The Big Bomb – by Lily

Boommmm! went a big black bomb. “What was that huge noise?” asked Alex.
“I don’t know” said Alex’s mum.
“Mum can I go to Emma’s house?” asked Alex.
“Yes!” said Alex’s mum.
Knock, knock went the door. “Hi” said Emma.
“Emma come with me,” said Alex.
“What is so important”? cried Emma.
“There was a big bomb explosion outside” cried Alex.
“Lets go and explore” said Emma.
“Lets go!” said Alex.
Alex’s mum was looking out the window. “Hopefully they are going to be ok, but where are they going?”
“I hope it’s nowhere near those big dark woods.”

2 thoughts on “The Big Bomb – by Lily”

  1. I like the way you wrote your story as a conversation, Lily! I wonder where the big bomb came from – and I really want to know what’s in those bog, dark woods! Well done, keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Lily. I really like the method you used to lay out your story. Your punctuation and speech marks is very good. Like Alex’s mum, I hope the girls didn’t wander off to those dark woods.

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