The Bonfire by Amy

“BOOM!!!” I heard.

I ran outside wondering what it was. It was a bonfire! Someone made a bonfire! It turns out someone threw 100 lit candles in it and it blew up! There was lots of people running around and they couldn’t see where they were going because it was night time. Everyone was screaming! It was terrifying and very destructive. Nobody had a device so I called the police,3 ambulance’s and the firemen. The firemen put out the fire, the police arrested whoever started this and everyone was put in the ambulance’s. I hope everyone’s okay! top bonfires!

100 w/c by Amy

As I was working at the table I saw a green bug on the table. I had no clue what it was.

“What’s that?” I asked myself.

I took a picture of it and asked my friends. They didn’t know. They said to take it to a scientist. So I did. I was going to go there tomorrow. I brought it there and asked them. They said it will take some time because it’s an unknown species. So I left it for a few days and came back. They said it’s called a Ziggy Green. It was hot in there from all the tests they did.


The Glasses by Amy

“OUCH!” Shrieked Thomas.

I ran over to see what happened.

”WHAT HAPPENED!?” I asked.

”I fell off the ladder.” Said Thomas.

”Oh” I said “are you ok?”

”Yeah” said Thomas. “My leg and back hurts though.”

”You should have a rest” I said.

”No I’ll be fine.” Said Thomas.

”What are you building?” I asked “It looks interesting”

”Big glasses with pink fur around them” he said “Why are you building those?” I asked.

”My boss said they will look cool” he said “but I think they will look weird”

”What are you going to do with them?” I asked.

”I don’t know” he said.

The River Bed by Amy

I was on my everyday walk with my dog. And we were going to the river like normal. We were walking for 28minutes and then we found the river…but something didn’t look right…I didn’t think about it and I just kept walking. I got to the river and there was no water……I have never seen the river bed so dry……and there was lots of plastic at the bottom of it. So I went home, got a bag, went back to the river and picked up all the plastic. I was there for about an hour.

The Dinosaur Bones by Amy

It was a very dry day in Egypt. As I was walking I found a big ball.

”What is that?” I said.

I brought it to some scientists.

”These are dinosaur bones!” Said the scientist.

”Dinosaur bones?”

”Yes!” Said the scientist “From 1203!”

”Wow” I said “That’s really long ago!”

It was the next day and I went for a walk in the museum and I said lots of cool things. And then I saw the dinosaur bones!

”I wonder where those scientists are” I said.

I started walking around again and then I saw the scientists. They were talking with each other.

The Note by Amy

I was locked in a room and I had one hour to get out. To get out I had to write a note to get out. First I had to find the note. I looked everywhere and then I found it in a cupboard.

So what will I write on this page…I wrote some Italian words saying “ciao sono in sesta classe e amo la musica vecchia” wich means “hi I am in sixth class and I love old music.”

I folded the letter and slid it under the door. I waited five minutes and it unlocked.

The Clown by Amy

It was just a normal day when all of a sudden I saw a clown in my garden! It was picking at my plants so I ran outside to it. It ran away but I chased after it. But he ran up to a stranger and said.

“Where are the shops?” It panted.

“Over there” He pointed.

“Beide the playground.” The clown ran to the shop to hide but I found it.

“Why were you in my garden?” I said

“I’m sorry I thought it was my neighbour’s.” It said

“That’s okay but just please don’t do that again.

In The Forest With My Friend by Amy

My friend Lorena Holly and I went back to the forest. There was heard to be a hunter in there but we thought it was fake.

“Are you sure it’s fake?”said Holly

“It has to be” I said. We went out into the forest and we heard someone else walking. The hunter was heard to carry a flash light everywhere and then we saw a flash of light then darkness.

“Is that his flash light?”said Holly.

“I think it is”said Lorena.

“I dont know” I said. We got a bit scared but kept going. All of a sudden we heard a gun shot! We knew it was the hunter so we ran away.

100 w/c by Amy

It was a normal day and it was 3pm and I decided to go in the woods and pick some mushrooms. I was there for 30mins I picked 20. I went home and did some maths and I needed to rule my copy first. I took 20mins to do 5 sums. I went out with my friend and we went sculling and and we held onto the oar on it. It was very fun and we both showed a wistful smile. The next day we both got dogs my friends was a sausage dog and mine was a pug and he was a bit wrinkled.

Stuck in the Woods by Amy

One day as my friends and I went to the woods. We found an abandoned cottage.

‘Should we sneak in?’ Ask my friend Holly

‘I don’t know what if someone comes?’ Said my friend Lorena.

’It’s abandoned nobody will come’ said Holly.

’She has a point’ I said. We snuck in and all of a sudden someone slammed the door shut behind us we didn’t know who. 5 hours later it was night and suddenly darkness enveloped the room as we watched the sun set. We fell asleep and when we woke up the door was opened again. We ran home.

The Fence by Amy

There is a fence outside my house and half of it was missing and there was no gate. I always wondered why there was half of it missing and no gate. So people were always coming into my garden and it was very annoying but I didnt know how to get a new one. I always thought it broke off because it was very old. I didnt know what else to do with it so I just took the whole thing off and got a new one and I got a lock for it. Now nobody comes into my garden.

100 w/c Amy

One day I brought my dog on a walk. And then we came across a hill and my dog was not on his lead. We went down the hill but my dog ran down it and then he fell down it. And I ran down the hill to check on him as it let out a pitiful howl. He looked hurt so I brang him to the vet. The vet said he sprained his leg so he had to just sit at home for a week. After a week I brought him back to the vet. The vet said he was fine again then I brought him on a walk.

100 w/c Amy

One day I was drawing an elephant and my cousin came into the room.

‘What are you doing’ she asked.

‘I’m drawing an elephant’ I said

‘Paint it instead it will be more fun’ she said

I said ok and I painted it. Later we were outside. And my cousin went home early because she said it was dark. Then when I came home she was practicing the violin.

‘That’s really good’ I said.

‘Thank you’ she said.

The next day it was my cousins birthday.

‘Happy birthday!’ I said to her.

I brought her outside to show her the purple car I got her she was happy with it.

Marmite by Amy

One day a man went to Australia. And he didn’t bring food with him.

So he had to eat Australian food and he needed to try marmite. His friend was with him and when they got there they went to the shop and stocked up on food. When they got home he tried the marmite.

’Do you like it?’ Asked his friend.

’Yes’ he said.

’You don’t like it?’

’No’ he said ‘I like marmite’.

That’s good’ said his friend.

Then his friend tried it.

It’s okay not the best though,’ said his friend.

But it turns out his friend actually did like it.

Granny is a Ghost by Amy

One day I decided to visit my granny. I knocked on the door and she answered it.

“Hi granny”I said.

“Hello come inside”said granny.

I went to the bathroom and when I came back I was horrified. She was missing! I tried calling for her but then realized she was a ghost. Her long dress was floating in the air and realized it was her.

“Granny i-…is that you?”I asked.

“Yes……it is,” said granny.

I was shocked. I went back to the bath room and 5 minutes later I came back and there she was. Standing there.

“Oh granny I’m so happy your back!”

…he was very ill… by Amy

There once was a little boy named Billy he was outside playing with his dog. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his stomach. He went to tell his mam but  and his mam rushed him to the doctors. Billy felt like throwing up but he held it in. The doctor looked at what was wrong with him and his face went pale.

“What’s wrong with him?”said his mam

“He…..he has the virus.”

Everybody went silent. Then billy and his mam went home. 5 weeks later he didn’t get better…he felt very ill… But then he went back to the doctors and he finally got a cure for it.

100 w/c by Amy

One day two friends met in a park and there was a really high hill so they thought it would be fun to roll down the hill.

They rolled down it and then they got up and saw a small white puppy.

They brought it home and took care of it.

They put him to sleep and then one of the girls was drawing.

“Wow you’re really crafty”said the other friend.

Then they went to bed.

In the morning they brought the puppy for a walk and saw a really tall castle.

It looked like it was built a long time ago.

The puppy was having lots of fun jumping around.

So they brought the puppy to the park and he had lots of fun jumping everywhere.

Get in the Room in 30 Minutes by Amy

There was a room and in the room was something very special and I need to unlock the door 30 mins. I had to find the key that unlocks the door. It was either in a cupboard or under a cupboard or hiding somewhere really good. I looked inside one of the cupboards and there was a key. I tried it but it did not fit. It was a yellow key and the door lock was red so I’m guessing I need a red key. And finally I found a red key but then I tried it but it would not fit. The key was to big to fit …if only it was a bit smaller… And then finally I found the right key just in time there was 1 minute left.

100 w/c by Amy

Scooting along on my red scooter I fell of it and on to the hard concrete.

”Ow that hurt!” I said.

I got up and went scooting again. Then I saw a poor little dog stuck in a box.

“I’ll take care of you,” I said.

I carefully lifted up the fluffy puppy and brought him home. I gave him a shower and got him some food. The little puppy was so happy he started to dance around me. I went to the shop and got him some treats, toys and a bed.

“Here you go, I hope you like it!” I’ve never seen a dog so happy before.

100 w/c by Amy

One day I was on the green with my friends when we heard a noise coming from the green prickly bush. We went to check what that noise was. we found an injured puppy, brought him home, gave him a shower, gave him food and took him to the vet. We had to leave him there for the night because the vet said “this puppy is bruised so leave him here come back in the morning”. We went home where I practiced my violin as I was bored and after we had dinner we went to sleep. All of a sudden at 8am the vet called me to pick up the puppy “you can come pick him up now he’s all healthy again!” We picked him up and the puppy was all happy and healthy again.

100 w/c by Amy

It was a bright sunny clear sky morning it was half past ten on march 27th, on a Saturday. I woke up as I heard the tv on and I could hear the news. I went downstairs and my mammy was watching tv. She looked worried so I asked what happened and she said there’s a virus going around and its able to kill people .I got sad and worried…gradually things started to move…a few weeks later my mammy said the virus got worse and we were going into lockdown. I got sad because I knew that meant I would have to stay at home from now on and I wouldn’t be able to see my friends. We stayed in lockdown for about 5 months and now we are getting back into school, the shops are now opening again and we are seeing our friends again.