Best Team In The World by Charlie

Bang’! Goal 1-0 to Liverpool Versus Watford at Anfield. Mane scored at the 27th minute. Three minutes later my hero, Coutinho scored a great goal. Liverpool are on fire thirteen minutes later  Can scores and Liverpool take a 3-0 lead at half time. As the second half starts, it wasn’t long before they get two more goals, Firmino and Mane making it 5-0. Watford manage to get one back but Liverpool score one more Wijnaldum making the final score 6-1 to Liverpool. They were third last week but where were they going next. all the way to the top.

4 thoughts on “Best Team In The World by Charlie”

  1. I remember watching that game Charlie – Liverpool really were on fire that day! 6 goals is a lot to score in any game! You described it all so well. Well done, keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Charlie. The young man in this house is a huge Liverpool fan just like you. You’ve described that match so well, it sounds as if you were actually there. Your story is full of atmosphere and I have to hand it to you – you’re very knowledgeable on the subject too.

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