Berries by Rose

Zane was an archaeologist that was now tasked to find a rare species of frog, in a rainforest, which Zane intended to find. As he was walking, he grew tired and took shelter under a big willow tree, under it there was a bush of berries and looked appetizing, Zane couldn’t help but take a bite. He soon got up from his rest and kept searching. Suddenly he felt really ill, and could’ve collapsed. He looked around for anything that could save him and found two other bushes of berries, one of red berries and another of green berries. Zane realized that he only had enough time to go for one bush before he faints.

Time is running out…

One thought on “Berries by Rose”

  1. Ooh Rose, I do hope he chose the right antidote berries and lived to continue his search. This was a great topic to build around the prompt.
    Your first sentence includes ‘……that was tasked to …….’ We use ‘that’ for objects or animals, but for people, we say ‘who.’ Zane was an archeologist who was tasked ……
    Thanks for sharing this week,
    Jackie (Team 100WC)
    New Zealand

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