Shipping Problems by Aaron

I just finished my driving test and passed it. While I was on call with my mam she was so happy and asked me to stop at the shops on the way home. I decided to go to SuperValu because I was going to get myself a nice round muffin. I was driving nervously as it was the first time on my own. I got to SuperValu and someone had dropped a big fat cabbage on the floor so seagulls can eat it. I got my shopping, payed for it and while I was walking out….BANG a seagull hit a window.

Mega Heat Wave by Aaron

It was our second day in Lanzarote and the heat was unbearable so we were told on the news that we had to stay in water from 12 to 3 o’clock otherwise you would burn to death. The temperature was over 40 degrees Celsius. I had to keep myself composed while I was in the water for hours. I had no food or water. No friends with me so I went over to a group of tourists and asked to stay with them. They said yes. Itwas a horrible day but after all it was to get people talking.

Dinner Time by Aaron

We have been driving for ages and it is now 7:30pm and my brother and I got hungry. My brother and I started begging our parents to stop at a Mcdonalds or a Burger King. Eventually they agreed and said yes. As we pulled into Mcdonalds there was a huge queue in the drive-thru so we decided to jump out of the car onto the freezing, icy concrete. It looked like a normal Mcdonalds until we realized it had a revolving door. My brother got chicken nuggets with a coke. I got a burger that came in a pink box.

The Bear Hug by Aaron

My family and I are on a hike up the Wicklow mountains. It is a nice sunny day. The view from the top is lovely and we could see the forest with all the giant trees and big rocks. I suggested that we go to the forest and get a family photo on top of the enormous rock in the middle. We descended the mountain and when we got to the park entrance we seen something. There were big, fluffy, claws gripping to a tree, when we walked through it was a bear and he tried to viciously hug us.

The Big Delivery by Aaron

Today is the day I am getting my big delivery. I have been waiting for this for 4 months. I was getting a piano. Eventually I could hear the truck pull up outside, I ran out my front door and told them to be very gentle as it was very fragile. I never took it out of the packaging until the next morning but when I did the keys were shining in white. All of a sudden black ink or liquid squirt all over the new shiny keys. I opened the lid to check and when I did I seen an octopus springing up and down.

The Flashing Key by Aaron

While I was walking to school through the back fields of my house I looked over by the cliff and saw a yellow flashing light. As I was getting closer I thought it was a flower until it stopped blinking and started flying through the sky. Instantly I began to sprint after it. When I got to the school I caught a glimpse of it going into our willow tree. I thought to myself that I will go straight over there when we go out on yard. At last I can finally see where it went, but the hole was filled…

Another Lockdown by Aaron

Everyone is hoping for 2022 to be a good year but so far it has been dreadful. For starters a young boy named Aaron got Covid on his first day. Secondly, there could be a potential second lockdown. “It’s not like last year”, he thought. Last year it was lockdown straight away and no schools were opened for a good while. Aaron was alright with Covid and he was able to cope with it as he got the PlayStation 5 for Christmas. He really enjoyed playing Fifa 22 and Minecraft. So far this year is not looking hopeful for us.

100 w/c by Aaron

I was interviewed on Sky News yesterday and this is how it went.

Interviewer: Hello Fred, what are your thoughts on climate change?

Fred: Hi, my thoughts on climate change are extreme and anyone who watches this I want them to take it very seriously.

Interviewer: Very well, could we hear any of your opinions?

Fred: Of course, we should all try and reuse plastic and stop littering because it kills fish and fishermen will lose their jobs.

Interviewer: Thank you, that is very important now as our wonderful sea life are dying and we’re losing food. Thanks for listening, goodbye.

What do you think will happen if all the ice caps melt completely? by Aaron

In my opinion I think that when the ice caps melt the earth will become 89% water and polar bears will be hunted as they will have to live in cities. I would get to higher land because I can’t swim and will probably die. We would lose food and school because there will not be enough land for people to get foods and fresh water. The population will decrease and life will disappear. All the ice caps will melt because the pollution bad and scientists can not do anything to stop this only we can. Stop littering and start recycling. Thank you.

The Start of Something New by Aaron

NO! “I am not getting leg surgery!” as I yelled at my mother and my surgeon. “ If we don’t you will”-“ But does it make any difference to me,” I roared and shrieked also cutting off my surgeon mid sentence. “Yes it will, you will be able to walk again and not need wheelchair for the rest of your life”. I took a minute to process all the activities and events I’d be able to do, also apologise to my mother and surgeon. “I’ll do it, and I’m sorry for shouting I’m just really annoyed with the person who did it”.

Changing the Way we Travel by Aaron

It is a quiet morning in New New York because everyone’s cars are all electric or on bikes for saving the planet! Our scientists have been thinking of making electric trains and planes. They are doing their most definite best to achieve their goals so the next generations will do the same and keep earth alive. Some people are arguing about prices of bikes so all of New New York are going to have bikes at the price of $10. A very low price and the best part. No Taxes! No petrol! You can also try your best to Save The Planet!”

Smoking by Aaron

A group of teenagers lingered in the corner of the shopping centre car park while they were all smoking cigarettes. Next of all the cigarettes had been shot with professor pollution’s giant ray and now they were like big smoke machines. He told them to stop smoking because if we keep smoking for 20 years straight the earth’s sky will be filled with smoke. They felt bad for polluting the planet so they smashed the rest of their cigarettes and started to held professor on his journey to save the planet. Our planet is about to be free of pollution.

The Protest by Aaron

The new oil and gas industry has just opened and things have not been going so well. There is now a lot of people protesting for it to be shut down because of the amount of pollution that it is doing to our earth. Two weeks after the grand opening some protesters set the industry ablaze. The flames were bright as they were red and yellow as well as making it urgent for the workers to evacuate. Half an hour later the flames were ruthless. The grand owner John Bean was now devastated as all his work was now gone but the planet is now closer to being safe.

Australian Bush Fires by Aaron

“IT’S GETTING WORSE,” yelled the firemen. Soon enough it will be uncontrollable. All the firemen and animal rescue crew have tried their absolute best to stop the fires and save animals lives. Everyone was scorching in their suits and protective gear. This is going to be very common soon because too many people are littering and creating a hole in the ozone layer.

Stop littering

Start saving

That is the famous motto going around the world so we don’t lose anymore lives or ruin the animals habitats or even lives. The fire was getting so fierce that fire brigades from all over the world had to come and help. Was it enough?

A Chance to Save the Environment by Aaron

News flash! Today, Harry the mad scientist will cast a potion to potentially save the environment. It is set to happen at 3 o’clock on this wonderful Christmas Day. Harry, the mad scientist will add ice to make more days cold not hot, a bag of broccoli to have green grass and a better life for plants. Finally a piece of cloud to help any species out in the world. At 2:58 he started to feel overwhelmed with all the pressure he now had as it was being streamed on all tv channels. Once three struck the clock. BOOM!!!

The Portal by Aaron

“Wow!” said Gary in shock. Gary had never seen anything like this in his 27 years of mining. It was big portal with blue and purple colours. He dug around a bit more and found a big red and silver button. Afraid that it was a land mine a hesitant Gary stamped on it and scrunched himself up into a ball. Milliseconds later, it started inhaling everything. Hours later the entire mine was gone and everybody cascaded to safety, except Gary. He had been thrown into a world where everything was massive he looked up and saw a big, pink, fluffy giant.

Drained by Aaron

My friend Alan and I have just arrived at a mysterious forest, that Alan says he swims at every birthday. While we were walking to the river I figured out it was called the River Reeve. Soon we got to our destination but Alan’s face dropped with sadness. It had been drained. “ I have never seen the river bed so dry”, announced Alan. Alan’s dad saw how disappointed we were so he brought us out for lunch, got ice cream and stopped at an arcade for a while. Alan and I were downhearted at first but soon after we were very satisfied with the day.

The Bone Ball by Aaron

“Finally”, announced the tour guide as Dan the philosopher had reached what they thought was a bone ball. He had travelled two hours to arrive at the luxurious Louvre museum. It cannot be, as Dan doubted himself a dozen times over. It was the last remains of the rock giant who got obliterated by the meteorite thousands of years ago.“Where on earth did you find this?” said Dan.”

“A group of our scientists brought it in but we had no idea what to do with it, it’s just so random”.

“I am going to bring it back to Rufus the smartest man with an IQ of 198”.

Art Class by Aaron

Today is my first day in art class. I’m doing new hobbies after Covid because all my other hobbies haven’t started up yet. The first project was paint dabbing, just something simple to start off. We were given white pieces of paper that I thought was off a calendar as it had squares all over it. We were actually going to be using minuscule sponges to coulor all the squares. An hour later as we were washing up, I felt something sticky or wet touch my shoe. I stepped in the glue bucket. My foot had to be stuck in glue forever.

It?? by Aaron

As I was walking down the forest path I came upon some sort of green plant. It wasn’t a weed because it moved when I came back up. Now it was on my car? I decided to ignore it and focus on my school essay to finish when I got home. As I was driving home I stopped at the junction and…” which way to the shops?” it panted.” ”AAAAAAAHHHHH”! As fast as I possibly could I slammed on the brakes to make it fly across the road and land on the road, then get it run over.

The African Mile by Aaron

Dad and I are in Africa for a football tryout. They said if I made it to the team they would pay me 80k a week. That’s a lot of money for a teenager like me. The only downside to this is that the motorways are pitch black. I’m scared of the dark:(. Every now and then there would be a flash of light then darkness…the flash was lightning. Now I was really scared. Would tryouts get cancelled, I thought. A 4 hour flight for nothing?. Eventually everything stopped and I got success because I made the team.

My New Game by Aaron

My friend and I were playing Minecraft because there was a new update. The update was to craft a boat you had to have an oar, in Minecraft a shovel. While I was sailing with the boat I found the rarest biome, a mushroom biome. The mushroom I picked up was wrinkled. Like my grandad. The rule in my mam’s house was only 2 hours screen time. I had been playing for 3 hours. I had a wistful expression as I was now grounded. FOR A MONTH!. Now I have to play with cars and lego. Minecraft is still the best.

My New Game by Aaron

My friend and I were playing Minecraft because there was a new update. The update was to craft a boat and you had to have an oar, in Minecraft a shovel. While I was sailing with the boat I found the rarest biome, a mushroom biome. The mushroom I picked up was wrinkled. Like my grandad. The rule in my mam’s house was only 2 hours screen time. I had been playing for 3 hours. I had a wistful expression as I was now grounded. FOR A MONTH!. Now I have to play with cars and lego. Minecraft is still the best.

Light Killer by Aaron

Like the couch potato I am, I was playing Ps5. I had been playing for five hours now and just when I was about to go get food, the power went out…suddenly, darkness enveloped the room… I was terrified. At first I thought it was the town killer. Light Killer!. What he does is he would put out the power and shoot you 5 times. I went up to the attic to hide but when I looked out the window Light Killer shot me 5 times. At least it was a celebration, I was his 100th victim. Suspicious, did he wait for me to be the 100th victim?

Emergency Landing by Aaron

” This is the last call for the flight to Brisbane,” announced the man behind the intercom. Luckily everyone got on the flight. Some people including Seán saw that there had been a package fully covered put into the cargo. Maybe it was just somebody’s cat or dog that was left behind. Seán was very suspicious of this but he just forgot about it. 3 hours had gone by and suddenly the plane had to land in the water because a strange noise had been heard in the cargo. Everyone was evacuated as it let out a pitiful howl. Seán was in horror as the plane went ablaze.

The Weirdest Safari by Aaron

It came to the day of our safari tour. When I say our I mean, my mam, dad and myself. I’m an only child. When we arrived to the place where we were getting our safari truck, I was shocked there was a beautiful Lamborghini painted purple { I love Lamborghini’s}. Soon enough we were on the safari. The first animals we saw were some cute lion cubs dawdle across the road. Then the big, vile lion parents came after them. Eventually we got to the main attraction. The elephant. Beside the elephant was a man playing sweet harmonies on a violin to make him happy!!

My Aussie Holiday by Aaron

I have finally arrived in Australia for summer holidays. I have been waiting the whole school year for this. When we left the airport we got a taxi to our cousin’s house. When we got there my cousin asked if my brother wanted a marmite sandwich, I said “sure”. “You’re having a butter chicken sandwich”?. “No” he said”,” I like marmite”. This was a surprise to my auntie because marmite is mostly eaten in Australia and not in Ireland. . After our sandwiches we went and played on my cousins trampoline and had a lot of fun, this was definitely the best holiday ever.

The Doll by Aaron

One day Joseph, Kath, James and Milly were going to go to the haunted house for a bit of fun. They thought it would be fun. As they were on their way to the haunted house Milly found a doll.” What is this”?? “Milly you found the rare hatchable’s doll”.” It’s a 1 in 100 chance ,” protested Kath. Eventually they got to the haunted house. It was big and messed up. No one had lived in it since 1918 when king Alfie the II died of the Spanish Flu. Milly went to look at her doll but where had it gone???? She shouted in disbelief.

The Rocket by Aaron

I have just gotten my approval letter to go to space with the new Rocket Speed 2000. I’m so ready! So I packed up and headed straight for the rocket lab. It was a long drive but that didn’t bother me because I was going to be the first ever to go to space in the Rocket Speed 2000. As soon as we arrived I had to get into my space suit because I was going straight away. Before I got into the Rocket Speed 2000 I had to hug my mam and dad. In less than two minutes I was going 2000 miles per hour!!!!


The Odd Day by Aaron

One morning I was walking to school and I was desperate to play on the football pitch. I was warned not to go through the alleyway, a shortcut to school. I went anyway. While I was walking down the alleyway I found a shiny, yellow bicycle. I looked to see if anyone was around. I saw no one around so I took the bike greedily. I actually just stole someone’s property! When I got to the end of the alleyway the police were there and I got set up. Whoever set me up I will find and destroy you. Hahahahahahahaha!