The Quiz by Amy

I woke up from a bang. I thought it was a gun shot but my dog just popped a balloon. I looked out the window and the sky was grey. I got some cabbage for lunch then remembered today I have a quiz to go to! This will be the most important quiz I will ever do so I have to make a good impression. I got dressed and went down stairs. I had to leave in 5 minutes so I was rushing. I brushed my teeth quickly and went out the door. When I got there I was excited but nervous. I answered ever question nervously. On the last round the question was easy gladly and my team won by two.

The Heatwave by Amy

The day is here. The hottest day of the year. I woke and felt very warm. I looked outside and it looked very hot. And then I remembered it is the hottest day of the year and a massive heat wave is today. I opened all the windows and put on a fan. I went downstairs and the kitchen tiles were extremely hot from the sun shining through the big window. The heat was unbearable so I covered the tiles with a blanket. I went outside but the second the sun hit my skin it felt like I was being poked with pins because it was so hot.

The Dream by Amy

I woke up on a saturday afternoon at 2:23pm. I saw that I accidentally slept in. But it was ok because i didnt have anything important. I went downstairs and saw that it was really nice outside. So i decided to iron clothes outside. And then all of a sudden the iron got really big and I dropped it. I looked at it and i saw that it had no front. It looked like one of those monopoly pieces. And when I tried to pick it up it was very light. Lighter than a normal iron. And then I woke up. It was all just a dream. And I saw that it was 2:23pm.

100 w/c by Amy

It was a normal day in the winter. Until all of a sudden it got cold. I turned on the fan and watched it from the couch. It was revolving slowly and then I got hungry. So I asked my friend if she wanted to go get lunch. She said ok so I got ready and went out the door. When we got to the cafe some workers were putting pink concrete in the ground?! What? I ignored it and when we got our food there was bugs jumping all over it! All of a sudden I woke up… it was all a dream.

The Piano by Amy

It was a lovely spring day and the sun was springing with light. The weather was lovely and I went to the shop. My birthday was a few days ago so I had lots of money left from it so I decided to get a piano. I went to the local music shop and when I went in I saw a beautiful piano. I went to check the price and it was €430. I had enough because I was also saving up my money for a few months! I bought it and set it up. The keys were very white and were gentle to press. When I used it for a few minutes it started leaking with octopus ink? Huh?

Salena and Sarah’s Fight by Amy

I was out on a walk in a Saturday afternoon and all of a sudden I saw 2 girls fighting. I went to stop them but they were just shouting. I heard their names. One was called Sarah and the other was Selena. I was gonna wait until it got bad to stop them. They were having a very extraordinary fight about a guitar. Suddenly they started pushing each other and got violent and I went to stop them but Selena shoved Sarah into the muck. When she got up her bright yellow top looked like mustard, and she had a horrible cut on her knee.

The Key by Amy

It was 10am on the 2nd of January 2022 and I decided to go on a walk. It was very cold and frosty, there was a bit of snow. I was walking across a field and then suddenly I stood on something. It was really hard, I looked down and it was a key beside 2 brown leaves. I picked them up and I was about to throw them away when I turned one of the leaves over and it had a note with an address on it. I went to the address, it was about a 20-40 minute walk. I finally got there and it was a massive 5-story mansion

The Yellow Waterfall by Amy

It was a normal Saturday on the 16th of July and I went on my normal Saturday walk to the waterfall. I was excited when I finally got to the waterfall. It took me from 2pm-2:45pm to get there. I sat down on the ground and watched as the blue water heavily fell from the top of the waterfall. After 10 minutes it started to go yellow!The water was yellow! I was so confused so I called my friend and she said I should leave. She called me a taxi and I went home.

2022 by Amy

“3,2,1 Happy new year!” Everyone shouted as we watched the fireworks. I can’t wait to do our family tradition and spend another year with my family. Our traditions every year on January 1st is we all bake cake and eat it while watching a movie. My brother looked sad though. He usually loves doing this. And then I realised. Dad wasn’t here! I forgot dad was at hospital! I was looking at my brother…

“It’s not like last year.” He thought to himself. He stood up and said he wants to bring it to dad. So we baked dad a cake and went to the hospital. We let dad pick the movie and stayed over night with him.

Climate Change Ad. by Amy

We need to take better care of the earth and stop polluting. We also need to stop littering. We need to stop cutting down trees because trees are the animals homes. We need to take better care of our planet. Make more farms instead of cutting down more trees. And trees give us oxygen and the more trees we cut down the less oxygen we have and oxygen is important for us. Stop putting your rubbish in the sea because there’s lots of animals in the sea. Our planet is getting worse and worse everyday and it needs to stop.

My Thoughts by Amy

If they melt the water level will rise and animals like polar bears and penguins will loose land and it would be very hard for them to survive and they will have to find somewhere new to live. And cities and towns beside there will probably get flooded and the people there will also have to move. We need to help this planet soon. If we don’t it will just keep getting worse. And the climate change is pretty bad at the moment. We don’t know what will happen by 2030 but if we don’t help now it will be very bad.

The Career by Amy

It was December first 2051 and I was trying to decide what to do. I was deciding if I should go out everyday and clean up litter or no. After 2 hours of deciding I decided that I will! I will go out every day from 3pm-4pm and clean up litter. It’s 2pm I start in 1 hour. 5 of my friends are gonna help me!

I am now starting to cleaning litter…but does it make any difference to me? My friends and I have cleaned alot so far. They said i should make it longer! Should I?…

My Opinions on Pollution by Amy

I think that pollution is really bad for the environment and there need to be a lot less pollution.

For example: Stop smoking, Turn off your engine when your stuck in traffic or waiting for someone, Use a bike or scooter more than a car and stop littering.

People need to know how bad polluting is for the environment. And people need to stop littering in the oceans it’s really bad for the creatures in the oceans.

Whenever you see rubbish on the ground please pick it up and find a bin for it and bin it. Even if it’s not yours.

Climate Change by Amy

“Wow” I said as I was walking down the street.

“This is horrible.”

It was a factory. A very big one and it was polluting the air alot! It is horrible. The sky was fully gray and there were black clouds everywhere!

“This is horrible!” I said to myself. I want this to stop. “I will try to put an end to this.” But how…

My friend and I worked day and night seeing how to stop these factories. And we barley got anything! We tried and worked for days! And nothings working! I wonder…How do we stop this…

The Oil by Amy

I was in the laptop factory. And then I saw something on the floor… it was red and liquidy.

“What is that?” I said.

It turns out it was oil! The red oil industry was dripping everywhere!



Everyone rushed out of the building. Everyone was worried and afraid. It turns out one of the oil tanks exploded. The workers got it all cleaned up and got a new tank. I wonder how they cleaned it..

The Bonfire by Amy

“BOOM!!!” I heard.

I ran outside wondering what it was. It was a bonfire! Someone made a bonfire! It turns out someone threw 100 lit candles in it and it blew up! There was lots of people running around and they couldn’t see where they were going because it was night time. Everyone was screaming! It was terrifying and very destructive. Nobody had a device so I called the police,3 ambulance’s and the firemen. The firemen put out the fire, the police arrested whoever started this and everyone was put in the ambulance’s. I hope everyone’s okay! top bonfires!

100 w/c by Amy

As I was working at the table I saw a green bug on the table. I had no clue what it was.

“What’s that?” I asked myself.

I took a picture of it and asked my friends. They didn’t know. They said to take it to a scientist. So I did. I was going to go there tomorrow. I brought it there and asked them. They said it will take some time because it’s an unknown species. So I left it for a few days and came back. They said it’s called a Ziggy Green. It was hot in there from all the tests they did.


The Glasses by Amy

“OUCH!” Shrieked Thomas.

I ran over to see what happened.

”WHAT HAPPENED!?” I asked.

”I fell off the ladder.” Said Thomas.

”Oh” I said “are you ok?”

”Yeah” said Thomas. “My leg and back hurts though.”

”You should have a rest” I said.

”No I’ll be fine.” Said Thomas.

”What are you building?” I asked “It looks interesting”

”Big glasses with pink fur around them” he said “Why are you building those?” I asked.

”My boss said they will look cool” he said “but I think they will look weird”

”What are you going to do with them?” I asked.

”I don’t know” he said.

The River Bed by Amy

I was on my everyday walk with my dog. And we were going to the river like normal. We were walking for 28minutes and then we found the river…but something didn’t look right…I didn’t think about it and I just kept walking. I got to the river and there was no water……I have never seen the river bed so dry……and there was lots of plastic at the bottom of it. So I went home, got a bag, went back to the river and picked up all the plastic. I was there for about an hour.

The Dinosaur Bones by Amy

It was a very dry day in Egypt. As I was walking I found a big ball.

”What is that?” I said.

I brought it to some scientists.

”These are dinosaur bones!” Said the scientist.

”Dinosaur bones?”

”Yes!” Said the scientist “From 1203!”

”Wow” I said “That’s really long ago!”

It was the next day and I went for a walk in the museum and I said lots of cool things. And then I saw the dinosaur bones!

”I wonder where those scientists are” I said.

I started walking around again and then I saw the scientists. They were talking with each other.

The Note by Amy

I was locked in a room and I had one hour to get out. To get out I had to write a note to get out. First I had to find the note. I looked everywhere and then I found it in a cupboard.

So what will I write on this page…I wrote some Italian words saying “ciao sono in sesta classe e amo la musica vecchia” wich means “hi I am in sixth class and I love old music.”

I folded the letter and slid it under the door. I waited five minutes and it unlocked.

The Clown by Amy

It was just a normal day when all of a sudden I saw a clown in my garden! It was picking at my plants so I ran outside to it. It ran away but I chased after it. But he ran up to a stranger and said.

“Where are the shops?” It panted.

“Over there” He pointed.

“Beide the playground.” The clown ran to the shop to hide but I found it.

“Why were you in my garden?” I said

“I’m sorry I thought it was my neighbour’s.” It said

“That’s okay but just please don’t do that again.

In The Forest With My Friend by Amy

My friend Lorena Holly and I went back to the forest. There was heard to be a hunter in there but we thought it was fake.

“Are you sure it’s fake?”said Holly

“It has to be” I said. We went out into the forest and we heard someone else walking. The hunter was heard to carry a flash light everywhere and then we saw a flash of light then darkness.

“Is that his flash light?”said Holly.

“I think it is”said Lorena.

“I dont know” I said. We got a bit scared but kept going. All of a sudden we heard a gun shot! We knew it was the hunter so we ran away.

100 w/c by Amy

It was a normal day and it was 3pm and I decided to go in the woods and pick some mushrooms. I was there for 30mins I picked 20. I went home and did some maths and I needed to rule my copy first. I took 20mins to do 5 sums. I went out with my friend and we went sculling and and we held onto the oar on it. It was very fun and we both showed a wistful smile. The next day we both got dogs my friends was a sausage dog and mine was a pug and he was a bit wrinkled.

Stuck in the Woods by Amy

One day as my friends and I went to the woods. We found an abandoned cottage.

‘Should we sneak in?’ Ask my friend Holly

‘I don’t know what if someone comes?’ Said my friend Lorena.

’It’s abandoned nobody will come’ said Holly.

’She has a point’ I said. We snuck in and all of a sudden someone slammed the door shut behind us we didn’t know who. 5 hours later it was night and suddenly darkness enveloped the room as we watched the sun set. We fell asleep and when we woke up the door was opened again. We ran home.

The Fence by Amy

There is a fence outside my house and half of it was missing and there was no gate. I always wondered why there was half of it missing and no gate. So people were always coming into my garden and it was very annoying but I didnt know how to get a new one. I always thought it broke off because it was very old. I didnt know what else to do with it so I just took the whole thing off and got a new one and I got a lock for it. Now nobody comes into my garden.

100 w/c Amy

One day I brought my dog on a walk. And then we came across a hill and my dog was not on his lead. We went down the hill but my dog ran down it and then he fell down it. And I ran down the hill to check on him as it let out a pitiful howl. He looked hurt so I brang him to the vet. The vet said he sprained his leg so he had to just sit at home for a week. After a week I brought him back to the vet. The vet said he was fine again then I brought him on a walk.

100 w/c Amy

One day I was drawing an elephant and my cousin came into the room.

‘What are you doing’ she asked.

‘I’m drawing an elephant’ I said

‘Paint it instead it will be more fun’ she said

I said ok and I painted it. Later we were outside. And my cousin went home early because she said it was dark. Then when I came home she was practicing the violin.

‘That’s really good’ I said.

‘Thank you’ she said.

The next day it was my cousins birthday.

‘Happy birthday!’ I said to her.

I brought her outside to show her the purple car I got her she was happy with it.

Marmite by Amy

One day a man went to Australia. And he didn’t bring food with him.

So he had to eat Australian food and he needed to try marmite. His friend was with him and when they got there they went to the shop and stocked up on food. When they got home he tried the marmite.

’Do you like it?’ Asked his friend.

’Yes’ he said.

’You don’t like it?’

’No’ he said ‘I like marmite’.

That’s good’ said his friend.

Then his friend tried it.

It’s okay not the best though,’ said his friend.

But it turns out his friend actually did like it.

Granny is a Ghost by Amy

One day I decided to visit my granny. I knocked on the door and she answered it.

“Hi granny”I said.

“Hello come inside”said granny.

I went to the bathroom and when I came back I was horrified. She was missing! I tried calling for her but then realized she was a ghost. Her long dress was floating in the air and realized it was her.

“Granny i-…is that you?”I asked.

“Yes……it is,” said granny.

I was shocked. I went back to the bath room and 5 minutes later I came back and there she was. Standing there.

“Oh granny I’m so happy your back!”