100 w/c by Aaron

One afternoon I was going to check out the new roundabout and when I got there, there was people making a statue. They said, ‘can you look over there for 120kg of stone.’ I said, ‘ok’ and he said ‘can you also get 6 ladders and tell my colleagues to get the crane’. I said, ‘ok’, so off I went to get them. 1 hour later all the stuff was there. He said, ‘thank you,’ and he gave me 50 euro for helping. So I went to buy a game and went home and played it with my friends.

100 w/c by Aaron

One day me and my family were going on holidays. After a while, we made it to the airport. My sister and I were very excited. Finally, after hours of waiting we were boarding the plane. We saw a plane when it wouldn’t take off, they said,” the plane would not take off”. A few hours later we made it to Spain we were happy to get proper sleep. It was dinner time we were all very excited to eat. I got spaghetti bolognese my sister got pizza, my mam got a burger, and my dad got lasagna. It was delicious after that we went to the beach to relax.

100 w/c by Aaron

One day me and my friends went to a forest. After a long walk we made it there, there was a man and he warned us not to go in. My friend said “we should listen”, so we said ok. So on our way back we saw a yellow bicycle in a tree and there were no tires. At last, we made it and played video games until we got hungry. Just a little while after coming home we got hungry and we went to the pizza place near us. When we got there there was a man desperate for food so we got our pizza and gave a slice to him. When we got home we greedily fought for the pizza.

A Creepy Day by Aaron

One day I woke up and went to my friends house. At last, I got there and we played ps4 for a while until we got bored. Finally, we finished we went to this hidden room in Tesco we found the day before. Finally, we got there but there was a random tall man there we said hello but there was no reply. He turned around and said why are you here we said we found it yesterday. He told us why he was there he said he was seeing what time the world was going to stop. He said in about 10 seconds then everything stopped and we panicked but he said time will never unfreeze.

A Mad Day by Aaron

One day I woke up and I was going to my lab. After a while, I got there my scientist told me about a time travel machine he made. He said I could go to any time zone I wanted. I said can I go back to 1875 in Dublin so I stepped in and off I went. After a long time waiting I got there I saw two men but they were not moving I realised time was frozen it looked like they were doing a trade. I started walking around to different shops. When I was making my way back to the portal it was not there I was stuck for ever.

The Weird Forest by Aaron

One day my family and I went camping in a forest it was beautiful for the first night but the second was not that fun. After having food we went adventureing into the forest we were very excited but when we got there it was not that good after all. We were all Terrified cause we saw lots of dead things and it smelleld like a toxic lake then we heared a deep voice shouting “help”. Then we sprinted as fast as we could back to the camp site. Once we got there we went home straight away and no one ever came back there.

Christmas Day by Aaron

One Christmas evening I went to have dinner in my Nana and Grandads. When we got there, there were sweets and food to eat. My sister and I were so excited for Christmas day after eating we went home and went to bed straight away. A few hours later we got up for Christmas. When I got down I went to open a present but it was empty. What a surprise I was so upset and when my sister opened hers it was empty too. We were both crying and our mam and dad were laughing, but then they gave us our real presents.

A Fun Day by Aaron

One morning I woke up and I had to go to my boss to get coins to pay for a red ladder for the building site. Once we were done with the ladder we started to build a pavement. After we made the pavement I went home and went for dinner with my dad. Then when we were done we went to play football with my dog. When we got there my dog got very excited. She got tired very fast because she was running a lot. After a will we went back and washed my dog then we had pancakes for pancake Tuesday.

A Night Out by Aaron

One evening I my mam my dad and sister went to the Harvest.When we got there we ordered, I got chicken goujons my sister got a burger and chips my mam got a burger too and my dad got lasangne. When my sister got her chips she said the vineger was too sharp so she asked to a new plate of chips with no vineger. I loved my food and my mam and dad when my sister got her chips she said they were gorgeous. Soon later we asked for dessert we loved it when we got home we all went to bed.

My Sister’s Birthday by Aaron

One day me and my sister went to the zoo for her birthday. When we got there we got a bit of food then started to look at the animals. And when we were going past all the animals they were all playing music. But when we got to the tigers it was completely out of tune.When we got back to our house we had cake and her friends came over. We had a pinjata and a dolls house. She was very happy about it. When her friends went home we had our family over and had more cake.

A Good Day by Aaron

One morning I woke up and the lights in my room were flickering. When I ran out of my house the sky was black and I was scared. Suddenly my lights stopped flickering I went back in my house and made an egg with lots of salt. After I went to get washed. When I showered, my mam came over and went to the barbers to get her fringe cut. Soon after we went for lunch in the Brick Room. I got pancakes my sister got sausages and my mam got an irish breakfast. When we finish we went to celebrate my mam’s birthday.

My Holiday by Aaron

One day me and my family went to Sydney. When we got there we went to our hotel room. After we got our room we went to the beach and saw plastic statues it was insurmountable to get over so we just went back to the hotel, changed and went for dinner. I got pizza, my mam got roast chicken, my dad got a hotdog and my sister got spaghetti bolognase. We went back to the hotel and had strawberry and vanilla ice cream for dessert. After we went back to the warm hotel room and watched an action movie.

Meeting a Super Hero by Aaron

One day I was heading to school. I saw my friend on the other side of the road. I crossed over and we were talking in the whole way to school. After a while we say this girl and we ask what are you doing. We turned around when we turned back we where like but how could she just disapper. We were very confused then we just went to our class. We told our friend about it then when we were coming back home we saw the same girl. We just realized it was wonder woman and we went home telling all our friends.

The Circus – by Aaron

One day me my sister, Sean and Matthew went to the circus. We got candy floss and popcorn. When it started a clown came out with a bubble gun. He fired the bubbles at the people watching. Then he came out in his pink car and the car had a clown horn. My sister was laughing so hard she was nearly crying. Then a chicken came in, and it was on a bicycle. We were all laughing. After a while an empty cage came down from the roof but the people working there said that the circus had to close because an animal escaped. We were sad.

My First Game by Aaron

I passed the test to join Man Utd. I was so happy but my first game was on Friday I was scared. We were going to play man city. After a while we started training. After training we went to get food it was lovely. When we finished our food we went to our hotel and we went to sleep. Then we got up and it was match day. I was excited we were on our way to the stadium. Me and the other new players said oh my gosh. Then we were walking on to the pitch. And my friend looked at the flood lights he said to me the light blinded him.

100 w/c Aaron

One day me and my five friends Sean Matthew Ross Jimmy and Roy.We went to a football match and it was Manchester United vs West ham it is the 31 minute and United score with a lovely header by Emmanuel then it’s West ham on the ball and a lovely volley by Brian it’s is one all. Now its half time we all got a hotdog. Now it is the second half but they were looking existed but it started with a goal by Brian now West ham is wining but a quick come back happened a nice free kick by Ben it is 2:2 and Emmanuel is sprinting down the field and a lovely shot it a goaaaaaaaaallllllllllllll Manchester United win.

The Crazy Day by Aaron

One day me and my freinds Seán, Matthew, Ross, and Roy where flying around thecamera. after we went back to my house. Then my friend said we seem to be on the tv for a ladybird programme. After we went back out and started dancing and our parents were laughing. After we came from the dance party we had some cake and coke after we went to play some ps4 and we fell asleep on a cosy bean bag. After my freinds’ parents came to pick them up and we got to go to jump zone and we stayed there for the all day.

ET and his friends by Aaron

One evening me and my friends Seán, |Matthew, Darragh and Ross were playing in the forest when we saw a bike stuck in a tree. Then we saw an alien on the ground covered in leaves. We called him ET. We carried him to a hospital. He was in pain with all the cuts on him. He went to the ER and he had two broken legs and two broken arms. He was in the hospital for eight weeks.When he got out his freinds and family came to collect him. He was happy to be back with his freinds and family.

100 w/c Aaron

One day I was playing hide and seek with my four friends. Matthew, Seán, Darragh,Ross. Ross was counting first. I hid in the basement. Sean hid in the shed and Matthew hid in the toilet. Ross Counted to 100 then I heard a noise further down the basement I ran out and shouted help. I put my ear against the door I wondered what was behind the door.My friends came and the door opened. My friend hit the weird predator thing that was behind the door. It ran away we said what was that.We were scared and ran out of the house.

100 w/c – Aaron

One day me and my four friends Mathew, Sean, Darragh, and Ross went through a portal and there was a Lego man saying welcome to Lego. We looked at each other and we were Lego men with ladybirds all over us. Then we walked into a dark, dark forest with a flashlight. We did not like being  Lego men as we were very scared because we had heard a rumour that if you went into the forest that you would be eaten by an unidentified creature. When we heard a roar we ran back.

The whole time it was a dream.

100 w/c – Aaron

There is a new thing called UFB, it is when there are two fighters in a bath and they fight but they fight clumsily. One day the first fight in UFB was happening. The fighters started to fall out and the crowd danced. After the fight the winner was decidedby who the most beautiful. After the fight they go and eat lots of oranges and have a nice bath. I can’t wait till the Connor McGreger vs Khbaib rematch, but this time in the UFB and I will be front row.  I’m also going to the weigh in.

A Weird Day by Aaron

One day I was playing football and we saw a blue light in the sky. we saw the moon get smaller and we were all suprised the moon was gone then we told our mam and dad.I said it reminds me of a time when we watched a movie about an alien invasion. But the blue light got closer and lazers started hitting the ground. Every one ran then the army came and they were battling for years the war finally ended and the army won they got all there electronics and there were new iPads laptops ps6.

Aliens From Bong Bong by Aaron

Once I was playing with my friends and we saw 3 poles with animal heads on them. We were like where did they come from and then we saw a ufo with lots of aliens they were like they are from our planet called Bong Bong and they said we like cheese and so do you if you don’t we will force you to. It’s so easy to make so we went with them and ate lots of cheese and they said the heads were made of cheese so we went back home and played fortnite ate the cheese heads.