It?? by Aaron

As I was walking down the forest path I came upon some sort of green plant. It wasn’t a weed because it moved when I came back up. Now it was on my car? I decided to ignore it and focus on my school essay to finish when I got home. As I was driving home I stopped at the junction and…” which way to the shops?” it panted.” ”AAAAAAAHHHHH”! As fast as I possibly could I slammed on the brakes to make it fly across the road and land on the road, then get it run over.

The African Mile by Aaron

Dad and I are in Africa for a football tryout. They said if I made it to the team they would pay me 80k a week. That’s a lot of money for a teenager like me. The only downside to this is that the motorways are pitch black. I’m scared of the dark:(. Every now and then there would be a flash of light then darkness…the flash was lightning. Now I was really scared. Would tryouts get cancelled, I thought. A 4 hour flight for nothing?. Eventually everything stopped and I got success because I made the team.

My New Game by Aaron

My friend and I were playing Minecraft because there was a new update. The update was to craft a boat you had to have an oar, in Minecraft a shovel. While I was sailing with the boat I found the rarest biome, a mushroom biome. The mushroom I picked up was wrinkled. Like my grandad. The rule in my mam’s house was only 2 hours screen time. I had been playing for 3 hours. I had a wistful expression as I was now grounded. FOR A MONTH!. Now I have to play with cars and lego. Minecraft is still the best.

My New Game by Aaron

My friend and I were playing Minecraft because there was a new update. The update was to craft a boat and you had to have an oar, in Minecraft a shovel. While I was sailing with the boat I found the rarest biome, a mushroom biome. The mushroom I picked up was wrinkled. Like my grandad. The rule in my mam’s house was only 2 hours screen time. I had been playing for 3 hours. I had a wistful expression as I was now grounded. FOR A MONTH!. Now I have to play with cars and lego. Minecraft is still the best.

Light Killer by Aaron

Like the couch potato I am, I was playing Ps5. I had been playing for five hours now and just when I was about to go get food, the power went out…suddenly, darkness enveloped the room… I was terrified. At first I thought it was the town killer. Light Killer!. What he does is he would put out the power and shoot you 5 times. I went up to the attic to hide but when I looked out the window Light Killer shot me 5 times. At least it was a celebration, I was his 100th victim. Suspicious, did he wait for me to be the 100th victim?

Emergency Landing by Aaron

” This is the last call for the flight to Brisbane,” announced the man behind the intercom. Luckily everyone got on the flight. Some people including Seán saw that there had been a package fully covered put into the cargo. Maybe it was just somebody’s cat or dog that was left behind. Seán was very suspicious of this but he just forgot about it. 3 hours had gone by and suddenly the plane had to land in the water because a strange noise had been heard in the cargo. Everyone was evacuated as it let out a pitiful howl. Seán was in horror as the plane went ablaze.

The Weirdest Safari by Aaron

It came to the day of our safari tour. When I say our I mean, my mam, dad and myself. I’m an only child. When we arrived to the place where we were getting our safari truck, I was shocked there was a beautiful Lamborghini painted purple { I love Lamborghini’s}. Soon enough we were on the safari. The first animals we saw were some cute lion cubs dawdle across the road. Then the big, vile lion parents came after them. Eventually we got to the main attraction. The elephant. Beside the elephant was a man playing sweet harmonies on a violin to make him happy!!

My Aussie Holiday by Aaron

I have finally arrived in Australia for summer holidays. I have been waiting the whole school year for this. When we left the airport we got a taxi to our cousin’s house. When we got there my cousin asked if my brother wanted a marmite sandwich, I said “sure”. “You’re having a butter chicken sandwich”?. “No” he said”,” I like marmite”. This was a surprise to my auntie because marmite is mostly eaten in Australia and not in Ireland. . After our sandwiches we went and played on my cousins trampoline and had a lot of fun, this was definitely the best holiday ever.

The Doll by Aaron

One day Joseph, Kath, James and Milly were going to go to the haunted house for a bit of fun. They thought it would be fun. As they were on their way to the haunted house Milly found a doll.” What is this”?? “Milly you found the rare hatchable’s doll”.” It’s a 1 in 100 chance ,” protested Kath. Eventually they got to the haunted house. It was big and messed up. No one had lived in it since 1918 when king Alfie the II died of the Spanish Flu. Milly went to look at her doll but where had it gone???? She shouted in disbelief.

The Rocket by Aaron

I have just gotten my approval letter to go to space with the new Rocket Speed 2000. I’m so ready! So I packed up and headed straight for the rocket lab. It was a long drive but that didn’t bother me because I was going to be the first ever to go to space in the Rocket Speed 2000. As soon as we arrived I had to get into my space suit because I was going straight away. Before I got into the Rocket Speed 2000 I had to hug my mam and dad. In less than two minutes I was going 2000 miles per hour!!!!


The Odd Day by Aaron

One morning I was walking to school and I was desperate to play on the football pitch. I was warned not to go through the alleyway, a shortcut to school. I went anyway. While I was walking down the alleyway I found a shiny, yellow bicycle. I looked to see if anyone was around. I saw no one around so I took the bike greedily. I actually just stole someone’s property! When I got to the end of the alleyway the police were there and I got set up. Whoever set me up I will find and destroy you. Hahahahahahahaha!

The Magical Tree by Aaron

I am going for a family walk with my family in the forest. We have gone to Canada so we don’t know our way around. I asked mam and dad if we could bring a picnic, they said yes. Eventually we started our trek in the forest. We were looking for a flat surface to have our picnic.” I found a flat surface”. While mam and dad were setting up the picnic I checked out the area around where we were having our picnic. I found an unusual looking tree with a hole at the bottom. I crawled through the hole and somehow I was back home in Ireland.

The Museum by Aaron

My class and I were going on our school tour. We were taking a bus and we all got partners. I got Jimmy the weird, idiosyncratic kid in our class. It got even worse the calamitous twins were behind us. Eventually we got there and were so excited, the museum even had free cupcakes. They were sublime, remarkable you name it. As I walked in I noticed this woman in a red dress was retracing my steps. I was petrified, I was in the forbidden zone. The guards then kicked me out and told my teacher to give me a punishment. I thought I was responsible.

My Christmas Jumper

Jack and I were having a sleepover at his house for his birthday. We were mid watching a movie when Jack’s mam came in and asked if we wanted cake. I jumped up and immediately said “yes please” the birthday cake was sublime. It was getting quite late and Jack and I were feeling a bit peckish. We went downstairs into the kitchen and I then realized I had my Christmas jumper on but I didn’t remember putting it on. My eyes were ablaze because I had to go home because I couldn’t get it dirty. I went home and tore my room apart. It became a wreckage.

Shark Attack by Aaron

One day in the massive Castle of Wales King James was working on another painting. James is a very crafty person he loved doing projects when he was in school. He is painting an autumn picture so there are leaves and sticks in the picture. It was a peaceful evening until… a great white shark had entered the castle’s moat. All the paint bottles start rolling on the floor because the shark had hit the castle wall and now everything was vibrating. This caused wreckage to the castle. The long hall had a big hole in it. King James then limped to his room because his leg was bruised from falling off his throne.

The Chest by Aaron

Jordan and I are going to follow the map we found along side a key. The old, raggy map lead to the abandoned underground military hideout, that the Americans used during world war two. Firstly we had to break the metal door that was three inches thick. Eventually we broke it, we used sledgehammers and drills.” There it is” yelled Jordan.” OMG” I screamed. I got the key out of my pocket and tried to put it in the keyhole. The key was too big… if only it was a bit smaller… ” NOOOO” I was very angry. When I went home my mam told me that there was a severe consequence for going over the curfew.

100 w/c by Aaron

It is the 16th of June 1903, in Bee City. King Bee and Queen Bee are resting and if you interrupt them there will be severe consequences. I am a part of the bee police. My name is Rob and I am with my fellow officer sergeant Will. We are strolling along the path, when we turned the corner… a dead bee was found. OMG SOMEONE BUZZ 911!! I screamed for help until doctor bee had arrived. He was checked out to see how he could’ve possibly died. Eventually he found a wasp’s stinger. The wasps have killed one of our fellow bees. Its time for payback.

My Scooter Ride by Aaron

I am riding on my brand new red,shiny scooter. I am going quite fast down the big, green hill at the end of my estate. I got to the bottom of the hill, I was so tired. I sat down and stared at the big, fluffy clouds, they looked like cotton candy. I started riding around the street when I saw my dad who was dancing with his dog, because he was practicing for the circus. I went up to him and asked if I could dance with him. He said ‘sure no problem.’ So I danced with him until we both fell onto the concrete because we were both so tired.

100 w/c by Aaron

I do not understand why my dad keeps on saying do not go in the basement. But I had to see what was inside. I was so disappointed that I could not see what was down there. Was it just a monstrosity or was he repairing a surprise for mam? I had to find out what it was. Other than that dad is so careless around the house. One night everyone was asleep so I ran down to the basement. Maybe there was an endangered species down there. But then I saw what it was, dad had kidnapped someone. My dad is such a miscreant.

The Canon by Aaron’

‘OH NO! We are under attack!’ screamed King Joshua. All the knights went out over the draw bridge on their horses charging into battle. ‘ MORE’ shouted King Joshua. At his order all the warriors ran out with their swords and shields.’ To the cannons,’ he ordered. Again everyone ran as fast as they could up four flights of stairs. Everyone was so tired that they stopped in a corner to have a break and not get caught by King Joshua. At that point I was the only one at the cannons. I stood beside one and shot at the monstrosity of people.

Desert Island by Aaron

I am bruised and bleeding after crashing into the pacific ocean. My name is James Byrne and I have invented a lot of instruments like the violin and the cello. I have walked for about 2 hours, I am tired and thirsty and need food. I stopped and slept for a good while and started walking again.’ OMG I can see the rescue helicopter I have reached the other side of Desert Island’. The last thing I had to walk through was green prickly cacti then I would safely leave the island. That is an adventure I will never forget.

100 w/c by Aaron

I was collecting pumpkins for the famous farming event. I had ridden my bike to the pumpkin patch and was about to leave until I saw something… it was my dog… I gasped. I was cycling home while handing out flyers to encourage people to enter the competition. I also saw a man kidnapping two little kids. ‘What a weird day it’s been’. Before I thought it could get any weirder… splat… I flipped over my bike into a hay bale. All the pumpkins had fallen over and I was stuck and could barely breathe.