Jason’s Morning Routine by Ben

Jason normally wakes up at around half seven to get up for school but today he was a bit cheeky and woke up at eight o’clock instead. Jason got dressed twice as fast because he knew that if he didn’t he would be in big trouble with his mother. ‘I’M COMING DOWN NOW MAM!’ Jason shouted. After ten minutes Jason was finally down to have his breakfast. ‘Would you like peanut butter on your toast?’ said Mother ‘No’ he said ‘I like marmite.’ Jason was running very late for school so he needed to run like lightning to school and somehow he was just in time for the first lesson.

Everything Was Disappearing by Ben

Isabel woke up to a lovely Thursday morning, but something was off. Her penguin toy and her play house had disappeared, but she just ignored it. ”C’mon Izzy, come down for breakfast!” shouted Mam. Isabel went down stairs and had her breakfast then she went back upstairs and something went missing again, it was her new make-up set .”I’m 100% sure I saw that before I went to sleep but where did it go?” she shouted. Isabel was just laying on her bed thinking of where it could have gone. Isabel looked under her bed and the stuff that went missing was there. “OH MY GOODNESS!” shouted Izzy in disgust.

Very Unusual by Ben

Izzy was going on her daily walk through the countryside when she saw something a little bit strange, a shiny yellow bicycle taped on a wooden post on one wheel. “WHAT IS THAT?” thought Izzy. She stared at it then slowly walked away. When she was walking back from where she started, she looked at where the bicycle was but instead of it being yellow it was red. “OH MY GOODNESS!” shouted Izzy. Maybe someone was tricking her or maybe she just looked at it differently. She went home questioning herself on what happened. “DAD!, DAD!, SOMETHING SCARY HAPPENED ON THE WALK!” Shouted Izzy. “Stop being silly,” said her Dad.

Crazy Day by Ben

Chole was riding on her shiny bicycle in the beautiful yellow sun. While she was going back home she saw a man holding up a sign saying, ‘ I’m desperate for money please help.’ Chole handed the man a 5 euro note “Hope this will help,” said Chole kindly. “This is all you got?” said the man greedily. “EXUSE ME, DONT DARE SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT!” warned Chole. Chole was now fuming after what she witnessed. Chole had told her Mam everything and her Mam was disgusted at what she heard. “That’s horrific!” explained her Mam. Now Chole couldn’t stop thinking about that for the rest of the day.

The Tree Man by Ben

Isabel was going on a nature walk through the mythical forest. She didn’t see anyone near her so that got her a little scared but she just tried to ignore it. Suddenly she heard a crackle “Maybe it’s just the leaves?” worried Isabel. Now she can see the end now but she wanted to explore more. She saw a danger sign so for some reason she thought it would be ok to go down the route. Then she saw the most astonishing moment of her life. A tree that looked like a giant. “HAHAHAHAH!” screeched Isabel. She will never forget that moment.

Pat’s Story by Ben

Pat had woken up from a long winters nap, he looked up at his alarm clock and it was 11 O’CLOCK. “OH NO OH NO OH NO’ Screamed Pat at the top of his voice. Pat rushed out the door like lightning and he closed the door like thunder. He was now on the motorway / highway at 150kph but suddenly everything stopped and Pat had to push the brakes as hard as he possibly could. “AHHHHHHHHH” Shouted Pat scared for his life. He looked through every car window and everyone’s face was frozen. It may help him to get to work but would it stay forever?

Pat the Saviour by Ben

While Pat was enjoying his exciting nature walk, he had seen something and ran towards a spooky dungeon that led into a very pretty queen. “HELLO!” Shouted Pat, but the queen wouldn’t answer. Pat turned round to look at her but she was FROZEN! Pat started worrying like a crazy person. Coincidently there was a flamethrower in the corner of the dungeon. “Well I can’t just leave her there!” Thought Pat. Pat picked up the flamethrower excitingly and started burning the ice. It took hours but but he finally freed the queen. Thank you, so much for your help.” And that’s why Pat is called ‘Pat The Saviour.’

My Extraordinary and Rushed Morning by Ben

I woke up at eight o’clock and started getting dressed. When I was ready I ran down the stairs like lightning, I was extremely late for school. I put my red Liverpool hat on the table and quickly had my breakfast. I rushed to the door and got my coat, then I rushed to the table to get my Liverpool hat, I looked all around the house but it couldn’t be seen. Funnily enough it was already on my head but I didn’t remember putting on. Suddenly when I looked at my watch it was half nine. What’s my teacher going to think when I come in?

David’s Time to Shine by Ben

He felt really ill. David is about to perform his very famous music. Rumor has it, David hates crowds and that is a huge disadvantage. A warning was sent out saying “David if you don’t impress the judges there will be trouble and that is forbidden!” When David heard that, he was raging in the vacant room where he had broken a chair in half. It was very bizarre because everyone who has performed here, have never had these dastardly punishments! “David come to the stage immediately,” said the intercom. “Let’s do this!” shouted David. David went to the eerie stage and performed absolutely brilliantly.

Crystal’s Very Funny Day by Ben

Crystal was insanely crafty, loved to sketch, loved to draw nice white castles with one thousand rooms. One day Crystal was walking through a dark, spooky wood with leaves rolling gently. As she was walking through the wood she had seen a large, wooden, monstrosity of a door. Crystal was going to ignore it but she was too curious so she had to see what was inside. She was astonished to see her drawing IN REAL LIFE! She couldn’t believe what she was seeing and shouted “It’s a dream come true LITERLLY!” As she walked to the castle she looked back to see if the door was there, it wasn’t.

The Unusual Burbling Bird by Ben

Bluey was attempting to get through the neighbor’s house but couldn’t succeed. “Yes I finally got in,” tweeted Bluey. He flew rapidly around the terrifying looking house. Bluey was having way too much fun that he had knocked over the ginormous door that made a screeching noise across the zigzag floor. Bluey was starting to get insanely bored, if only it was a bit smaller. The door was too big for poor old Bluey so he couldn’t get out. Suddenly Bluey found a cat flap and blasted out like lightning. Bluey now went back to the worried family nest. “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!” everyone shouted, “just having fun!” Bluey said delightedly.

The Very Mysterious Bee by Ben

Pat and Robert had seen the most remarkable moment. A monstrosity of a bee had collapsed down from the sky and on a pink, spotty, bench. “WE HAVE TO RESCUE IT QUICK!” Shouted Pat in an emotional way. Robert had brought safety suits, a very big bag full of journals, medical bag, juice, water and sugar, they had also brought an extremely long and very bright light. “I’m going to get something from the van over there do you want to come with me?” Asked Pat “OKAY!” Said Robert. Soon after, they both had their overwhelming meals, suddenly the bee had vanished. It had buzzed away into the distance.

Ms Fluffy’s Crazy Day

Ms.Fluffy was on her electric, shiny, brand new scooter from the little, but expensive shop, on a beautiful Sunday morning. Ms.Fluffy was going insanely fast down Red Road with a not so happy face on, she was very late for her extremely important meeting at 2:30. Suddenly she stopped because she needed a small break, so she stepped her foot on the rock solid concrete and in the distance she saw, a mysterious man who danced around the street trying to make people laugh but never succeeded. After a while, Ms.Fluffy had fallen asleep and the meeting had finished and she had been fired.

Jim’s Very Big Mistake by Ben

Patrick and Jim had landed on a desert island after a horrible plane crash. They had both been extremely lucky and survived. They were on an island with basically unlimited food like coconuts and bananas. ” I found buried treasure under a tree, we will open it together do not open it without me or else!” Said Patrick angrily. Patrick ran off out of sight. Jim had nothing to do so instead of waiting, he thought “but I had to see what was inside.” He knew that Patrick would be disappointed and he knew he was careless so he ran and… “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Screamed Patrick. And after that moment they never spoke again.

Crazy Castle Battle by Ben

Patrick’s Diary

Last week I had the craziest most exiting and odd Saturday I have ever witnessed. I woke up in a castle called ‘Felix Castle’ at nine o’clock, but what really woke me up was, firing cannons. Suddenly, the boss of the castle shouted “We are fighting ‘Chaxie Castle’ they are a monstrosity, they won’t stop until they win, so be careful.” ‘BOOM!’ My castle had blasted 10 cannon balls at once and demolished ‘Chaxie Castle’ and now it was barren. But there was a very big problem, they were spotted by many news reporters who were filming and described the people as a menace. Soon after, all the people who were involved apart from me, were gone to jail for 50 years.

John’s Incredible Adventure, by Ben

John Violin had walked straight into a spooky, vacant mansion. He trembled because the doors slammed like thunder behind him. “Please just come out,” said John, scared for his life. Then out of nowhere, a massive green spider with large, prickly legs came out from a shadow. “BITE!” The spider had bitten John on his left leg, and there was a massive purple bruise “OUUUUUU” screamed John with a signal for help. John then had enough, he took out his flute from out of his pocket and played a song. The spider had fallen asleep in seconds. John ran to a hospital, he is fine now like nothing happened.

Be Careful Outside by Ben

My friend Rob and I were playing outside in my enormous garden on a creepy and very dark Friday night. Rob and I were playing football because we were bored. Soon after, we decided that we would go to Rob’s house for dinner .

“Let’s go to Tesco then we will go for dinner” said Rob with a grin on his face like he was up to something.

“OK” I said.

We got our bags and we went on our bikes to Tesco. “This one” I said pointing to the apple seeds. “Sure why not” Rob had a farm so we needed seeds. It was getting pitch black outside so we were going really fast. Suddenly ‘BOOM’ we cycled straight into a hay stack.