…he was very ill… by Amy

There once was a little boy named Billy he was outside playing with his dog. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his stomach. He went to tell his mam but  and his mam rushed him to the doctors. Billy felt like throwing up but he held it in. The doctor looked at what was wrong with him and his face went pale.

“What’s wrong with him?”said his mam

“He…..he has the virus.”

Everybody went silent. Then billy and his mam went home. 5 weeks later he didn’t get better…he felt very ill… But then he went back to the doctors and he finally got a cure for it.

100 w/c by Amy

One day two friends met in a park and there was a really high hill so they thought it would be fun to roll down the hill.

They rolled down it and then they got up and saw a small white puppy.

They brought it home and took care of it.

They put him to sleep and then one of the girls was drawing.

“Wow you’re really crafty”said the other friend.

Then they went to bed.

In the morning they brought the puppy for a walk and saw a really tall castle.

It looked like it was built a long time ago.

The puppy was having lots of fun jumping around.

So they brought the puppy to the park and he had lots of fun jumping everywhere.

Get in the Room in 30 Minutes by Amy

There was a room and in the room was something very special and I need to unlock the door 30 mins. I had to find the key that unlocks the door. It was either in a cupboard or under a cupboard or hiding somewhere really good. I looked inside one of the cupboards and there was a key. I tried it but it did not fit. It was a yellow key and the door lock was red so I’m guessing I need a red key. And finally I found a red key but then I tried it but it would not fit. The key was to big to fit …if only it was a bit smaller… And then finally I found the right key just in time there was 1 minute left.

100 w/c by Amy

Scooting along on my red scooter I fell of it and on to the hard concrete.

”Ow that hurt!” I said.

I got up and went scooting again. Then I saw a poor little dog stuck in a box.

“I’ll take care of you,” I said.

I carefully lifted up the fluffy puppy and brought him home. I gave him a shower and got him some food. The little puppy was so happy he started to dance around me. I went to the shop and got him some treats, toys and a bed.

“Here you go, I hope you like it!” I’ve never seen a dog so happy before.

100 w/c by Amy

One day I was on the green with my friends when we heard a noise coming from the green prickly bush. We went to check what that noise was. we found an injured puppy, brought him home, gave him a shower, gave him food and took him to the vet. We had to leave him there for the night because the vet said “this puppy is bruised so leave him here come back in the morning”. We went home where I practiced my violin as I was bored and after we had dinner we went to sleep. All of a sudden at 8am the vet called me to pick up the puppy “you can come pick him up now he’s all healthy again!” We picked him up and the puppy was all happy and healthy again.

100 w/c by Amy

It was a bright sunny clear sky morning it was half past ten on march 27th, on a Saturday. I woke up as I heard the tv on and I could hear the news. I went downstairs and my mammy was watching tv. She looked worried so I asked what happened and she said there’s a virus going around and its able to kill people .I got sad and worried…gradually things started to move…a few weeks later my mammy said the virus got worse and we were going into lockdown. I got sad because I knew that meant I would have to stay at home from now on and I wouldn’t be able to see my friends. We stayed in lockdown for about 5 months and now we are getting back into school, the shops are now opening again and we are seeing our friends again.