Boring by Matthew

Once upon a time my brother and I were stuck in the house because of the weather. It was such a rainy day. There was a storm called Smiley Gace. My head was so sore because of the weather. I was on video games all day. I had a feeling that the power was going to go out. Suddenly, it was eight o’ clock. I went in to my brother and said “what time do I have to go to bed at?” My brother said “in two hours at ten o’clock.” Awwwh! I said. 2 hours later it was ten. I got in bed then the door closed, suddenly darkness enveloped the room. I was so scared.

One thought on “Boring by Matthew”

  1. I think my class did this prompt, too! I like how you used a lot of describing piece. You did a good job at labeling. It would be interesting if your brother made you go to bed at eight o’ clock. I think you should try to make your brother an antagonist. Why did darkness envelope the room? Nice story! 🙂

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