Birthday by Leon

It was my Mam’s birthday today and to be honest it was just a normal morning. I got up went over to the sitting room, got my book and went back to bed to read. It was my sister that came to me and reminded me it was my Mam’s birthday!!!! So when we opened the door to the sitting room we sang “happy birthday to you!” and to be honest it was completely out of tune. And gues what!? SHE HAD COMPLETLY FORGOTTEN THAT IT WAS HER BIRTHDAY!!!!!! She thanked us and was very happy that we remembered.

2 thoughts on “Birthday by Leon”

  1. Hi Leon
    I really enjoyed reading your story
    It is a good thing that you remembered it was her Birthday
    Once I almost forgot my mom birthday
    Goodbye Leon
    From Tim
    Mrs Boyce’s 5th Class

    1. Hi leon! its Sophia i just wanted to tell you i really like your story but…..
      you spelled this mam and its mom if thats what you ment

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