The Adventure by Ashton

Get down, the army man shouted!

When the werewolf came the bullets did nothing to him. Then they used their last weapon it was a tree launcher! It turns everything into wood. It worked just in time, right before the werewolf was about to eat them.

We have the to hide it, said Justin.

In the woods? asked Craig

Yeah OK and if anyone finds it and asks what happened we will say it was just built!

Good idea!

Five months later they came back and the werewolf was still there. I wonder if anyone will discover it.

The Shirt by Ashton

There once were 3 boys James, Logan and Max. They were going to the zoo with their school. They got ready and went. When they got there Max was wearing something he did not remember putting on. Max said to his friends, ‘I don’t remember putting this on.’

His friend said ‘really?’

Max said, ‘ yes!’. It was a green shirt with nothing on it. ‘Oh! well let’s look at the animals it’s only a shirt.’

‘I know, ok!’ said max. Still confused he asked his mam what and where the shirt came from his mam said he always had it. He had forgotten.

Oh! No! by Ashton

There was once was a kid called James, he loved his grandpa so much. But one day the grandpa felt really ill. James was worried. It got worse. Grandpa had to go to a hospital. James was scared. His grampa has lost his sight.

One day James came into the hospital. ‘Grandpa hi.’

Grandpa said ‘who is that?’

James and his mam started to have tears down their  faces.

‘It’s me James!’

‘What James? I can’t see you!’

The nurse also said he forgot his memory. Later we went for ice cream gradpa has a wheelchair now. But he is ok.

100 w/c by Ashton

In a kingdom in a different universe everyone was tiny. The houses, the planes and cars. The secret researcher was going through the land. He had a friend named Bob and they were going through their land with their weird suits. Suddently a big yellow thing came at them. They attacked it and they finally killed it and looked into it.

‘What is this?’

‘I don’t know!’

‘Want to tell the boss?’


‘The boss, when he knows what it is, he will tell everyone.’

‘Ok let’s call it a bee.’

‘Ok don’t tell anyone ,put it in the testing room.’

‘OK! Got it!’

The Meteor by Ashton

Not already! This planet is going to explode. The concrete is shaking ! Ahhh!!!!!!!!!

I know, I can get my old red rusty scooter and go to the space center. I know they’re busy, but if they launch a rocket into it, it goes somewhere else.

I need to get there fast. I don’t want my big fluffy dog to go to a different planet.

I got there at last.

Please launch a rocket in the meteor.


I saw spacemen do it before to save a different place….. Ahh! it was a dream. I got up and danced with my dog.

100 w/c Ashton

One night there were two boys. They were mean. ‘Let’s ring Mr. Patrick’s house and run away OK,’ they said. They went up and waited. The door was a bit open.

‘Want to go in?’

‘No way, but I had to see what was inside,’ I said.

He said, ‘no that’s someone’s house.’

‘Fine you’re just scared, I am going in.’

I went in. ‘Wow! This is scary I will just leave instead.’

SLAM! ‘Oh no!’

A loud voice said, ‘who are you?’ There was an open window I escaped and never went back.

100 w/c by Ashton

The sea police were going through their land. Their boat was a monstrosity so were their uniforms they were so old, older than Santa. They were in the sea and saw other boats and went over to them. When they got near the other boats they floated away from them. ‘Get them! They could be miscreants,’ the captain shouted. They chased them and when they caught up they blasted a cannon ball. Their ship exploded! ‘Yes, its our chance to get them. Attack!!!’ It was a hard battle. We won in the end. What a day!

100 w/c Ashton

I am here again in my lonely bed room. The grass is green but the apples are bruised.

So boring I just have my violin to play, I wish I was in a desert trying to survive. That would be cool. But,  I would not be able to run with the lack of food and drink, I would have to walk. I walked out of my room feeling sad.

‘Mam life is so boring in lock down.

My mam said prickly, ‘deal with it!’

‘Aargh!’ I said, ‘I hate this, why can’t it end? I am just going to sleep.’

I want to collapse.

The Lonely Farmer by Ashton

Ones upon a time. There was a farmer. There was an old road. He was walking down it. Just one lonely farmer, he didn’t like it. One day he was going to the shop to get some fruit. He was on his bike. When he got there he saw a fire oh no he gasped in shock. He got out of their fast. When he got out he rang the fire department. After he called he went to a different shop on his bike he got fruit and left. When he was coming home he looked if he got the right fruit but he crashed in a hay bale.