100 w/c – Abby

It all started with the giant Lego castle I had built. I brought it outside where I could play beside my favourite Ladybird tree. As I walked towards the tree I tripped and as you can imagine the Lego was everywhere, one Lego man even landed in with the ladybirds. It was my soldier Lego man, the one I built the castle for in the first place. When I went to pick him up all the ladybirds crawled all over him like they were protecting him. I said to myself “maybe I will give the ladybirds my castle so he can protect them instead”.

100 w/c Abby

One sunny evening, Isabella and Olivia had just gotten out of a nice warm bath. After their bath they got into their pyjamas . Suddenly ,their mam called them,

‘I have a suprise for you, Im bring you to the the WWE fight tomorrow night.’

The girls danced with joy and laughter. They both loved WWE wrestling. They raced up to bed as quick as they could. The morning finally came and the girls were so excite., Olivia put orange juice clumsily into her cereal . If the girls see their favourite fighter it will be the best trip ever.

The Magical Door

One sunny after noon, Jessica and I went walking through the forest park, chatting and laughing. Suddenly we found a secret door. We were a little frightened but decided to go through it. At first it was a very dark forest but as we walked down this long pathway a waterfall appeared. The water was shining in the sunshine like glitter. Behind the waterfall we noticed two colourful flying unicorns. We hopped on and they brought us to giant animal ornaments. The unicorns sprinkled some magic dust on top of them and they came alive. We played with them for the rest of the day.