Bikes Being STOLEN by Mia

On Tuesday the 12th a bike was found up a tree . It is unknown who or what put it there. All that is known is that all over the country, bikes are being stolen and tied to trees. This is believed to be some sort of nasty joke or cunning prank.

Leaving bikes unattended is not recommended as this could lead to a multitude of problems.

‘ Young Jim was distraught when his new yellow bike was stolen,’ Mrs. Thompson says.

If you see this heinous act happening please do not hesitate to report it. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Bikes Being STOLEN by Mia”

  1. Mia,
    Good job! This is truly a good “announcement” which will notify others to keep their bikes in safe places. Keep up writing!

  2. Hi Mia
    I like your story because its interesting
    I wonder who was stealing the bikes
    From Joe Mrs Boyce’s class

  3. Hi Mia.
    I like your story.
    It reminds me of a book I read recently.
    I wonder who is stealing the bikes.
    From Ronan Mrs Boyce’s class

  4. Hello Mia.
    I like your story because I am interested in those kinds of stories.
    It reminds me of when I saw a bike on the road once.
    I wonder who stole the bikes.
    Bye for now, Benny – Mrs Boyce’s Class.

    1. Hello Mia, I would be sad if I lost my bike I wondered who stole the bikes. I love your great description! Was your bike stolen? Make sure to keep up the great work. Also who was Mrs. Thompson? That was a really bad prank I hope it stoped.

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