Board Games by Luke

For all my life I have liked board games. My favourite board games are monopoly, Jenga, connect four, Operation and the best is hungry hungry hippos. Whenever I play it I win with my lucky hippo it is pink. One day my brother was losing miserably and then he knocked the hungry hippo game on the concrete. The game broke. I knew it was an accident so we went inside and got monopoly when we were playing my brother got really lucky and was revolving around the board. Every ten minutes he would just jump past me and that’s why I like board games.

2 thoughts on “Board Games by Luke”

  1. That is a great story, I wonder though if it is memory or one you invented. My family plays boardgames too but our favourites are Dixit, Carcassonne, and Scrabble. In some ways though I’m hoping it was a made up story as a broken Hungry Hippos game would be very sad.

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