Break Out At The Zoo – by Bartosz

Quick start running gorilla on the loose! Go behind this corner.

Haw did this happen?

I don’t know Ms Brick.

Was it Yellow or Pretty that escaped?

It is yellow the bigger one.

How did you let this happen?

It it broke the glass.

Let’s check the radio.

No he’s still in here. Lets find him.

No how about I go on the radio and you find him.

Come with me I’m your boss.

Fine under one condition.


You pay me double wage.


Wait do you hear those foot steps.



One thought on “Break Out At The Zoo – by Bartosz”

  1. Hi Bartosz
    What happened after you used all of them onomatopoeia words.
    Great use of the 5 words.
    Well done
    From Matthew D Mrs Boyce’s class

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