Broken Bike by Rhys

There once was a guy on a yellow bike. He was cycling down the road. Suddenly he crashed into a tree, when he fell of the bike he got up and he had cuts all over his face. His poor bike was mangled and stuck in the tree. He was very upset as he had no bike and he had to go to the hospital because he had a sore arm and cuts. When he got out of hospital he was very happy and his mam got him a new bike, it was yellow just like his other one.

4 thoughts on “Broken Bike by Rhys”

  1. Hi Rhys
    I like the way you used the word mangled
    I wonder how he fell of his bike
    t reminds me of when I fell off my bike before
    from Warren Mrs Boyces 5th class

  2. Hi Rhys.
    I like the part where his mam got him a new bike.
    It reminds me of a movie I saw.
    I wonder what happened to the bike.

    Bye for now, Adam Mrs Boyces 5th class.

  3. I really like your story. I liked how you said that he has cuts all over their face. I hope there are more stories like that. Which kind will you make next

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