Be Careful Outside by Ben

My friend Rob and I were playing outside in my enormous garden on a creepy and very dark Friday night. Rob and I were playing football because we were bored. Soon after, we decided that we would go to Rob’s house for dinner .

“Let’s go to Tesco then we will go for dinner” said Rob with a grin on his face like he was up to something.

“OK” I said.

We got our bags and we went on our bikes to Tesco. “This one” I said pointing to the apple seeds. “Sure why not” Rob had a farm so we needed seeds. It was getting pitch black outside so we were going really fast. Suddenly ‘BOOM’ we cycled straight into a hay stack.

One thought on “Be Careful Outside by Ben”

  1. Hi Ben – I really like the way you set out your story. The setting that it was quite dark helped to explain why you would end up in a haystack. Great to see your use of dialogue – keep working on this as it makes a story interesting – remember to practice punctuating dialogue. It is interesting to hear about Tesco – we don’t have this store in Australia. Keep up the great work.

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