But How ? By Zach

One day there was a bunch of kids going to an outdoor campsite called Camp Greenwood. Some kids were talking to their friends on the bus to the camp. But there was one girl who looked like she did not talk to anyone. When the children got off the bus the camp leader did a head count The girl that talked to not one of the other kids was missing. They looked all over the bus. The children thought but how could she just disappear?  No one found her they tried to text and call the parents. Suddenly they heared a scream from the woods and saw trees fall. They heard someone say “RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! NNNOOO!! !!!AAHH”chomp comp…

3 thoughts on “But How ? By Zach”

  1. Hi Zach
    I liked the way that it wasn’t just a random kid that went missing in your story but that it was the girl who talked to nobody.
    What was the thing or creature that she was scared of.
    Great work
    From Matthew D
    Mrs Boyce’s class
    Please comment on my story

  2. Hi Zach. I really liked your story because it was interesting. I was wondering if that was the girl which was screaming because she couldn’t just disappear like that. she could of ran away maybe.Please check out our class blog. Kacper.

  3. Hi Zach i love your story i wonder if the girl got eaten by the monster . I wonder wath the monster was ! or did no one live to tell the tale?
    Bye for now Tadhg Mrs Boyce’s class . Please comment on mine.

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