The Daily Mail Newspaper by Ashley


People have been saying that there was some sort of silver giant in a school in the U.S.A earlier today. The giant of some sort, was said to be over 8 feet tall.

“It was like something out of a horror or action film, ” says a student from the school. “Everyone was screaming and running around like mad.”

The teachers in the school called the emergency services and within 5 minutes they were at the scene. They were armed with heavy guns and weapons and cornered the giant. Helicopters were hovering over the giant with big nets at the ready.

The giant was trying to break free violently but the nets were too heavy and it fell with a crash to the ground. The emergency services said they would bring it to a lab for tests.

That’s all we have for now, but we will be back for more…..

The Baby Seagull by Ashley

I was in school on yard one day, when I saw a scruffy, fat baby seagull limping around. I noticed that one of its wings was bent down in a weird way.

I could tell that the seagull was frightened of all the people around it, but I still told the teacher about it. The teacher went over to the seagull and beckoned it over to her by showing it bread. The seagull went over to the teacher cautiously and as soon as it went over to teacher, the teacher grabbed the seagull (Gently but quickly) and checked over the seagull and tried to make it fly, when it just wouldn’t take off!!!

The teacher said that she was going to bring the seagull to the vets after work. So that was that!

Watch Out for Cyclists b Ashley

I was driving my car on the way on the way to work, when I looked in the wing mirror and saw a lady with a bright high vis jacket, on a yellow bicycle. I could see that she was desperate to get by me, I was stuck in traffic and I wasn’t moving anywhere so I thought it would be OK to just pull over for a second. As I pulled over the lady thanked me and then cycled off. But as she cycled off a man in another car started beeping at her, he pulled down his window “Move out of my way lady, the phone shop opens in 10 minutes and I want to get 2 phones, so move or else….!!!” He warned her greedily. So the lady moved out of his way shocked, and he sped off like a bullet.

The New Broken Video Game by Ashley

“What!?!” I groaned as I was shaken vigorously by someone.

“Ashley! Quick get up, get up, get up!!!” It was my brother, Liam. “Come on, my new video game for my computer just arrived. Suddenly I got pulled out of bed onto the floor. “Fine. Come on show me.” I said.

The new game was surprisingly good we were having such a good time then everything stopped.

“WHAT HAPPENED!!! What did you do Ashley, why did it stop?” My brother berated me.

“I don’t know?” I said, trying not to laugh at my frustrated brother. “Ashley! What did you do?” I said mocking my brother.

“Hold on, I’ll be back in a second.” I said.

I went down stairs to check the Wi-Fi, but there was a man fixing the wifi box.

“So that’s why the game isn’t working.” And I went to tell my brother.

The War by Ashley

I was on a walk one day in Dublin city, when I came across a statue of two men. ‘Who were these men and what are they doing,’ I thought. Suddenly I heard a voice inside my head saying ‘SNAP YOUR FINGERS TWO TIMES!!!’ I did, and then I got pulled into a world of imagination.

Five seconds later I saw the two men.

One of the men said “Oh it’s you.

And the other said “Hey I just came to give you my British flag and to say good luck.”

“Uuugghhh, fine, “ the other man said grumpily. “Here is my German flag.”

“Well, let the war begin!!!” The British man said.

“Yes. Let the war begin!!!” The German man said.

‘War!?!’ I thought ‘War? I am out of here!!!’

Mr Brown and the Griaffe

Mr Brown is a very strange man, he lives in an apartment, which is normal, although his pet is not very normal his pet is a………..GIRAFFE!!!

Mr Brown’s rooms roof is sooooooo tall so that the giraffe can stand. The giraffe is spoilt rotten it is very fat, for dinner it eats, chips with salt and for dessert, brownies and melted caramel, every day!!! The giraffe does not get cleaned at all so it is really greasy, reason being Mr Brown is really lazy.

Sometimes, Mr Brown tries to sneak the giraffe into school with him (Mr Brown is a teacher) but Ms Costello the principle always finds out.

The Monster(s) by Ashley

After hours of trying to get asleep, finally I doze off and when I wake I find myself in a forest!?!

All these questions were running through my head…….

How did I get here?

Where are my family?

Who lives here?

What lives here?

I look around me, the place is empty. I decide to walk around to see if anyone is here.

The forest was like a swamp. leaves and muck everywhere.

All of a sudden I here a strange voice, like in another language, I turn around to see a creature it was black and brown with wings like a bat.

I screamed. Thank god there’s only one I thought……. or not!!!! There was hundreds, all trying to eat me!

What will I do next, I thought………

Titanic (2) by Ashley

After 15 minutes of waiting in a huge queue, my family and I finally got to board the Titanic. The Titanic was illuminated with all the bedroom lights on and didn’t look very portable, it was that big. “How much longer in this huge line!?!” I heard a little boy ask his parents, sounding exasperated.

When we all stepped inside, we saw a huge grand staircase and marble walls. There was lots of detail on all the furniture and our bedroom was beautiful.

We had absolutely nothing to worry about, after all, people do say the Titanic is unsinkable…….or not.

The Sneak Peak – by Ashley

It is my birthday tomorrow, my mam and dad said that they already got my present.

I know where they put presents for my sisters and I, they put them in a drawer in their bedroom.

You know what? I think I might go and look in the drawer now just to see! (but don’t tell anyone)

The drawer was empty. What a surprise!

“Emmm, may I help you?” a voice came from behind me. It was my mam.

“Oh, I… er…I was just looking for -” I said getting interrupted. ”Come on go to bed now.” my mam said.

It was morning and I was getting my presents, I heard sounds from a box and when I opened it a puppy jumped out!!!

“So thats why the drawer was empty.” I thought to myself.

The Titanic by Ashley

I am a crew member of the Titanic and I will tell you a bit of information….

While the people were building the Titanic the residents of the inspecting company came to examine the ship and said to put the ship into shallow water to see if it would float and it did. The ship had red at the bottom and lots of ladders.

Finally the ship was about set sail, lots of passengers scurried down the pavement posing for the old fashioned cameras (passengers were so excited they kept on dropping coins).

As the ship was maybe half way there the Titanic tragically hit an ice-berg sending it sinking in a couple of hours after the crew members saying ‘the coast is clear’, lots of people sadly died.

I’ll never forget the Titanic.

The Angry Man by Ashley

Last year I went on holidays with my family to Spain, there was a big swimming pool with a slide and a gorgeous buffet.

My family and I were at a vivid restaurant with another buffet when all of a sudden a shabby looking man jumps out of his seat mocking the waiters, apparently the vinegar was too sharp. He also said that the vinegar made him feel queasy, he also did not look very healthy this could be down to malnutrition if he’s eating from a buffet all the time. The man started to become pretty violent so my family and I went to another restaurant with lobsters which made my sisters very frantic.

No Time To Tune it by Ashley

It was the day of the school music competition and I was facing my worst rival Charlotte, she is always bragging about how great she is and is envious of my guitar.

While me and my friends were practicing our song, one of my friends Mia said “Isn’t Charlotte such a coward.” so Charlotte over heard and wandered over saying “I’ll get you back for calling me a coward, when your least expecting it.” In a crafty kind of way. After that I was very unwilling to do the competition but I knew I had to compete.

Me and my friends were starting to take our instruments out when I gave my guitar a little strum but it was completely out of tune!

“Oh, well I guess I’ll be celebrating in triumph then.” Charlotte said…….

The Horror Story by Ashley

There I was, walking down to the haunted house for a dare. I marveled at how big the mansion was.

There was a sign outside the garden but the words were washed away. I could smell something like eggs.

I carefully stepped onto the front step and knocked on the door. Suddenly the door creaked open, I hesitated for a moment then stepped inside.

The door slammed closed behind me making me jump and there was a light above me flickering and shaking vigorously.

I then saw a girl…… was the Sacred Rhianna!!!

Her hair was dark black and all in front of her face, though not a fringe. She was holding her creepy realistic doll. What was going to happen next……

The Interruption by Ashley

One day, while I was in Australia walking in a town.

I walked around this corner of abandoned apartments and I saw the most astonishing thing, loads of people where frozen in rows and they all were purple, blue, green, white, red and yellow.

A man was standing between all of them and said “Oh, hello there……Ha, You next!!!”

He pointed a weird looking stick at me and was about to say some spell when his phone rang, he answered it “Hello, not now mam I am….. a bit busy……..”

“Cut! Take 5 minute break people, 5 only” Jack said, our producer of the movie.

So we went off for five minutes.

Ruby’s Cool Room by Ashley

I love an ice-cream shop down the road from where I live. It is called Ruby’s Cool Room, it has every flavour ice-cream! I will tell you my favourite flavours to my least…

Pistachio, lime, raspberry, lemon, lavender and last butterscotch. One day I went to get some ice-cream and Ruby was gone. I remembered I was on the phone with her and she said that she was at work !?! But how could she just disappear?!? I looked at the flavours of the ice-cream and all there was, was ebony and coal!!!

I looked around and saw a man in a funny looking suit staring at me…….

The Odd Little Fish by Ashley

Last week my dad bought me a fish, it was pink with a splash of orange on it. I named her Bubbles. Pretty much a normal fish.

I got my fish a little chest for her tank, there was nothing in it, it was empty.

Well, I woke up yesterday and checked on her and saw her on a bicycle, in water flying through rings of fire!!!!!!!

I screamed and told my parents, my dad got so creeped out that he fired his slipper at bubbles.

Thanks to my dad {NOT} Bubbles’ tank flipped over!!!

I sprinted so fast over to Bubbles and quickly plopped her into a bucket of water.

Luckily the tank did not smash and I put Bubbles back in.

“Next time we’re getting a dog” my dad said, out of breath.

The Happy (?) New Year’s Eve by Ashley

My cousin has very sensitive eyes, he can’t look at very bright things.

BAM!!! another firework went off for new years eve but this time much brighter. I looked at my cousin and realised the light blinded him! We had to bring him to the hospital.

The doctor said that he would be blind all his life, and that doctors would have to do surgery on him.

When he came out of surgery, my cousin said that he could only see out of a tiny part of his eye.

“Gosh” I said “What happened to your eye?” His eye was all full of blood.

He explained what the surgeons did and from that day on I hope that, that will never happen to me.

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire!

I was putting up my Christmas tree yesterday when the room was filled with the most amazing light. My parents left the house to go shopping, so it was just me.

I found a present decoration on the tree and it was glowing so bright, that was where the light was coming from. I carefully took the ornament down, I had to grab my sun – glasses it was so bright. I peeked in then put it down on the ground and stared at it.

I heard my parents coming in I ran and told them what had happened, I lead them in to the sitting room and showed them the ornament but it disappeared it was gone.

From that day on I have been called ‘little miss liar.’

Embarrassing Moment – by Ashley

Today is the day when the first man will walk on the moon. Me and my friends are going to see the rocket take off!

As we were walking a camera man came over to us and asked us lots of questions.

“Thank God we’re not on T.V!” exclaimed Mia.

“Yeah”, agreed Emily.

‘But we seemed to be on the Television?!?’  I thought.

A boy rushed past us and unfortunately knocked me and my two friends over.

The camera man quickly walked away as if it never happened.

We stood up and ran over to him.

“Excuse me.” I said. The camera man stopped recording. “Did you catch that on T.V?” I asked nervously.

“Oh, yes you we’re live.”

“Oh great!” We shouted.

The Bike Crash – Ashley

I went for a walk in the woods yesterday, when I came across a bike going straight through a tree!

I looked around the tree desperate to find clues.  I saw a square shaped stone that read…

“Tom Donuhou.

Died 8th of December 1990.

Due to a bycicle crash.

We miss you.”

I gently touched the tree. Suddenly I got pulled in!!!

I landed and realised it was 1990!!!

I was beside the tree where the crash happened. Just then I saw a boy on the same bike.

I had to save him. I ran up to him and told him that the path was blocked off to turn back. I felt so good that I saved his life.

The Very Strange Gorilla – by Ashley

My favourite animal is a gorilla.

I went to the zoo yesterday and as me and my family were walking down to the gorillas we saw crowds of people looking at the gorillas I ran over to them, pushed myself through to the glass and saw that Bash the gorilla was walking like a human!

What was going on?

Is Bash even real?

He started running into the bananas he eats, it was not a pretty sight when he fell into some bricks. Suddenly his head fell off!!!

Gasps came from the crowd, just then I realised that it was a man in a gorilla suit.

Mr. Yellow the main zookeeper sprinted into the gorilla enclosoure with other zoo keepers.

100 w/c Ashley

I looked out the window and saw a white van with the word ‘Removals’ on it.

When I went downstairs my two sisters were jumping up and down screaming, “We’re moving !!!”

I asked my mam and dad are we seriously moving and they said ‘yes’!

You’ll never guess what……..I am in my new house!

Me and my sisters were checking out our rooms, when I found a secret door.

Oh, I wondered what was behind the door !?!

As I was approaching the door I felt very nervous but also a tiny bit excited.

As I was opening the squeaky door, all I could see was luminous green!

Suddenly my sisters pushed me in !!!!!!!

AAAAAHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!! I screamed.

100 w/c – Ashley

To: Jack

From: Tom

From : Human country (THAT I DONT KNOW THE NAME OF)

Oh Jack, help me. I am a Lego man not a human!

I found a hous’e with three children a lady and a man, they rip my head off and if thats not bad enough………….THEY HAVE A CAT!!!

Well at least I have the best breakfast,pancakes with the most scrumptious purple sauce.

I got trapped by a million ladybirds on a woodland walk.

After that a swan bit my hand off, a dog licked my face, I got stuck in a tree and finally that cat chewed my face now I look like a frisbee !!!!!!!!!!

Oh great the rotweiler is eating me again.😥


100 w/c – Ashley

Hello,this is the Daily Mail and today we are going to be telling you about weird,wonderful and funny news.

In Canada people are celebrating a day called “Water Sunday”.

Your probably wondering “what is that?” well it is when lots of people go outside and have a bath! Now that is weird!!!

The famous Jong Chau, the Japanese fighter, was at his boxing match.But was very clumsily beaten.He fell over his own foot, after that he walked into the ropes and finally his opponent boxed his arm and Jong boxed himself !!!

Georgia Darcy, the hip hop dancer, fans went MAD because they saw her eating an orange! Sadly the crowd wasso big that four people were taken hospital. Thankfully not life threatening and two were arrested .

100 w/c – Ashley

”Wake up Lilly !” I was rudely awoken by the sound of my mam shouting at me. Just then I remembered I was going on holidays! I leaped out of bed like a flash of lightning.

A few hours later, finally I am on the plane on the way to Lanzarote!

I am in my apart-hotel now and I just saw a little girl fall. It reminded me of a time when I broke my ankle, it was very sore. I was only four and the ward was very scary at night time and smelled horrible. Oh and the creaks and sounds, I hate thinking about it!

Well I’m off to the pool, fingers crossed I don’t break any bones!

The Last Text – by Ashley

It all started when me and my friends were driving to a dance competition. We were having a great time. My friend was driving and I was looking at my phone, showing them all funny pictures. Then I got a funny text message from this annoying boy in our school, when all of a sudden I heard a voice saying ‘this is your last text’. I thought I was just hearing things, so carried on and showed the text to my friend that was driving and suddenly the car crashed into the curb……..

Next thing, I woke up and found myself in front of three mysterious ghost animals that said “We told you that it would be your last text”…..