Shark Attack by Aaron

One day in the massive Castle of Wales King James was working on another painting. James is a very crafty person he loved doing projects when he was in school. He is painting an autumn picture so there are leaves and sticks in the picture. It was a peaceful evening until… a great white shark had entered the castle’s moat. All the paint bottles start rolling on the floor because the shark had hit the castle wall and now everything was vibrating. This caused wreckage to the castle. The long hall had a big hole in it. King James then limped to his room because his leg was bruised from falling off his throne.

The Chest by Aaron

Jordan and I are going to follow the map we found along side a key. The old, raggy map lead to the abandoned underground military hideout, that the Americans used during world war two. Firstly we had to break the metal door that was three inches thick. Eventually we broke it, we used sledgehammers and drills.” There it is” yelled Jordan.” OMG” I screamed. I got the key out of my pocket and tried to put it in the keyhole. The key was too big… if only it was a bit smaller… ” NOOOO” I was very angry. When I went home my mam told me that there was a severe consequence for going over the curfew.

100 w/c by Aaron

It is the 16th of June 1903, in Bee City. King Bee and Queen Bee are resting and if you interrupt them there will be severe consequences. I am a part of the bee police. My name is Rob and I am with my fellow officer sergeant Will. We are strolling along the path, when we turned the corner… a dead bee was found. OMG SOMEONE BUZZ 911!! I screamed for help until doctor bee had arrived. He was checked out to see how he could’ve possibly died. Eventually he found a wasp’s stinger. The wasps have killed one of our fellow bees. Its time for payback.

My Scooter Ride by Aaron

I am riding on my brand new red,shiny scooter. I am going quite fast down the big, green hill at the end of my estate. I got to the bottom of the hill, I was so tired. I sat down and stared at the big, fluffy clouds, they looked like cotton candy. I started riding around the street when I saw my dad who was dancing with his dog, because he was practicing for the circus. I went up to him and asked if I could dance with him. He said ‘sure no problem.’ So I danced with him until we both fell onto the concrete because we were both so tired.

100 w/c by Aaron

I do not understand why my dad keeps on saying do not go in the basement. But I had to see what was inside. I was so disappointed that I could not see what was down there. Was it just a monstrosity or was he repairing a surprise for mam? I had to find out what it was. Other than that dad is so careless around the house. One night everyone was asleep so I ran down to the basement. Maybe there was an endangered species down there. But then I saw what it was, dad had kidnapped someone. My dad is such a miscreant.

The Canon by Aaron’

‘OH NO! We are under attack!’ screamed King Joshua. All the knights went out over the draw bridge on their horses charging into battle. ‘ MORE’ shouted King Joshua. At his order all the warriors ran out with their swords and shields.’ To the cannons,’ he ordered. Again everyone ran as fast as they could up four flights of stairs. Everyone was so tired that they stopped in a corner to have a break and not get caught by King Joshua. At that point I was the only one at the cannons. I stood beside one and shot at the monstrosity of people.

Desert Island by Aaron

I am bruised and bleeding after crashing into the pacific ocean. My name is James Byrne and I have invented a lot of instruments like the violin and the cello. I have walked for about 2 hours, I am tired and thirsty and need food. I stopped and slept for a good while and started walking again.’ OMG I can see the rescue helicopter I have reached the other side of Desert Island’. The last thing I had to walk through was green prickly cacti then I would safely leave the island. That is an adventure I will never forget.

100 w/c by Aaron

I was collecting pumpkins for the famous farming event. I had ridden my bike to the pumpkin patch and was about to leave until I saw something… it was my dog… I gasped. I was cycling home while handing out flyers to encourage people to enter the competition. I also saw a man kidnapping two little kids. ‘What a weird day it’s been’. Before I thought it could get any weirder… splat… I flipped over my bike into a hay bale. All the pumpkins had fallen over and I was stuck and could barely breathe.