Bad Burn by Rose

”Ai, sweetie, go and iron some clothes for me please. I need to clean the kitchen.” My mom said as she was washing the dishes. I said yes and wet upstairs and passed my older sister, Nadia. She looked really worried and was walking back and forth really quickly. I decided to approach her.

”Hey Nada, everything alright?” I asked. She just looked at me and gave an awkward smile and said she’s fine.

I eventually started ironing the clothes when suddenly I heard a very loud scream. I got startled and burned my forearm, dropping the iron.

I hissed in pain and looked at my hand. It started bleeding a bit. I went outside to see what happened and was horrified to see the kitchen completely hurt and my sister really hurt on the floor.

2 thoughts on “Bad Burn by Rose”

  1. Hi, Rose! I ´m Marisa, from Illinois, USA. I liked how you used the theme, an old fashioned iron.
    I also like your dialogue. This story really makes me think about what might have happened to your
    sister, and what happened to the kitchen. And I have a suggestion: maybe you could´ve described how the kitchen looked. overall, I really enjoyed your piece!

  2. My kitchen always looks like a tornado went through it. I like how you used the prompt. What happened to your sister?

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