The Zoo by Ben

Last week my family and I were going to the zoo for the second time this month. I loved the zoo but our car broke down so we had to take the bus, but it is SO slow I feel like walking. It is a two hour drive on the bus. After the bus before the zoo we went to Nando’s to have lunch. I got chicken wings and chips. in the zoo we saw a gorilla trying to break out of his cage. I felt scared in case he broke out. In the end I had a great day .

Stranger Things by Ben

Once I was watching Stranger Things and two kids called Dustin and Will were coming home from their friend’s house. On the way back home they decided to have race and the winner would get a comic. Suddenly Will took a left and a peculiar monster called the Demogorgan ate him. His bike was found tied up on a tree. The Demogorgan was known for being cunning. Dustin didn’t go to school for two weeks after the bad news. Dustin and his girlfriend set up a phone to ring each other if they found anything. In the end they couldn’t find anyone or anything and they reluctantly gave up.

Hype by Ben

One time I had a robot called Hype. He loved to travel but he didn’t know where anything was. One time we went to the city centre and I remember saying to him “Let’s go to the shop” ‘which way to the shop?’he panted. Follow me we can go to Brown Thomas to get a new jacket. On the way home from the shop we decided to stop in KFC and eat. When we get home I’m going to show you a map for where everything is around the town.

Art Exhibition by Ben

Last week I went to an art exhibition and there was a purple elephant that was standing on his feet. On the other side of the exhibition there was a man who painted a violin and he was so happy because he had done it in under ten minutes. The art exhibition was amazing we saw a lot of cool stuff like a monkey and a snake as one animal. We also did some fun activities like face painting, making clay statues and making our own paintings with the help of a professional artist. After that we went home. We had a wonderful day!

100 w/c by Ben

On Sunday my friend Owen and I built a robot and we called it Glide. Glide could do everything, he could dance, talk, swim, eat and play football. On Monday morning me and Owen were feeding Glide when we asked if he wanted some ketchup, “no” he said, “I like marmite.” “Owen can you recall what he said?” That was so weird that we went to sleep. In the morning we found Glide dead on the table because we forgot we have to feed him every five hours. In the end we broke him up and left him in the bin.

Manchester United by Ben

On Sunday Manchester united vs Liverpool was on. Kick off was at four o clock. While Liverpool were warming up Salah pulled a muscle and could not play. Manchester united were wearing their red kit and Liverpool were wearing their white kit. Suddenly united come on the counter attack and James crosses the ball to Rashford and united score in the twenty- seventh minute. Out of nowhere Liverpool cross the ball in and score but it does not count because Mane hand balled it. In the last minute Liverpool score and all the united fans were shocked.

Horrific School Day by Ben

My class and I went to the art gallery on Thursday.

While we were at the gallery, we snuck into a private room and it had a bunch of paintings and I stole a few to try to sell them.

After that our teacher caught us and we got sent to the principal’s office to discuss what we did. Nobody was talking at first but the orange one spoke first and snitched on me.

In the end I got sent home with ten pages of writing and was so tired that I decided to go to bed without anyone knowing.

Haunted House by Ben

This week my friend Robbie, Sophie and I went to a dark house with the dirtiest garden I have ever seen in the eleven years of my life. When we got there we all brought torches so we could see. Suddenly out of nowhere a big BANG!!!! A ghost but where did it go?” she shouted furiously. We all ran like the wind like our life depended on it. I decided to never go to a house again in my life. In the end we went home and got dressed up and enjoyed our day.

100 w/c by Ben

It was Sunday morning, the sun was splitting the stones. Shamrock Rovers and Dundalk were playing in the final at the Aviva stadium. I was on my way in to the match on the train when the rain started,it didn’t look too bad, I was still excited for the match. I had a great time on the train with my dad and my brother. Finally we got off the train, it was still raining,it was heavier than I expected. When we got to the stadium the atmosphere was amazing. Rovers won it was the best day ever.

100 w/c by Ben

Once upon a time there was this giant called Graham, and he was the biggest bully in the world. One time I was in school and out of nowhere BOOM!!! The roof came of and he grabbed my friend and brought him to a lake and he threw him so high that it took twenty four years for him to come back down and then the giant turned into stone. Last year about two hundred people visited and tried to paint him gold and try sell him for seventy thousand dollars. Surprisingly someone bid sixty thousand for it and spent his whole day beside it.

100 w/c by Ben

Last Halloween my friend and I went to a party. On the way there we had to go through a dark alley. Then we turned the corner and BOOM!!! Fireworks everywhere it was the best thing I have ever seen. Suddenly we saw a big group of people set off black cats so I tried one out. After a while when it just wouldn’t take off, I kicked it and BOOM!!! I was in the hospital for four months. After I got out I couldn’t even walk because it was so numb and I never went near a black cat again.

100 w/c by Ben

Once upon a time there was an old yellow house in a forest and it had no windows. After school my friend and I would check the house out but there was a man who warned us to stay away as this is private property. Suddenly there was a big explosion so I grabbed my bicycle and pedalled as fast as I could. The next day I was so desperate to try sneak in to the house. That night we snuck into the house and there was tons of money so I greedily stole half of it and was rich for the rest of my life.

100 w/c by Ben

Once upon a time there was an old yellow house in a forest and it had no windows. After school my friend and I would check the house out but there was a man who warned us to stay away as this is private property. Suddenly there was a big explosion so I grabbed my bicycle and pedalled as fast as I could. The next day I was so desperate to try sneak in to the house. That night we snuck into the house and there was tons of money so I greedily stole half of it and was rich for the rest of my life.

100 w/c by Ben

Once upon a time at the biggest carnival in Europe there was the biggest ferris wheel in the world and I was about to go on it. Shockingly when I went on it, I was at the top and then everything stopped and I was about to scream. The owner said it was just a little prank and he did it to everyone. After we decided to go to get something to eat and come back to the carnival in a while. When we reached back to the carnival it was closed because someone got sick on one of the rides and they shut down the carnival for the day.

100 w/c by Ben

Once upon a time in the Caribbean islands there were two pirates called Bill and Joe who both lived on a big ship with ten servants. One night they travelled around the islands and found a murky cave with a green shiny light. So they said they would go check it out. Suddenly there was a big BANG BANG BANG!!! The ship is flooding jump or we’re dead. Joe had been planning something that Bill would jump and drown so he could take the jewellery. Bill came behind him and said to have a truce and sign an agreement to split the money and were best friends for life.

100 w/c by Ben

Once upon a time was a man called Mr Brown. He owned a banana company called Giraffe. One day he decided to get a pack of bananas from his step brother to see what they tasted like. When he ordered the bananas the next day they came melted and mushy. Mr Brown took one and said it had way too much salt. Before the meeting he had he was late because his hair was greasy and he needed a shower. When he showed up to the meeting his step brother was there and he said he made the bananas four months ago. Angrily Mr Brown stood up and punched his brother and he was never seen again.

100 w/c by Ben


“Mam what was that noise? ”Son don’t worry,

I never told you about the alien apocalypse that was about to start.

Mam where are we gonna hide we can’t stay in our house it will be destroyed by the aliens?

Don’t worry there is a safe bunker underneath the river they will never find us.

Sure when will we be leaving Mam?

At 12pm sharp tomorrow,

we will need some snacks and drinks to stay alive.

“Son we’re leaving now hurry up the aliens will come after us we need to sprint as fast as we can”.

100 w/c – by Ben

In 1917 the first boarding school was made. When we heard it was made my family and I wanted to check it out. It was located in the southern part of Germany. As soon as we got there I ran to the sweet shop to see if it was open. I got there the shop was closed and I was sad. On the floor was black and white squares so they used it as a chess board. Every winner would get 10 sweets from a shop called candy bar. After I said I would love to go there.

100 w/c by Ben

Yesterday was my 11th birthday. I went to Bounce N Beyond. When we got there we got our socks on and went jumping. After a while I saw someone do four flips. Suddenly I heard someone get sick all over the place and we had to leave. My family and I went to a one star restaurant. One time I heard someone got nothing from a happy meal. When the food came I opened the happy meal and of course it was empty. What a surprise that there was absolutely nothing in it.

100 w/c Ben

In 1992 there was a well called Sinking coins. It was located on an Island off the coast of France. Thousand of tourists would visit and drop a red coin in the well. In August a rich man came to the well and dropped 15,000 coins. My partner said we should go sometime. After August we decided to go to the well. Outside the airport there was a ladder on the pavement and I walked through it by accident. At the gate we missed our flight because the plane left 10 minutes early. I said we should never walk under a ladder because it’s bad luck. We went home and looked for other flights to get to France.

100 w/c by Ben

Last monday me and my friend Anto went to the chipper for his after party. We went to a place called Borza. It has the best chicken in town. When we got there we ordered our food. I got chicken and chips with salt and vinegar. Anto got the same as me. After we got the food we went home and ate it. Anto said the vinegar was too sharp and there was too much salt. Then his Mam came in and stole his chips and he said she always does this. After we went outside and played football.

100 w/c by Ben

On Sunday I had my first drumming session. When we got there I met my friend John who was really good at drumming. He told me some of the basic stuff. On my first go I was struggling to hit all the drums. The teacher told me to go slow and then go faster. After we had to do a solo and I was scared. My teacher asked the person beside me and his solo went like this BOOM! BAM! BAP! BADA! BOOM! POW! and it was completely out of tune. When my teacher said it was my shot she forgot the time and we had to go so I was saved.

100 w/c By Ben

One day I went to get my fringe cut and dye my hair black. On the barber chair my eye was flickering because hair fell on it. On the way back my dad was talking to someone so I went looking for some flowers, but instead I found a bunch of eggs on the ground. My dad told me not touch them because they might be poisonous. After we went home and I washed myself and watched the Chelsea vs Man Utd Match. Man Utd won 6-0 and I lost a bet for ten euro.

100 w/c by Ben

Two weeks ago I went to Australia. We stayed in a hotel beside the Sydney Opera house. It was called The Ample. It was a five star hotel. One week later we went to a concert at the opera house. On the way back we saw a big army of weird statues. They were painted purple,yellow,green and blue. I was scared because I thought it was a jump scare. Two days later we checked if they were still there. While we were walking up to check, we saw them move. So we ran as fast as we could and went home.

100 w/c Ben

Last week me and my family went to Belfast. When we got there we took a taxi to a five star hotel. It was called the Raspberry Hotel. The first thing we did was go for a three course meal at the restaurant. After that we went to a magician. At the magician’s house he said he could make my sister disappear, and I was shocked. The magician said some weird words and BOOM! my sister disappeared and I said to my mam ‘but how could she just disappear?’ After we went home and I was still shocked about it.

The Circus – by Ben

Last week I went to the circus in Balbriggan. When we got inside the place empty. Out of nowhere a ridiculous clown popped out of a closet and fired pink bubbles from a pistol. There was a man who could do a no hand wheelie on a bicycle. Half way through the show we decided to get some candy floss. The man at the stall was ranting to his the boss so we left him alone. After that we went back to circus to watch the dancing clown called Jerry. Jerry brought out a unicycle and fell. After that they huddled together and bowed.

Brother’s First Day at School by Ben

Last week was my younger brother’s first day of school. Mam woke him up, and I think the light blinded him for a few minutes. My brother got up and got changed for school. He wore a bright blue top with black bottoms. After that he had Coco Pops, then we set of to school. I think my brother was very nervous. When he got there he met his friend Jack from play school. After a while we went to collect him and he said it was the best day of his life. The next morning he was crying because he had no school.

The Safaro (100 w/c Ben)

Last week me and my family were in South Africa. As soon as we got to the hotel, I begged my mam and dad to go on a safari. They said we can go on Thursday evening. Thursday morning, I was buzzing to go on the safari. We got tickets at the door to go on the safari. Finally we got on the safari and looked at loads of animals. Suddenly we ran out of petrol we had to run but I was on my dad,s back. We got home and I said “lets play football”. but they were exhausted.

Balbriggan Win The Final – by Ben

Last week I had a cup final against Rush. The match started at twelve o’clock sharp. Right before the match we warmed up and did some stretches. The match started, suddenly I scored a free kick and celebrated. As the match went on Rush got a corner and scored a header. The first half ended one one. As we were talking about tactics Ross said that we seemed to be on television. Suddenly out of nowhere a thug came and stole the ball. The second half started and I got injured. The game went to penalties ,we won 3-1. We went home and celebrated.

The Tree Wheeler – Ben

Once upon a time me and my friends, John, Aaron and Robbie where going to the woods. When we got there we saw builders chopping down trees. We saw a sign that said ‘Step Away’. Thirty minutes later we saw a weird bike in a tree so we checked it out. We decided to call it the Tree Wheeler. John said ‘let’s go to our bikes at the woods’ . So we did. We got there and the bike was gone so we went searching for an hour. All of us were sad and we went home and cried to death.