…but I had to see inside by Donnchadh

It was Halloween night, my friends and I were going trick or treating. In our neighborhood there is a scary old house. Some people say it is haunted. I don’t believe them!

As we were walking along the path a man stopped us. He asked us where we were going?

” We’re going to the posh houses on the next street, they give the best sweets!”.

“Be warned, he said.” Tonight there is a blood moon. Your worst fears could come true, so whatever you do, don’t go into the house on the hill.”

But I had to see inside now!

3 thoughts on “…but I had to see inside by Donnchadh”

  1. Hey, Donchadh
    I love this!. I really enjoyed reading this. I Like when the man says “be warned”.
    Keep up the awesome writing!
    From Milah

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