lesson when he heard a very familiar sound, it sounded like a car pulling up but he just ignored it and kept on walking. But then he heard running, someone in a black jacket had shoved Mr. Mustard and took his guitar and ran off with it. What was poor Mr. Mustard going to do? He was very worried about the extraordinary thing that just happened. He decided that he would run to the police. While he was running he heard a horrible screeching noise, he realised it was just a dream and nothing happened at all.

I’m So Silly By Ben

I was finally home, after a long day shopping and running around I was finally back to my favorite place in the world, home.

I got out of my car ready to unlock the door but when I searched through my pocket I had no key. I panicked for a few minutes but then remembered that I can call the police and they can knock the door down.

As I waited patiently for the police to come I decided to look for the key, but I couldn’t find it. As the police approached I finally found it, it was under some brown leaves.

I went to go tell the police I found it but it was too late they already bust the door down.

My Trip by Ben

Yesterday was very exciting, I was going to go to the yellow waterfall in Tipperary. A taxi 

was picking us up at 11 o’clock.

When the taxi got to my house, we loaded the car and off we went.

When we were driving to the quiet countryside, a man with three sheep and a cow was walking on the road and tried to stop us but the taxi driver wasn’t having it and drove round him, and heavily pressed the accelerator and moved on. But then the unexpected happened, the taxi driver drove right over the waterfall  but I didn’t hear anyone scream. Turns out I was just in a dream.

Dungeon by Ben


James was alone, he had just been kidnapped and has been thrown into a mysterious and unknown dungeon. James was walking through the park when he came across a man that looked confused so he went over to them and then he suddenly appeared in a dungeon. He looked around and then he saw it, James’s phone was lying on the floor he ran as fast as he could over to it to call the police but then he remembered the police change their phone number so they can’t get hacked. “It’s not like last year”, he thought. Then he heard the door open.

Finally by Ben

Finally It was the day of the interview.

“Three, two, one” shouted Jerry.

“Hi how are you on this fine evening in the studio”

“I’m fine Jerry” I said.

“Now is this you’re first time” said Jerry

“Yes” I exclaimed.

“Ok now how do feel about the cars?” Jerry said.

“Well if you were looking for a new car I would suggest getting an electric car because they are better for the Earth.”

“Oh well that was a great speech” Jerry giggled.

“Well ladies and gentlemen that’s all the time we have now” Jerry ”.

“Thank you for you’re time Jerry” said.

The Very Important Interview by Ben


“Hello, what differences do you want to make earth a better place?”


“I know this might be a little bit risky but we might have to bring down the prices of electric vehicles.”


“We’ll think about it but right now we can’t do that.”




“Because if we do, we won’t be able to financially recover from it.”

“Anything else?”


“We should have a litter fine of €75 euro, that means the €75 that the people pay, it can go towards climate change and climate charities.”



“Thank you for coming here.”


“Thank you!”

The Living Hell by Ben

Today was probably the worst day in history the ice caps have just melted and chaos has just started. Right now the polar bears have just gone extinct and the sea levels have risen drastically. Also, over 2 billion people have been injured or killed in this disaster. As well as, over 3 billion have found places to hide from this disaster. No one is sure if earth is able to recover from this living hell. Many, many celebrities have sadly past away due to this disaster. Elon Musk and other billionaires are partnering together to go to Mars and other planets.

Pollution by Ben

Today I woke up in a really good mood, I got dressed and then went outside to go to work. “Should I walk to work or drive to work?” I asked myself. I work at an oil industry so if I drove to work I would just cause more pollution. At first I wanted to drive because it’s much quicker and easier. “But does it make any difference to me?” I said. But then I made my decision, I was going to walk. It only took ten minutes, I even jogged a little bit it was so much fun enjoining the fresh air just before work.

Electric by Ben

Yesterday I had the best day ever, here’s what happened. First of all, I woke up in my eco-friendly house, got into my suit and left the house. After that, I went into my electronic garage where I keep all my electric vehicles. “Should I use my electric bike, my electric car, my electric motorbike or my electric truck?” I asked myself. After a lot of decision making I picked my electric bike. I left the garage and went as fast as I could to the space station. I was going be the first astronaut to ever fly an eco-friendly space ship to Mars. But then the unexpected happened…

The Giant Cigarettes by Ben

Wendy and Dragon were giants and they loved sitting in the clouds and to have chats and smoke cigarettes. But one day the unexpected happened, they both dropped their giant cigarettes because Wendy and Dragon were laughing at Wendy’s joke. “Nooooo,” wailed Dragon, “That was our last cigarette out of the pack.” Soon after the incident, the clouds started to get hotter and hotter. “What’s happening?” asked Wendy. Now even the air was getting hotter. “I think we might have polluted the earth by dropping the cigarettes.” said Dragon, “And I think the earth is going to explode because of the amount of smoke contained in the cigarette!” “Oh dear.” said Wendy, “We’re going to…” *BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM*

The Oil Industry by Ben

Paul was walking down the road on his way to the shop when he seen oil leaking from the popular red oil industry. Paul knew if he didn’t tell the manager of the industry, it would be urgent to evacuate the building before it was too late. Paul ran up the slippery steps where the oil was leaking and burst through the door. “Call the manager!” urged Paul, “There’s oil leaking through the building we need to get everyone out as soon as possible!” “Ok.” The worker ran up the steps and spoke to the manager. “Everyone evacuate the building don’t be afraid just listen to the protocol.” The intercom explained. Soon everyone was out of the building.

The Petryfying Fire by Ben

It was a normal day in Bolly Town when Jerry smelt smoke and he wanted to know where it was coming from. Then he saw it, a monstrous fire ignited in the forest south west of Bolly Town. Jerry knew what he had to do, he was determined to stop the fire. “I have to save whoever and whatever is inside of that fire!” Jerry was ready. He ran in and was risking death. He saw three kittens stuck in the highest tree in the reckless forest, “I can do this!” Jerry climbed up the gigantic tree and he was ready to save the kittens.

The Forest by Ben

“I think I might go for a nice long walk to start the day!” said Mr. Daly. Mr. Daly was a scientist and loved his job very much. So today he wanted to test his luck and go for a stroll in the forest right next to his house. He packed up his bag and was ready for the awesome adventure he was going to have. As Mr. Daly was on the walk it started to get more hot every minute, then he saw 30 massive black and green species of spiders attempting to crawl up his back. “AHHHHHHHH!” screamed Mr. Daly. Mr. Daly was too overwhelmed by the situation and had to go home.

The Empty Riverbed by Ben

“Oh my goodness,” exclaimed Pat, “We can’t go for a swim anymore!” Pat and John were going to the River Wendy for a paddle to start the day nicely but the water was gone. “I have never seen the river bed so dry in my life!” said John amazed. “I guess we’ll just have to go back to the house.” said Patrick. As the two boys ambled home they saw 3 mysterious people walking with a massive container of water from what looked like the water from the river. “What are they doing?” asked Pat. “I’ll ask them.” as John approached them they ran like lightning to a black van. “AYE COME BACK HERE!” shouted John. John had no choice but to call the police.

The Legendary Discovery by Ben

“Oh my goodness!” exclaimed Professor Ash. He has just seen a gigantic ball of an unknown item in the south side of Sahara Desert. “Looks like I’m going to have to call the police and find what this item is.” said Ash. As soon as Ash had called the police they came almost instantly to the destination. “We’ll bring it to the lab and research on it” said police woman Isabel. When the police brought the ball to the research centre, they discovered that this was an old meteorite that had made the dinosaurs extinct. “We have been looking for this meteor for centuries!” exclaimed the research man, “So we have a little surprise for you.”

Birthday Party Ruined by Ben

Mrs. White and her two sons Jack and Joseph were secretly hosting a surprise birthday party for Mr. White “What date is it today?” Kindly asked Mrs. White. “Let me just check really quickly.” As Mr White was going to where the calendar was located he heard a strange noise coming from the minuscule room, so he decided to have a look. “AHHHHH” Wailed Mr. White. The washing machine had just exploded with sticky, white liquid which covered the room and Mr. White. “Looks like we’ll have to cancel the party,” said Joseph “The WHAT!?” “Nothing.” This was the worst birthday in the history of birthdays.

Arthur Made a Big Mistake by Ben

Arthur wants to really to write a really funny story but he just can’t think what to write.

“Hmmmm, OH, I know, I can write about a person called Joe and he loves to tell the funniest jokes ever!”

“So, what will I write on this page?”

Instead of writing first he decides to draw a picture of what Joe should look like.

“He should have blue eyes and short brown hair. Great that wasn’t hard at all” said Arthur, but he somehow forgot to write the actual story.

“Now Arthur your turn to read your story,” Mrs Watson kindly said.

What is he going to do now!

Random Voice by Ben

I was walking down the road on a nice Sunday evening when I heard a crazy sounding voice from the ally “Hello” said the voice. “I don’t like whatever your plan is so please just show yourself!” I said while scared for my life. The voice spoke again. “Which way is the shops” he panted. “I’m only going to show you the way if you show your identity” “Fine” it was a man in pitch black clothes “Tell me now or else there’ll be a lot of trouble.” “NOW” I didn’t want to tell him in case he tried to kidnap me so I made a run, but I knew from this moment on I made a huge mistake.

The Forest Adventure by Ben

Adam was going camping on his own for the weekend and he had been excited since Monday. “BYE MAM SEE YOU SUNDAY NIGHT!” shouted Adam from the bottom of the staircase. It was six o’clock in the morning so it was very dark outside. As Adam was driving on the motorway minding his own business when he saw a flash of light, then darkness again. A car came straight towards him but then shifted slightly to the left so it wouldn’t hit him. Adam knew there something dodgy about that so he chased after it. Suddenly, smoke covered the sky. The car had crashed straight into a railing. Adam called 911…

The Mysterious Truck by Ben

One day, the most popular supermarket in Ireland had just ordered a large consignment of exotic mushrooms. They parked the gigantic truck in the quiet and private carpark at the side of the building, a man called Joseph jumped out. Joseph heard something coming from the very back, he picked up his oar and went towards the sound. “I was looking forward to a quiet night.” Joseph wistfully thought. There was some wrinkled paper on the ground. “That wasn’t there earlier.” he said to himself. “As a rule, my truck is always clean and tidy, what is going on”. What a mysterious day it has been for poor old Joseph.

A Day in the Life of A Spider by Ben

Bing was on a mission to survive in the Johnson family’s house without being caught . The rest of Bing’s family had failed miserably and had no chance of not being ratted out. Bing was the last spider of his spider family still living in the house so the pressure was all on him. It was time, he set off out of the tiny hole in the doorway of the living room. He heard foot steps coming from the kitchen so he had to run up to the ceiling ‘AHHHHHHHHHHH!’ A little girl had seen poor Bing. Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room, he had united with his family, in heaven.

28 Cheese St by Ben

Today Johnny was doing the scariest thing he has done in his life, go inside 28 Cheese Street, the abounded apartment. Johnny had been wanting to do this for ages but never had faith in himself. Johnny brought a knife with him in case of enemies nearby. Johnny knew that this wasn’t going to be an easy task but he did it anyway. Johnny stood in front of the spooky apartment. ‘I guess it’s now or never.’ he thought. He climbed silently through the half broken, shattered window. As soon as he crept in he heard an old man’s voice, turned out someone lives there. Will Jonny escape without being noticed?

The Pet Hospital by Ben

My cat and I were having lots of fun playing in the living room with all of the cat toys. When I threw the ball under the couch, just about when it was going under my cat ran straight into the couch. At first I thought it was funny but as it let a pitiful howl I knew that we had to go to the pet hospital. I rushed to the car with my cat to get an appointment at the hospital. “She will need a cast on her head for two weeks.” muttered the doctor. “Meowww” squeaked my cat. After that my cat never played with me again.

Mister Elephant by Ben

Mister Elephant had just had the best night of sleep and was really happy to start the day. “Hmmmmm what should I wear today, oh I know, I should wear my bright purple suit!” Soon after Mister Elephant got dressed he got an email from an orchestra stating: ‘Hello Mr. Elephant we are recruiting people who are very good at the violin and we were thinking you would be the one. Do you want to proceed?’ Mister Elephant was astonished at what he had just seen “Of course I will” Thought Mr. E. So Mister Elephant brought his golden painted violin to the orchestra and played his absolute best and they loved him.