Calm by Rose

“Everyone, please move out of the area calmly.”

The fire was getting out of control, and I was trying to get the others to stay calm as well as myself. My suit wasn’t making it any easier as the heat was already unbearable, but I had to get everyone out so I could deal with the fire.

All I could hear was people screaming and animals moving all around in a panic, people trying to leave the scene or find loved ones. I was on my one dealing with the fire and someone else was trying to gather the animals.

I’ve been at the fire for hours, and only little progress has been made. We’ve called for more help but it has already been an hour. The fire was slowly spreading towards untouched trees, getting more and more reckless. And I was the only one there.

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  1. Hi I wrote about these words for my 100 word challenge too. Your story is great. Do they get the fire put out?

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