100 w/c by Bartosz

Ding! Ding! Ding! Rang the iPhone alarm, it was half six and we had a flight at quarter to ten, we were going to Spain. ‘ Mam’ I screamed ‘ have you seen my bag with my laptop’ ‘yeah downstairs on the couch’ answered Mam. Beep! Beep! The taxi was outside everyone rushed out I was the last one in the car. We arrived 1 hour early so we got some food and gifts from the airport. We checked in on time when I got in I started listening to music I got suspicious when it just wouldn’t take off .It was a half until we actually took off ,we got the safely late but it was okay.

100 w/c by Bartosz

I woke up early today. Today I was going to Halfords, to get a new bicycle, I was desperate to get a new one because everyone was getting new bicycle. ‘Dad what time are we leaving”, I said.’ In 30mins’ 30mins later we left. It took us a while to get there , but when we came into the vicinity of the shop came in my dad told me ‘don’t be greedy and buy an expensive one with all the money you have” you’ll regret told him I was looking for a back and yellow Subradar. I was over the moon when I came home.

The Final by Bartosz

Ding ding ding as his iPhone alarm rang. This evening is the champions league final Berlin Athletic VS Catalans United. The match kicked off at Old Trafford at 19:00. There was no clear cut opportunities until the 24min Ross Ford hit the post from 25 meters out it comes to Cillian as he taps it in. 1-0 Catalans United, from tip off Idaomi equaliser saves the tear from Berlins supporters eyes. First half ended 1-1, 56min in into the second half Ben Flynn one on one with the keeper goal 2-1 wait VAR rules it out there was a foul on Bartosz on the lead up, nothing happened until the 94min Bartosz goes up for a bicycle kick then everything stopped and the ball went in all the Berlin fans cheered.

100 w/c by Bartosz

This morning I woke up to a car driving out of the driveway. I woke up late. It was my dad’s birthday but there was a dilemma, I hadn’t gotten him a present.

It was 2 o clock and they went to the place where they met, beside two silver statues I knew they were coming back so I quickly got my bike and rode to Walmart. I looked around for a while until I found the perfect present, The Best Dad in the world mug. I went to the counter, I bought it for €6 . He loved the mug very much.

The Zoo by Bartosz

This Morning I woke up to a suprise. Straight after breakfast my Mam told me we were going to the zoo, at around half 2. I got dressed and watched a video on my phone. When we were in the car my parents asked what we wanted to see, I said a brown Giraffe and my brother James said lion. First of all we ate lunch in a little restaurant I got chips they were really I mean really salty. James said he wanted pizza but it wasn’t on the menu so he got a greasy burger, I got a drink with ice but it melted straight away. We got to see the lions last and then went home.

The Museum by Bartosz

One day last year my family and I went to the museum.

My family woke up earlier than usual at about 6:30, at about 11:30 everyone was ready. After a while we went on a 4 and a half hour drive down to Donegal, we got there at around half 3. Across the road there was a KFC my family decided that we were going to eat before we entered into the museum. After a while we went into the museum first thing I saw was a school from 60 years ago and old fashion . At about 5:30 we left to go home.

The Prize by Bartosz

On Saturday John’s Mam said if he went to the shop and got things to make spaghetti he would be rewarded. He went to the shop. It all was going fine until he realised he needed the sauce. The only other place to get that sauce was on the other side of town. He started running but he dropped his meat balls. He picked them back up. Finally he got the sauce and went back and prepared his meal. His mam came back and saw what he made.

Let me get you a cookie from the jar, empty. What a surprise.

The Red Dog – Bartosz

One day in Berlin Germany a dog was born. This dog was very special because it was red. When he was a little puppy he was examined by lots of doctors. One doctor by the name of Mr Ladder gave him a treat the size of a coin. He treasured it for a long time. One day he brought it outside he was half way down the street suddenly it started lashing he dropped his treat on to the pavement and it stared sinking into it. The dog went to look for it. It took him a long but he found nothing ,but he went back to Doctor Ladder and he got another one the dog was happy.

My Day By Bartosz

Today I woke up at 7 O’clock. I went down to eat my breakfast,it was delicious I got pancakes and tea. I washed the plate and my favourite cup. I watched Manchester United play Chelsea. United came up on top the score was 3-1. Rashford scored 2 and Pogba scored one. They conscided one goal,Eden hazard with a beautiful free kick. After a while I went to knock for Ben Emmanuel and my other friend Roy. We went to dunnes I got the chipper , it was delicious but the vinegar was too sharp. I went home got into bed and went asleep.

School Music Band by Bartosz

One day Alexander and Eric were looking forward to the school bands concert, in front of their parents. There was one practice left before the concert and it was tomorrow. Eric went to sleep very nervous.

‘Eric come on your going to be late!’ said his Mam.

Eric rushed out of his bed picked up his bag and his violin. He got a lift but he forgot that the practice was on in the morning. He got there late the instructor gave him a wierd look. He tried to play his violin and boom bop bop badabopboom pow it was completely out of tune!

The Underground Carpark by Bartosz

On a long wet day in America, David , we call him fringe and Alex, thought it would be a good idea to visit the under ground car park. It had flickering lights and their was a corner that was pitch black. It was under their local mall. They marveled at the sight of it. It was sooooo… different it was a kids’ play ground with clowns not the scary ones. We asked the clowns when this happened. He told us that it was transformed yesterday. We were so confused. It looked like it washed away. We thought it was weird.

Holiday Dream by Bartosz

Last year me and my family went to Sydney in Australia. That holiday was the best time of my life, well kind of and I’m about to tell you why. On the 15 of June 2018 when we landed we got a taxi to a 5 star hotel. OMG! it was so beautiful my dad thought we were at the wrong hotel. We arrived at about 3:00am so we couldn’t see much but I could tell It would be great. When I woke up in my very comfortable bed I looked out the window and I saw the terracotta army . But as soon as I asked my mam I woke up in my normal bed! Nooo!!!

The Paintball by Bartosz

The paintball gun went BANG as it fired. Daniel hit right on the middle of the board. Bullseye, said Daniel, 3 in a row.

Ridiculous, you think I can’t do better? asked Logan.

How much do you wanna bet?

One ice cream! said Daniel.

Ok! watch this shot, as he hit the bullseye and again.

Nice two shots, three more and I get you ice cream.

Wait! said Mr Pink, your time was over 30mins ago.

But please! they begged.

They huddled up to make a plan.

But my wallet is empty.

We don’t have all day, can you not just blow bubbles or ride a bicycle.

NOOOOOOOOOO! They all said.

100 w/c Bartosz

Come in ref that wasn’t a penalty?

I’m afraid it is.

Come on gk save this?!

1-0 already let’s go again!

Mark your man Callum.

Yep got him.

Chase chase chase good work!!

Pass to Adam on your left.

Omg it hit the post.

Run they are on the counter attack.

2-0 gk you have to do better.

Half time really ref 5 min early.

Let’s go straight from kick off.

No way I meant run not kick I guess you scored.

Come on let’s go again.Lets run come on YES another goal 2-2.

1 more but we are exhausted.

Secret Show – by Bartosz

AHH! what is that alligator doing in the back yard?

I will just lock the doors.

Okay! Now, where is my phone? Maybe upstairs, let me check?

Under my bed, oh yes I feel it have.

It’s my stinky socks.

Come on really!?

Oh no, it’s in the back yard where the alligator is.

I’m going to calm down and watch some tv before I get a snack.

Oh yes popcorn and Fanta my favorite things on earth.

Okay where is the remote? Let me change the show.

No no no maybe channel 89 wait…. I seemed to be on the tv.

The Boy That Made a Mistake

A little boy called Mike got a bike for his birthday. He was so excited to ride it down the big hill that his friends always ride down.  He knocked for his friends. They got their bikes, went down the hill and everyone enjoyed it. Every day for two weeks at 1:30 they met up and went down the hill. One day it start lashing rain nobody went but him. He thought it would be a good idea if he went down.

The bike start wobbling, hit a rock and he was flung into the air. It was inevitable that he would hurt himself so he jumped off…

Break Out At The Zoo – by Bartosz

Quick start running gorilla on the loose! Go behind this corner.

Haw did this happen?

I don’t know Ms Brick.

Was it Yellow or Pretty that escaped?

It is yellow the bigger one.

How did you let this happen?

It it broke the glass.

Let’s check the radio.

No he’s still in here. Lets find him.

No how about I go on the radio and you find him.

Come with me I’m your boss.

Fine under one condition.


You pay me double wage.


Wait do you hear those foot steps.



100 w/c – Bartosz

Come on Tom.


Under this branch.

LOOK over there?

What? OMG why is there this huge door against this mountain?

Let’s knock on it.


Hello anyone here?

Not these pesky humans again.

I guess we can a eat them for supper.

You could come in.

We can’t the door is too big.

Okay sorry now come in.

WHAT are you?

We are giants we come from the mountains.

Okay could we come in.

Yeah but take off your shoes.

Come to the sitting room.

I have a question what are those things.

Come to the back I’ll show you haw to make them .



100 w/c – Bartosz

Once upon a time Bitler the leader of the Batzis. Suddenly a thought came through his mind what if I took over the world not just Boland. It was a dreadful idea because then it started a war called WORLD WAR II. First of all Bitler got the spiders to attack Bussia. It went great, they put Bussia under siege. But Boscow was not happy, they were fighting like warriors. Out of nowhere they just gave up. Then they went to Boland. They sent the ladybirds, the strongest of them all. They tried as hard as possible but on the 9th day of the 5th month they surrendered. The Batzis thought they had won. Not for long…….

100 w/c Bartosz

In Bath UK, the fighter named O’Shea clumsily danced around the ring until the other fighter came in. Suddenly he got a whack and another smack. O’Shea said he was weak and he lost the fight. His orange eyes were tearing up even though he was acting big. The next day everyone found out he wears a wig. Now his record is 0 wins 1 loss. The other fighter was good. Very great indeed. His record is 101 and 17. People were amazed by his record. The other guy’s name was George St Peire. The other fighter was great I have to admit.

100 w/c – Bartosz

Yesterday I watched a movie about an amusement park.

That reminded me of a time when I went to Tayto Park. First I went to the viking village. At the start it wasn’t scary. After awhile when the boat spun around and flung itself into the water I was shaking with fear. I was glad that the boat pulled into the dock. Next I found myself a bit hungry. So I eat a chicken burger it was DELIOUS.I went to the line to the Cu Chulainn but I forgot the park closed an hour ago. It was fine I hopped a fence and got into my car. Wait I have no Fuel OHHHHH……

Three Statues by Bartosz

One day on a farm west of Ohio.3 statues appeared one goat one cow one bull.First day everything was normal but at night all the farmers heard a mighty wind.And their most valued tree it was a hundred years old disappeared. Everyone was blaming the statues.They tried everything to dig them out of the ground but it didn’t work.So the farmers came to a conclusion that they will burn that part of the land.After awhile just before they where going to burn it they saw a truck.And in the back of the truck there was the tree.They all cheered and a new farmer moved in to the house that they made with the wood.It all ended well.