Big Wolf by Rorí

”OK Jerry you take the right. Tom you take the left. And I’ll take the middle.”

Padoom! Padoom!

”I hear it to the left c’mon hurry up”. As they ran they they saw some footprints that were the size of a human head. Now they were all scared they were very cautious about where they went. ”I see it” shouted Jerry. ”Where shouted tom”. ”Over to the right”. They ran and ran. Until they saw it. It was a massive wolf it was about 10 metres tall and 17 metres long. They shot it in the head as it let out a pitiful howl.

One thought on “Big Wolf by Rorí”

  1. Hi Rorí. I like your story. I wish this wasn’t only 100 words. I like the sound affects you put in. Good job.

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