Black ’47 by Mia

Delph woke up and remembered, she remembered it all. Ma and Da passing away, getting evicted and now living in the streets. She would plead for food like an urchin. Once a young lady in drapes ran cautiously away . Her baby in a portable cradle. Exasperated with herself ,Delph got up and began walking. After walking for hours she was hungry so she stole a loaf of bread and a preserved tart from a market stall. A nearby guard began chasing her . Heart in her throat Delph ran . She sprinted until finding an abandoned building: Somewhere to be sheltered and safe. The candy bar sign illuminated like a hello. She had never been so happy.

One thought on “Black ’47 by Mia”

  1. Hi Mia
    I love the opening of your story. Within the first couple of sentences you have managed to tell the reader all they need to know about your main character. I am pleased that the house in the prompt became a safe place for Delph.
    Miss T Team 100wc

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