The Child’s Wrath by Alfie

Eoin was visiting his nanny in Greenland. After an unbearably long flight he and his family had landed. They got a taxi to go drive to their nanny’s house where they would be staying for the next few days. They decided what to do in the house was they were going to play Monopoly. So they agreed. The game went on and on and on. Until Eoin’s little brother landed on Eoin’s spot “you have to pay me 200€!” said Eoin. then Eoin’s little bother flipped the table the pieces scattered along the floor. They could only find 1 piece.

The Woods by Alfie

The day started with Adam waking up and getting ready to go outside. When Adam had gone outside he knocked on his friends door. A few seconds later Max came outside. “Let’s go into the forbidden woods” he said “no” Adam bawled “what scared” said Max mockingly “No I am not” said Adam “so let’s go then” he said. They got their bikes and cycled to the forbidden forest they looked around the place. They went to leave but heard a voice “stay a little longer it said repeatedly “nooo!” They blubbered as they cycled away scared of what they have seen.

THe Ghost by Alfie

There’s a story about a ghost who played terrible songs on his mustard coloured guitar. His songs made people’s ears bleed from how bad and loud it was. But today I saw him roaming the dark damp streets it was an extraordinary sight. I heard his horrible songs. A bit of blood trickled from my ear as it fell on the floor with a small dripping noise. I backed away from my window. I went to clean up the stream of blood that was flowing from my ear when I went to see the ghost but he had vanished from view.

The Vine by Alfie

Joe woke up and he zoomed downstairs and leaped through the door. Then he realised he was still in his pyjamas so he went back inside to get dressed. When he got dressed he went to school. When he came home, he went to open the door but he realised that he did not have his key. He started to panic. He retraced his steps. He saw his key in the frosted grass. When he went to pick it up he felt a tug. He realised that a vine had attached its self to the key. The vine was overpowered and it retreated.

The Bus by Alfie

Jimmy woke up and went downstairs and met his twin brother Timmy. Timmy and Jimmy went to school. In school they were learning about waterfalls with their teacher Mr Taxi the class was far from excited. When they went home they did homework and went outside. Then a yellow bus pulled up. It looked damaged and it had tinted windows and the bus was filled with  voices. The reg read Jimbo . Timmy walked in the bus then the door slammed behind him then Jimmy heard muffled screams. The bus drove off. The reg came off and fell heavily. Jimmy couldn’t believe it read Timmy. The bus then burst into flames.

The Egg by Alfie

It was New Year’s Day. Adam was spending time with his family. They were having a big party with balloons ,party hats, popcorn machines and colourful confetti. Adam was enjoying the party but something was calling him. He went outside and followed the voice to the woods. The voice got stronger and stronger the further he went into the forest. He felt he was being watched. Very far into the woods he noticed that the trees around him were dead and rotting. Then he saw the repulsive egg. It was a pale fleshy colour with red lines”it’s not like last year”he thought.

Climate Change Rap by Alfie

Stop the commotion we have to save the ocean.

Our planet is dying soon the birds will stop flying.

Stop polluting the seas and save the bees.

Stop burning the Ozone layer or we will cause a big solar flare.

Get down on your knees and plant some trees.

All these dogs have fleas and are making me sneeze.

So please all this smoke is making me wheeze.

And we have to save the animals even though some are Cannibals.

So together we stand and to safe place we land.

The polar bears are losing ice so don’t sit back and eat rice.

The Icecaps by Alfie

If the icecaps melt it will cause the water to increase dramatic by 12 meters and then our countries would be flooded and there would be more rain. And all the animals would have no place to live such animals are penguins, leopard seals, narwhals, polar bears, walrus and elephant seals. And I like those animals a lot so we have to do something about it. We have to take immediate action. Try to recycle more and stop using fossil fuels and use solar power, hydro power and solar power. If we do this we will have a safe future.

Chernobyl Reactor Meltdown by Alfie

It was April 25th the day before the reactor meltdown. It was a very sunny day but it was a bit draughty but nice. I had my dinner and went to bed. The next morning when I woke up. The ground started to rattle and my Mam and Dad rushed upstairs. “Come on we have to go” they said the reactor is having a meltdown so we had to dart for the train. The train was packed “the radiation but does it make any difference to me does it” I asked “I do not know” they said as the train took off.

Boating Race Around the World by Alfie

Bang! Went the starting pistol and we were off. Who would be first person to go on a boat around the world it would be a mystery but I hope it was me. Every sailor I knew was taking part even my rival Justin Anderson. Then Anderson bashed into our boat then our boat started to rattle violently. I knew what he was trying to do he was trying to sink our ship. I steered away from Anderson but he was right behind us. Then I saw it a humongous wave heading straight for us “lord please have mercy on our souls” I cried.

Smoke by Alfie

The smoke covered the room I was scared but I knew what I had to do. I burst out of my room and sprinted out of my house out onto the empty streets. “This has gone on long enough” I tough to myself. I ran trough the boggy fields and onto the rocky roads. A car came speeding up the road and drove in a puddle and drenched me in water. Finally, I made it there they stood the nuclear power plant. I hopped over the fence and ran straight into the control and broke the control room “finally I did it” I sighed.

The Fire Wall by Alfie

The wall of fire grew bigger and bigger as it swallowed everything in its wake. “Run!” Screeched the petrified civilians as the wall left nothing behind it. As it began to pick up pace the fire brigade rushed to attend the fierce wall of fire and the ambulance rushed to the horrified civilians to attend their injuries. “Can nothing stop it?” Cried one of the petrified villagers. After many terrifying days the raging fire wall had stopped in its tracks leaving nothing but scorched earth. There were no survivors only destruction. This is why we have to stop climate change.

100 w/c by Alfie

THUD! Went the ginormous tree as it hit the ground “soon this forest will be gone for ever!” Shouted the insane woodcutter as he sliced down many more trees. When he came across the elusive hedgeskunk this species of hedgeskunk spew a green stinky gas that was so hot that it burned your skin. This woodcutter was no scientist so he kicked it its pointy spines jabbed into the woodcutters foot as the hedgeskunk begun to spew its green stingy gas the woodcutter was overwhelmed by the stink “it burns!” he whaled as he sprinted away and he never came again.

The Drought By Alfie

It was a harsh day in Africa. A massive drought had hit. The village chief leaped in the empty river. “I have never seen the river bed so dry!” He exclaimed, “We are going to have to move to another water source,”. “You can either come with me or stay here you have until sun down if you are not here we will leave without you” demanded the chief. The villagers scuttled around grabbing their things. Some people wanted to stay others wanted to go but one thing was certain it was the biggest drought in the whole world’s history.

The Clump by Alfie

CRASH! Went the museum window as it shattered into minuscule pieces as the dog burst trough the window. “NO!” screeched the dog’s owner. The dog approached the clump of bones. Then the clump grew bigger  and the dog fell over. The dog was flat, like its bones that were sucked out it. The dog’s owner bust out crying. Then she too jumped into the glass case and her bones were sucked out too. “Seal the case!” shouted one of the guards. The clump rolled forward and shattered the glass in one hit ” AAAARGH!” everyone screamed as the clump sucked their bones out.

Ancient Friends by Alfie

There once was a mosquito called Dippy. Dippy didn’t even know what day it was because they didn’t have calendars back then. His home was in a tree with his mam. His best friend was Mr White, a triceratops. “What’s that minuscule red spot in the sky?” said Dippy .“Go see,”said Dippy’s mam. So Dippy and Mr White climbed the tallest mountain to see what it was. They reached the top. They all gasped – it wasn’t a spot it was an asteroid, they ran home. It was stormy and the rain was washing all the tree sap down into their home.  ”It’s so sticky!”said his mam.

The Temple of the Scroll by Alfie

The Temple of the Scroll was situated in the dense Amazon jungle. The government hired an expert team of explorers to find the temple. The team ventured into the deep dark jungle. The howls of the animals was peculiar. They came across a raging river, they saw a tree that had been knocked over, it looked worn out. They crossed it progressively and made it safely across. They proceeded through the jungle. There it stood, The Temple of the Scroll. They proceeded within the temple. The captain of the team kept a log ‘so what should I write on this page’ he said. They found the scroll in the room.

The Extra Terrestrial by Alfie

“There’s a strange planet in front of me what should I do captain wait I have been hit I am going down Mayday Mayday!”. “Come in captain!” No answer. Then a peculiar creature raced up the road “which way to the shops? ” It panted “come on I don’t have all day”it said. “I don’t know” “you’re not from around here are you can I at least know your name my names Alex” said Alex “my name is Blorf ” said Blorf. “Why do you wear that funny costume” said Alex “this is not a costume” said Blorf “it is not”.

The Darkness by Alfie

It was a damp and frosty morning. John looked out the window and saw something strange. So he sneaked down the stairs and put his shoes on and put his coat on and off he went. When he opened the door a gust of cold damp air flooded the house. He walked around the colossal brown puddles and over to the mysterious black hole “I swear it got bigger” thought John. After a little more inspection he walked away then he fell backwards into something and he realised that he he had fallen into the hole. He looked up there was a flash of light then darkness he was trapped!

The Mushroom Village by Alfie

Once there was a mushroom village, they lived under the rule of king Wrinkle. One day it all changed, the humans came and destroyed the village taking hand fulls of mushrooms with them, so Modem the dwarf mushroom was all alone.

He made a little boat out of a leaf and he sailed down a river and into a pond. In the pond it was calm so he took out his oar and started to paddle dodging the frogs, the floating bits of wood and the colossal rocks. He was starting to get wistful. It was starting to get bumpy and then he realised he was going down a waterfall.

The Monster by Alfie

Guy woke up in the middle of the night because he was famished. So he put on his huge blue slippers and he dawdled down the stairs into the kitchen. He saw something move in his presses and when he opened it something ran out swiftly. The thing propelled itself up the stairs and left an absurd and terrible pong. Guy slowly crept up the stairs and peeked in his room,it was vacant, as he walked in the the door slammed behind him and darkness enveloped the room. He saw it, the monster, it looked ferocious, its eyes ablaze. Then it jumped at him.

The House by Alfie

On one street called Flakevile Avenue there was a mysterious house that seemed to be abandoned. It was overgrown the windows were boarded up with big metal sheets that were at one stage silver but over time their colour faded it turned an orangey brown. Adam had to explore the house because he had seen a couple of cats and dogs who wandered past the old rusty gate and go into the house. ‘But why? ‘ thought Adam. He dawdled across the front garden. Lavender was growing, Adam loathed it he thought it was vile, he walked in, then the door slammed behind him. He was locked in.

The Monster Hunter by Alfie

There’s a old myth about a mysterious man who hunted monsters. He lived in a small shack. He hunted many monsters tall ones small ones slippy ones slimey ones slow ones fast ones the list just goes on and on. One day a man ran into his shack and said ‘a big furry monster just attacked my village’ the hunter grabbed all his stuff and set off. He finally made it there it was the moster he pulled out his bow and shot it in the back it let out a pitiful howl then it fell to the ground dead.

The Journey by Alfie

It was a happy and peaceful day in the jungle like usual Monkey was playing his small violin that he had painted purple. Then a horde of children came charging. They ravaged everything and kidnapped monkey it was horrific. As soon as they came they were gone. Then Silverback said ‘ we have to rescue Monkey’ ‘I will do it ‘ said Elephant ‘ me too ‘ said Giraffe. So Elephant and Giraffe set off on their journey. They passed the Rocky Road, over the Hill of Horror and through the Wobbly Woods. There it was, the Child Village, there was no sign of Monkey. Then the children saw them.

The Swamp by Alfie

We begin in a small town called Flakeville. In Flakeville lived four children called Bonnie, Bob, Mary and Chester. One day the children were playing football when Wain and Owen came over (Owen and Wain were the bullies) and said ‘ hey losers we dare you to go to the swamp ‘. The children shared a worried look then said ‘we accept.’

The swamp was surrounded by a thick dark forest. They finally made it to the swamp, they were covered in damp leaves. Chester pulled four sandwiches. ‘Butter?’ said Chester. Then a figure appeared from the shadows it was a man. ‘No’ he said ‘I like marmite’.

The Mystery of Bluebinsburg by Alfie

In Bluebinsburg there has been a report of missing bikes, scooters and cars; you have been warned.

Jack lived in Bluebinsburg and got a new shiny yellow bike that he cycled around on all day. He wheeled his brand new bike out into his back garden and jumped into his bed and dreamed about his new bike. Then the next morning he woke up and jumped out of bed and looked out the back garden his bike was greedly stolen . He went outside and desperately looked for it an followed tracks to a big dark cave and went inside.

The Mysterious Island by Alfie

A team of explorers have been tracking a mysterious island that seems to move. They were flying over it, they geared up and jumped out of the helicopter. They deployed their parachutes and slowly moved closer to the ground. Eventually they reached the ground. The helicopter got further and further until it was a tiny dot then it disappeared into the big blue sky. The island started moving. Then they realised the island was a giant turtle! They made their way through the woods. They had to get off it before the the turtle took a dive . They made a boat with sticks and sailed into the big blue sea.

Bug by Alfie

The praying mantis are in a fight whit the scorpions over the tall grass. The mantis hid in the trees and the scorpions hid underground by making holes in the tunnels. So they waited and waited until some scorpions came to the surface and mantis jumped out of the trees, so the war began. The scorpions had big pointy stingers but the mantis were very agile. The war raged on for a few hours. Suddenly they heard a big boom it was a human emerging from its cave, suddenly everything stopped and started again it grabbed a lawnmower. The lawnmower! They screamed.

War by Alfie

Once there was a brother and a sister, they were part of the royal family. The sister betrayed her brother. Setting his castle ablaze and sunk all of his ships. ‘She is a vile menace to the kingdom,’ said the king. The queen heard the news, ‘go kill the king,’ she said sublimely. With that the knights marched on to the castle. The queen was a small women and she was very skinny. The king was a broad man and he was tall. The king saw the queen’s army coming he got his army ready to defend his ever-growing kingdom.

Island by Alfie

Steve was on a plane and fast as lightning it crashed on an island in the middle of nowhere. Steve was the only one who survived he felt very ill. He needed to find a food source. He saw a tree that had fruits on it. He desperately took a fruit from the tree and ate it. It was disgusting, it was vomit fruit. Very thirsty he scoured for food and water, he found a river with fruits hanging over it. Quickly he started to drink and eat. The fruits were amazing. Swiftly he built a shelter because it started to rain heavily.