Cars by Matthew

How to make the world even better.

Ride a scooter, use cars less, use stuff that don’t use fuel.

Electric cars don’t use fuel but there a lot better but there very quiet that means people can’t hear them but there better for the environment .

I don’t think we should use cars all the time maybe walk but if the place you wanna go is far get car or bus.

Hopefully there is more electric cars being made.

In a few years I think electric cars would be bad for the environment but flying cars will be the new go to cars.

One thought on “Cars by Matthew”

  1. I find the way you have set out your points very clear and easy to follow, Matthew. I like the way you have some positive suggestions, but also that you tell us about some of the difficulties of using more environmentally friendly transport. I love the idea of flying cars. Will they be electric? I hope so!

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