Blackout by Luke

I was walking down the street of New York. Then there was a flash of light then darkness. It was a blackout I thought so I went home. I turned on my backup generator and turned on the news they said that a car crashed into the city’s main power grid and blew a fuse then they said that there were people robbing the banks and people’s homes then my neighbor had a knock at his door. I looked out my front window and saw people with guns so I called the police station. They came really quickly and arrested them turns out they caused the blackout.

2 thoughts on “Blackout by Luke”

  1. Wow, so much going on in your story, Luke. A blackout in New York is an excellent setting for this week’s prompt and you have used it very effectively indeed. Your story is clear and easy to follow and the ending, explaining that the robbers at your neighbour’s house had caused the blackout, made perfect sense.

  2. Question is this real?
    Also this may have happened to me except the problem was with birds chilling on the line and somehow broke it but it was not with any robbers and it was day.
    Other than that i like this.

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