The Call of Quarantine by Abby

Today my friends and I went on a FaceTime call for the whole day. While we were on call we ate breakfast, lunch and dinner together and Niamh and I had the same dinner called lasagne. Jessica and Ashley had pasta, we thought it was super funny to have the same dinner at the same time. Then it started getting late, my mam ask me if I wanted to take a walk down the beach and watch the moon rise. When we got there I was able to show the girls the view from my phone. It was amazing.

The Never Ending Play by Abby


The theatre curtains opened, everyone focused on the play. It was a very slow moving play. They were half way through the play even though it had gone on for three whole hours already. Many people got mad that it went on for so long and began to leave. My mam and I were enjoying the play “but it is so slow” I said. My mam agreed but we couldn’t leave. Without delay everyone was gone and we were the only two left. The presenter came over to us after the play and said “Since you were the only people left you get a reward, YOU GET A HOLIDAY!

The Bike Ride by Abby

One sunny day myself and my class were going bike riding, I picked a yellow magical bike. We went through the forest and up the mountain. We stayed up there for while and ate melted marsh mellows and chocolate biscuits. We had great fun but it was time to go. On my way down the mountain I crashed into a tree, but I didn’t really crash, I flew up the tree. Everyone started crashing into the tree because they wanted to copy me. Everyone in my class except my best friend got injured. We were the only people that didn’t get hurt.

The Dragon by Abby

Once upon a time there was a dragon named Rhaegal, he lived in a castle with the king and queen. There was at least 6 servants who worked in the castle. The king woke up one morning and called Rheagal and he didn’t come. The king went looking around the castle for him, but couldn’t find him. He sent the servants out looking for Rhaegal in the shops, “which way is the shops?” it panted, they found him right away, they saw the fire coming their way, Rhaegal was on his way home. Everybody was happy that Rhaegal was home.

Something Happened by Abby


An elephant fell on the ground in the zoo, the zookeeper didn’t know what to do because they are really heavy. Everybody came to look at the elephant but the zookeeper told them to stay away. A young man decided to play the violin for the elephant. Unfortunately The zookeeper said that the elephant was dead because of old age. Ms Angry had an idea that everyone should paint the elephant and they could put it in the museum. Everyone agreed and got to work on their paintings and painted amazingly, especially the purple elephant. They were hung beautifully in the museum and everyone was happy.

100 w/c by Abby

Hey guys, welcome back to our channel. Today we are going to be doing twin telepathy. How this game works is…. you need to put a board in between you and there will be three things to pick from. The first thing that will be in front is marmite, Nutella and ketchup. Sophie picked marmite because she thought James didn’t like it. James picked marmite because he loved it but Sophie said ‘James you don’t like that.’ “No,” he said, “I like marmite.” Sophie was confused but they just carried on with the game. James won the game by one point.

Tomato Girl by Abby

“Wow”, Claire looked in the mirror and she was RED, she thought she looked like a huge tomato. Then she screamed in the mirror because Claire didn’t like how she looked. Then she went down the town to the medical centre to see what was wrong, the doctor told Claire there was nothing wrong with her, she was just imagining it.

Claire said “that’s why nobody gave me bad looks on the way here”.

She went back home and looked in the mirror and looked RED, then went to look in another mirror and look RED again

She thought her house was haunted.

M&M News by Abby

”Hello everyone,” said the Mayor, ”I bet you haven’t heard about the M&M News…. There was a packet of M&Ms in Monster World, the M&Ms didn’t even know they were there. A little monster girl was about to pick them up and SUDDENLY the orange one spoke first, then the rest of them spoke. The little monster jumped, threw the packet of M&Ms on the ground and they all fell out of the packet. Suddenly they grew into huge monsters, much bigger than the monster girl and a lot scarier. They chased the little monster everywhere she went.”

The Tiny Trip by Abby

One morning Dolly woke up from her horrible dream. The night before her horrible dream her scientific dad got a new car. He was going to bring Dolly out on a trip to Disneyland on a ferryboat but the night before he made a shrinking machine. “Dolly, come down stairs I have a surprise for you in the garage”, and she raced down stairs to the garage and there she saw nothing and her dad said “what happened the car?” Dolly paused for a second “but where did it go?” she shouted, ”there it is, it shrank.” As he went to pick it up they both shrank and went on a tiny trip.

The Mistake by Abby

There once a little boy named Gavin, he was walking down the town by himself. There was too much traffic where he was going so he thought it would be quicker to jump into other people’s cars. He jumped into a car and screamed “help this person is coming to kidnap me” but when he turned around he realised it was his mam. “MAM, what are you doing here?”, he realised he should never have said anything. His mam said ” for that you can carry the car out of the traffic.” Afterwards he thought said to himself “it was heavier than I expected”..

100 w/c by Abby

One awesome day at the science lab and this is what happened…..

“Hi George” “hello Pàdraic” the boys were working on the tall man as their projects,
“This is what we need to make the tall man”,
1. 500 cups of water
2. 40 newspapers
3 .5 sticks
4 .50 cups of metal juice,
“Wait George, what is metal juice”. “It’s a juice that you pour over your project when you’re done to make it solid”.

They got on with the project and once they were finished they took it outside. Both George and Padraic poured the metal juice on and when it set they were very proud of themselves.

The Crash by Abby

One afternoon Kacey was walking down the town to meet her friends in the town centre. There was a crash in the middle of the road, she didn’t know what to do and all the roads were blocked off. She looked around to see if she could find a taxi ahead, she asked “can I have a ride” it was the only way Kacey could get to the town centre. She recognised something, “this is the same car in the crash” she mentioned quietly to herself, when it just wouldn’t take off. She eventually got there and told her friends, her friends vindicated her.

The Trip to the Museum by Abby

Ms. Yellow and her class were going on a school trip to the museum, the museum was desperate, they needed more visitors. Eventually the class got to the museum, outside they saw this huge building shaped like a bicycle out the bus window. As they were walking in the teacher said decisively “stay with me because this place is not that safe”. As she warned the kids they all heard a bang and then a lot of dust fell on their heads. The man said look give me the money, and he greedily snatched the money off Ms. Yellow.

Explosions by Abby

“Kayla, Mya, come look” This musical is so elegant, its Irish dancing”. They were really enjoying it then everything stopped and the ground began to shake, was it going to explode?. Jet planes came flying down to save everyone. They took off like a flash of lightning. Kayla found fungus all over her seat. It was the only seat left, she asked her mam could she swap “sure honey i’ll do anything for you”. As well as getting a clean seat she got to sit beside Mya. They landed safely on the moon just floating all over, then she heard her alarm and woke up from her dream.

Scary Man by Abby

“MAM what is that man doing here?” her mam wasn’t there. The man jumped out at Fay so she ran like lightning, he ran just as fast after her. All she could do was keep running until she reached a dead end.

Ring, ring..”hello, this man is chasing me, HELP”.

She didn’t know what to do because she was at a dead end. She looked behind her, suddenly she saw two men, just before she was about to jump off the cliff. One man grabbed her and pulled her back saying “gotcha, it’s me, your dad, I am back from the army.”

She burst into tears.

Superheroes By Abby

One super morning Captain-girl and her sidekick Harlow were going to fight crime, they left their superhero cave and jumped into their flying jeep. They went up a really high cliff and saw an enormous crack in the middle. Captain-girl and Harlow looked down into a sticky mess, they decided to jump in. They described it as like gloop, there were wet trees everywhere and there was something weird under the soggy ground. It was harmfully dangerous. They immediately used their super powers to destroy it. When they got back to the top everyone was shouting “you’re incredibly brave”.

The Baby by Abby

…..After a while….Abigail picked the baby’s name and she decided on James. Abigail was really scared of hospitals so she didn’t want to go. They eventually got to the hospital, “it looks really weird” said Abigail. It was an old hotel changed into a hospital, it was like a vintage hospital, everywhere was vintage even the beds, it was so cool. They got a private tour around the hospital and got the biggest room ever, it had three beds in it. After having the tour Abigail liked hospitals. James was now born and Abigail loved him, she treated him like a doll.

The New Baby by Abby

One sunny afternoon Abigail was walking home from school. She was at her front door and everything looked different so she ran in and up to her room. “Mam! she shouted how come my room is empty? What a surprise is it?”

Their house was getting done up. Abigail is getting her attic done, a new front door, new carpet, new kitchen counters, new sofa and last but not least is her room. The reason is her mam is going to have a new baby boy! Her face went pale with shock.  Abigail will be having the attic, her brother will have her old room…..

The Builders by Abby

An early, noisy, snowing morning Eavan woke up from some builders. Eavan saw they were putting down pavement. Before they put down new pavement they used a kango to take up the old path. Then the man took out his ladder from his big yellow truck and he put the ladder against the path. Every step he took the colours changed like this red, orange, yellow, green, blue and the repeated till he got to the top. His work was done, suddenly the ladder started sinking and sinking he reached the bottom and found millions of coins.

‘I saw everything,’ said Eavan.

Moving Day by Abby

One early morning a family were getting ready to move house. They were moving to America. They were packed with loads of their stuff except Kym’s blanket, she had to put that in her own bag before leaving. When they were half way through the plane ride Kym’s mam was scrolling through social media when she noticed there was a new chipper in the town beside the new house. “That is where we will be having dinner tonight” said her mam laughing. But when they eventually had their chipper the vinegar was too sharp. They wont be having vinegar the next time.

The Band by Abby

Once upon a time there were three girls in a singing band. They loved it and spent a lot of time practicing but one day their manager said ” it was completely out tune”. They girls were so worried because he said “If you do it one more time you wont be doing the competition!” They practiced all day, every day. A few weeks later their manager came back to hear them again, he said “you’re in!”. He said “take the day off and do whatever you want”. They went for ice cream and ate loads of it.


Hairdressers by Abby

It was a beautiful day for the hairdressers so Mya and Leona set off for their appointment. Mya got a fringe and the fringe was called eggs-here and Leona got a trim and it was called black-melon. On the walk to the car they were jumping and giggling, they were so excited. They got home and their mam wasn’t very happy and told them to go and have a bath and they also washed their new flickering hair do’s. That day Leona thought its was all about their hair. In an incoherent way Mya gasped “its not about our hair” .

Dance Class by Abby

Jemima and Skye were so excited for their dance class. They were all ready with their bags packed and dance clothes on. Skye’s mam brought them down to the bridge were the dance was on, when they got there Jemima mouthed “the p….p…p people, they are fake”. They realised they were at the wrong place. Eventually they found the right place. Skye said ” there is ample room for every one to dance”. They loved moving and grooving to the dance music but used up a lot of energy. When they got home they told everyone how fun it was.

The Moon by Abby

Alexa and Siri were going on a trip to the moon with their scout club. When they got to the space station they put on their moon suits and they were all ready to go when suddenly, Alexa went missing.

“But how could she just disappear?” said Siri.

Just then she popped out of the bathroom. They boarded the rocket and while flying through space everyone was singing “we’re going on a trip in our favourite rocket ship”.

“We are here!” shouted Alexa, and everyone got hooked up and started jumping on the moon. They all said it was the best trip ever.

The Cruise Ship by Abby

“An exciting trip is about to start” said Sarah. The family were on their bicycles cycling to the cruise ship. When they arrived the owners of the ship fired colourful bubbles into the sky, everyone was amazed. Sarah and her family were shown to their room by Mickey Mouse, when they got inside there were blue and pink bunk beds and also blue and pink bon bons on their beds. The tubs of bons bons were empty in about five minutes. Sarah and her family had a feeling this was going to be the best trip ever.

New Year’s Eve by Abby

It was New Years and every one was celebrating. Harry did the count down to 2019. We went outside to see the fireworks, the light blinded him. Harry’s sister said “gosh, I cant believe it is 2019”. We went back inside to play quiz games. I suddenly decided to go upstairs and play on my laptop that I got for Christmas. I messaged my friends to say “Happy New Year” and we all started to play a game. Before I knew it it was morning time. I was very tired but it was a great New Year’s Eve.

Tiger and Me – Abby

One bright morning I woke suddenly to a noise. I opened my eyes and there were two t…t…tigers at the end of my bed. I screamed and ran for my life out to my back garden, I hid in my playhouse. The tigers didn’t see me and strolled down my estate but they were exhausted and had cute little faces. I decided to go out to them and ask them if we could be friends. They gave me a great big cuddly hug and we are still friends today. No one believes they are my best friends.

On Television by Abby

It all started when I was watching television with my best friend caoimhe. ‘Well,’ I said, ‘we seemed to be on television with our baton twirling team!!’

We bounced up and down with joy and laughter. We went into school and told everyone. They asked so many questions about baton twirling and we just said “yes, just go check us out on RTE2.”

That day we looked at the channel and it had over 50million views, we said ‘we’re famous.’ We just could not wait to go back into training to get sweets and celebrate with the famous baton twirling team

The Flying Bike by Abby

Harper loved cycling her bike. Harper went cycling around the whole town. On her way home she felt her bike lift up, it keep going up and up. Suddenly the bike went through the tree. Harper ran home to tell her mam, by the time they got back it had disappeared. She said “mam that is so magical!” but her mam didnt believe it was true. Her mam went home while Harper kept looking for her bike. She eventually gave up and went home too. She sadly looked out the back yard and to her delight there was her bike.

The Trip – by Abby

One beautiful morning we got up bright and early to go to the Brick Camp site. We set off and my dad said “this is going to be a four hour drive.” We got all our travel games ready. Time went and eventually we arrived. Mr.Yellow brought us to are area then we set our tent up. Quickly we went to the lake but all of a sudden we heared loud stomps,we all started running . We hid in the tent, I peeked out, there was a gorilla that seemed nice, so we went over to him and fed bananas. It was a pretty awesome day camping.