Big Or Small – Whitney

One day two girls, named Kylie and Kim, watched t.v all day and barely even slept. “Hey let’s watch the news today said Kim.”
“Ok” said Kylie.
They changed it to news and they saw small men.
“Wait a minute!” said Kim. ” Is it that the man is big and the light bulb is very big”? “This is so confusing,”said Kylie.
“I think I know it”! said Kim. “There can’t be a huge light bulb anywhere in this world that has weird stuff coming out of it.”, she said.
“Well I guess this is a mystery to us and the world.”

2 thoughts on “Big Or Small – Whitney”

  1. That’s quite a mystery alright, Whitney! Maybe the TV news found a secret experiment and told the world about it! There’s a job for someone – to solve this mystery! Keep up the great work.

    Mr. Russell
    Team 100
    Waterford, Ireland

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