Boiling Water by Rose

The house was completely quiet except for the occasional coughs from my eldest twin son, Micah. I was making tea for him to help calm him down while his younger brother, Michael looks after him because he was severely ill and the doctors said there was little to do for him. As I was pouring the boiling water I heard a yell coming from Michael.

”Mama! Quick! It’s Micah!” He yelled in distress. I spilled some water on my arm from the sudden shock and the heat was unbearable, so I quickly wet a towel and put that on my arm while running to the small room.

I saw Micah coughing uncontrollably and his cheeks were turning red. He was coughing up a little blood and Michael was panicking. I rushed over to Micah, sitting him upright and patting his back while I sent Michael to call the doctor.

One thought on “Boiling Water by Rose”

  1. I wrote this weeks 100 word challenge too. You did a really good job explaining what was going on. Was Micah ok?

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