The Candy Sweet Land by Oliwia

It was Monday I was walking home from school. Suddenly long beautiful stairs popped onto the path.
“Hello, my dear girl!” quietly said the black crow with white legs and a white beak, I was frightened.
“Who is that?!” I asked scaredly .

It’s me the black, white crow! and I’m down here!
OOhhh here you are! Can I come up the stairs crow?
Yes you can dear!
Thank you!
I went up the white beautiful stairs with flowers on it. Quickly I ran to the top and I saw a candy, sweet land. The trees were made………

One thought on “The Candy Sweet Land by Oliwia”

  1. A black white crow! That does sound very strange, but then again so does a crow that talks! Great story and you’ve worked the prompt in very well to tall a lovely story. I’d like a trip to candy sweet land. Sounds a bit like Willie Wonka!

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