Bob The Hitman by Leon

The price was very very high so he accepted it without even knowing what he had to do.

“What do I have to do for you?” asked Bob.

“The only reason I am going to give you this much is because you have to steal the 100wc trophy, made from pure red rubies, from one of the most secure places in the world,” answered the man.

“I’ll do it.”

The next day he had all his gear ready so he set of. An hour later he was at the wall of the building. He was determined to get that 100wc trophy.

4 thoughts on “Bob The Hitman by Leon”

  1. Hi Leon.
    I like your story because it has nice words.
    I wonder if or how he robbed the trophy.
    It reminds me of a film I saw before.

    Bye for now From Adam Mrs Boyces 5th Class.

  2. Hi Leon
    Your story was really good.
    I like the part with the 100wc trophy in it.
    Your parts with speech were good too.
    Bye for now Conor H Mrs Boyce

  3. Hello Leon.
    I like your story because you left it on a cliff-hanger.
    I wonder if he got the trophy.
    It reminds me of a book called Gangsta Granny.
    Bye for now, Benny – Mrs Boyce’s Class.

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