Bug by Alfie

The praying mantis are in a fight whit the scorpions over the tall grass. The mantis hid in the trees and the scorpions hid underground by making holes in the tunnels. So they waited and waited until some scorpions came to the surface and mantis jumped out of the trees, so the war began. The scorpions had big pointy stingers but the mantis were very agile. The war raged on for a few hours. Suddenly they heard a big boom it was a human emerging from its cave, suddenly everything stopped and started again it grabbed a lawnmower. The lawnmower! They screamed.

3 thoughts on “Bug by Alfie”

  1. This is a very creative story Alfie, good work! You have used some excellent adjectives to describe the scene which gives me a really clear picture in my head of what is happening. The ending is also superb and that short sentence especially brings a nice ending that emphasises their terror at the sudden turn of events. Well done!

  2. Alfie, this is a great use of the prompt. I sincerely hope that the scorpions and mantids scurry back to their tunnels and tree homes to escape the dreaded human and her motor mower. I shall take extra care when I mow my own lawns this week!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Jackie (Team 100)
    New Zealand

  3. Hi, Alfie! That’s quite the twist you have in this story. I like that you envisioned “everything stopped” as a human walking in on a battle between insects and scorpions. It’s really creative! I also like the description “big pointy stingers” in particular. I do wonder why were they fighting. Was it over food or territory? This is certainly an interesting piece. Keep writing!

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