The Box on Top of The Wardrobe by Mia B

The box had always been there, on top of my Mum’s wardrobe. I had asked her many times what was inside but she told me she would tell me when I was older.

One afternoon I found a small key in the garden near the washing line. It must have fallen out of her pocket. Maybe it was the one for THE BOX. Mum was out and I finally had a chance. I stood on the old kitchen stool to reach. I inserted the key and then the lock clicked and it opened.

I could not believe my eyes….

2 thoughts on “The Box on Top of The Wardrobe by Mia B”

  1. WOW! What a fantastic story Mia! I love how you built the suspense about THE BOX, and I was reading and waiting to see what was in there…. until you ended the story with a brilliant cliffhanger! I hope that there’ll be a part 2 as I’d *LOVE* to read about what happens next… keep up the SUPER work!

  2. Mia, this is brilliant. You’ve created such suspense. I’m only ‘DYING’ to know what was in that box. I have a big box at the top of my wardrobe and in it I keep lots of memorabilia from the time my little boy was born – his first babygrow, his first tooth and lots of other nice things from over the years. I thought maybe that was in the box in your story, but that wouldn’t really need to be locked. I’m guessing it’s something that might be secret! Please please write a part two and kill my curiosity. Great work!

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