The Mysterious Creature by Jessica H

I was outside one day with my friends. We were just walking around my estate because we had nothing else to do. All of a sudden we saw a weird creature my friends started to walk up to it. I stayed put because I didn’t know what it was and I didn’t want to get hurt. I was about to go up to it when my friends came back screaming. I asked what was wrong they told me that the creature talks. That’s when the creature came up to us  ‘which way to the shops?’ It panted. We didn’t know what to do so we ran.

The Voices in my Head by Holly

I woke up in panic, my hands shaking, not knowing what to do. I got out of bed making my way downstairs to the front door. I couldn’t control what I was doing. The voices in my head were pressuring me to do stuff, stuff I didn’t want to do. As I was walking outside, I heard footsteps behind me. “Which way to the shops?” it panted. It was so dark I couldn’t see what the creature looked like. Anyway I started making my way to the shops. Suddenly I heard a deafening buzzing sound in my ears. BANG!! I was on the cold ground not being able to move.

Mars by Emmanuel

One day two boys decided to make a time machine and travel to Mars so thato they could see the different types of animals that could be coming to earth very soon. They built the machine and before they knew it they were on Mars. The first thing they saw was a very weird looking plant that kept moving. One of the boys picked it up. Then the plant started talking “which way to the shops”? It panted, “as I am very thirsty and tired.” “Don’t worry,” said one of the boys. “We’ll get you a drink later.

A Shopping Day by Emily

It was a slow damp winter’s day. We were getting bored in the house. There was nothing to do. My mother decided to go shopping in Swords shopping centre. So we hopped in the car and we set off. My sister and I played ‘I spy with my little eye’ to make the journey quicker. We came to a traffic light. The light went red. A cyclist stopped beside us. “Which way to the shop?” It panted. We told the way to the shop. Suddenly the light went green. We went off to the shopping centre.It was a great day.

The Shop Competition by Darragh

Fred woke up. He went outside of his room. He checked the news paper, it said that the first person who reaches the shop wins five million euro. Fred ran outside and headed to the nearest shop. On the way he met a robot “Which way to the shops?” it panted “on the the next street” Fred said. Fred looked around and saw more people heading to the shop so he decided to run faster but then a man pushed him on the ground. Fred tried to get up but he was to weak but then the robot came over and hit him in the head knocking him out.

The Dog by Craig

In a lab John is testing his new gadget to turn into an animal. He turned into a dog by mistake. John thought that he needed an apple. That way he could turn back to normal. After running,’what way to the shops?’ it panted. The lady he was talking to ran away and said ‘ that is not normal ‘. After a long time he finally he found the shops. Now in the giant shopping centre he had to find Dan’ s Supermarket to get the apple. He found the apple stall he ran to the back and took a bite into the apple.

U-Dog by Cillian

“Which way to the shops?” it panted. U-Dog was chasing a robber that was after stealing his owner’s purse. His owner Jenny said he went into the shops but he didn’t know where they were so he asked her. When he got to the shops he spotted the robber sprinting up the stairs. U-Dog ran after him as if his life depended on it. He caught up to him and bit his laces so the robber would fall. Thankfully he brought the purse back to Jenny without anything being stolen or damaged. Jenny was so proud of him that in reward she gave him a juicy steak.

The Magazine by Cian

I was on my way to Tesco with my best friend to buy the new edition of Rugby World. We were walking into Eason’s when suddenly a man touched me on the shoulder and said do you know if the novels in there are haunted. We didn’t believe in the slightest. We bought the copies and went back my house. We open the magazines when suddenly the magazine popped out of my hands and it panted “where’s the shops”. We told him where it was and he dashed out of my back door to where it was and he dashed out of my back door to Easons.

The Shop by Charlie

There once was a boy named Joe. He and his friends where outside playing football, when a car pulled up. Out hopped a human sized caterpillar, “which way to the shop?” it panted. We were gaping in awe of what had happened.”Hurry up now chop, chop” said the caterpillar. “Umm go straight up the road take the second left and then the first right” I replied. It hurried back into its car and drove off. We decided we were going to follow it up to the shop and see what it was doing. When we arrived we saw that the shop was filled with human sized insects and arachnids.

Hype by Ben

One time I had a robot called Hype. He loved to travel but he didn’t know where anything was. One time we went to the city centre and I remember saying to him “Let’s go to the shop” ‘which way to the shop?’he panted. Follow me we can go to Brown Thomas to get a new jacket. On the way home from the shop we decided to stop in KFC and eat. When we get home I’m going to show you a map for where everything is around the town.

What!? by Bartosz

This morning I woke up to a “give me food”, but there was nobody in my room. I called my dog Cooper. A deep voice replied “yes”. I couldn’t believe it I sat there in disbelief. He said what are you looking at, again I sat there in disbelief. Is this a dream I screamed, are you stupid this isn’t a dream I want food. So I went downstairs but there was no dog food, I asked Cooper if he’s going on a morning jog to the shop. After we ran a bit, ‘which way to the shops?’ it panted desperately

A Long Time Ago In Bethlehem by Ashley

A Long Time Ago In Bethlehem…….

A couple called Mary and Joseph just had a new baby and he was said to be the new king, his name was Jesus.

“Oh come on, Gabriel! We’re going to be late and you keep on stopping to count sheep! SHEEP!” cried an angel who was going to see the baby king.

“Well, as an angel I must count sheep because those poor shepherds always loose their sheep!”

Three kings walked by with a donkey…..”Which way to the shops?” it panted, “These three won’t keep quiet, moaning that they can’t find the shops to buy whatever Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh is!?!”

Everyone safely got to the stable and of course Gabriel tripped over a cow.

The Dragon by Abby

Once upon a time there was a dragon named Rhaegal, he lived in a castle with the king and queen. There was at least 6 servants who worked in the castle. The king woke up one morning and called Rheagal and he didn’t come. The king went looking around the castle for him, but couldn’t find him. He sent the servants out looking for Rhaegal in the shops, “which way is the shops?” it panted, they found him right away, they saw the fire coming their way, Rhaegal was on his way home. Everybody was happy that Rhaegal was home.

A Holiday by Aaron

One day my family and I were going on holidays to Belgium for a week. Once we got there we booked into our hotel and slept for 2 hours. When we woke up there was an alien in my room and he said “which way to the shops”, it panted. I said I don’t know I don’t live here. He said “ok”, but don’t tell anyone I was here”. I said “ok”, When my parents woke up we went for a meal at an Italian restaurant when we got there, there were 2 chefs fighting on who’s food was better. So we just decided to go to a Irish restaurant.

Something Happened by Abby


An elephant fell on the ground in the zoo, the zookeeper didn’t know what to do because they are really heavy. Everybody came to look at the elephant but the zookeeper told them to stay away. A young man decided to play the violin for the elephant. Unfortunately The zookeeper said that the elephant was dead because of old age. Ms Angry had an idea that everyone should paint the elephant and they could put it in the museum. Everyone agreed and got to work on their paintings and painted amazingly, especially the purple elephant. They were hung beautifully in the museum and everyone was happy.

Trophy by Craig

To win the 100 word challenge trophy you have to paint a picture. I saw a guy who made a red violin, but the one I liked the best was the purple shell on the beach. The one I disliked the most was the elephant. I painted a picture of the 100 word challenge trophy. When the time was up the judge picked… my painting. I was so happy! I got on the stage and held the trophy nice and high. Everyone cheered for me. I would rather that the person who painted the purple shell painting won, but I am happy.

The Purple Elephant by Rhys

Once upon time there was a little purple elephant and his name was Jim Bob he was a very nice elephant but one day out of nowhere he became very happy we don’t know why we all think he was a magical elephant he started to paint a violin but instead he painted a lion then everybody got scared because they all thought there was a lion coming for them but there wasn’t so all the People so they all got their swords and guns and went looking for the lion but as you expected they found nothing so they went home.

Weirdest Day Ever by Bartosz

I woke up to an elephant towering over me it wasn’t hostile. I quickly looked around I was in shock I was in the middle of the ocean. “Timmy you’re going to be late again”,sorry mam. I went to school I was very happy because we were going to do art today. We were painting violins mine was okay. The teacher was shocked. I came home to shouting it was my sister they never argued before but they were arguing over a purple bottle, my dad and I broke up the argument. I went to sleep at 8 I woke back up to the same elephant, “Ring, ring, ring it was my alarm.”

Rubble by Darragh

Nate woke up. He was stuck under rubble from the old building. He tried calling for help but no one heard him then he saw a violin. He grabbed it and used it to wedge the rubble off him. He got up and ran out off the room. He went into another room he looked around seeing a picture of an elephant and happy faces painted on the walls “this must be the kids room,” he said to himself. Suddenly he heard a car stop outside. He looked outside but the car was empty then he heard a gun being reloaded…

A Trip to the Zoo by Aaron

One day my family and I were going to the Zoo. When we got there, there was a man playing the violin at the front gate. When we got in we saw the lions, tigers and rhinos. My sister was sad that we had not seen the elephants but my mam said “we will see the elephants after having food”, my sister said “ok”, when are we getting food. “Now”, my mam said. My sister was very happy to see the elephants. When we got to the elephants, there was a sign that said don’t touch just painted. My sister said “what color is it, is it purple”, no silly its brown.

Art Exhibition by Leon

Today I went to the Art Exhibition !!! It was a surprisingly wonderful day and in my head I was like: Horreyyyy!!! I can finally go outside. But my mam was like: Lets go to the Happy Violin, and we’re going there because I hate you. She didn’t say the last part. It was as boring as it was the hundreds of other times we were there we, painted our own Monalisa with our own face on it, met the only purple elephant. Then after what seemed hours we got home. Yaayyy. I was so happy that I didn’t even go outside.

The Elephant and Her Violin by Emmanuel

It was the opening day of the brand new zoo in Dublin, and all the new animals were being introduced and everyone was excited for the arrival of the new purple elephant from Zimbabwe. It was rumored that Ellie the elephant was very talented and that she played the violin, that was painted red with a yellow happy face on it. Everyone loved it when she played her violin, but she didn’t play it for entertainment she played it when she was sad because she missed her family back home. The zookeepers knew she missed her family, so one day she woke up from her nap and there she was back in Zimbabwe, united with her family once again.

Robbery in the Art Gallery by Cillian

Yesterday there was a robbery in the DAG (Dublin Art Gallery). The robbery happened at 10pm when no one was around other than the security guards near the main entrance. The robber surprisingly managed to trick the guards by throwing a rock at them. He then sneaked through the entrance, locked the doors and walked towards the two most expensive paintings in the world!, One of them was The Purple Violin painted by Vincent Van Gogh and the other one was called The Magnificent Elephant painted by Claude Monet. Finally, he grabbed the two paintings and was in a happy mood until he was stopped by the guards and later on arrested. He has now been sentenced to life in jail.

Magical Elephant by Oliver

Once upon a time there was a magical elephant and his name was Jerry and he loved pictures.

All his life he was painting and his favorite colour was purple.

He was the best at painting violins and he was so happy.

The next day he was walking home and saw a beautiful paint show.

He ran as fast as he could to get his money.

He realised he had only five euro.

He was crying all day until his mom gave him some money.

He went to the shop and saw so many purple paints from light to dark.

The Art Competition by Oliwia

Sara really wanted a violin but she didn’t have enough money to buy one. So when the opportunity came to make lots of money quickly she took it. She entered an art competition. If she came first place she would win 200 euro and if she came 2nd she would win 100 euro. Sara took this competition very seriously and she put a lot of effort in her drawing. In the end she drew a purple elephant. When the results finally came in she found out that she had won 2nd place!!! She was very happy and she had enough money to buy the violin she so desperately wanted.

Christmas Day by Niamh

It was Christmas day, we didn’t wake until 8:00am. I was the first up in my family and I woke everyone up. We woke up our parents and looked through our stockings. My sister got an elephant teddy. We went down stairs, we were all very happy because we got lots of presents. I got a violin. We played with what we got and then we had breakfast. I got dressed into my purple dress. It was 3:00pm so we had to go around to my auntie’s house. I painted my auntie a picture for a present.

The Performance by Zach

One day an orchestra named The Painted Elephants were performing for the Queen of England. The orchestra named themselves The Painted Elephants because how loud they were. The conductor’s name was Happy well that was his nickname because he was always happy. The orchestra’s violinist name was Shantel Duvwa she had a very odd violin it was coloured purple. The Queen of England was overfilled with excitement to listen to The Painted Elephants live and in person. The performance started and Halfway in the Queen of England dropped dead on the floor in front of a live television audience watching!

100 w/c by Charlie

There was once a purple platypus who loved playing the violin. His name was Peter and his best friend was a blue elephant named Ella who loved to paint. Peter an Ella were going to swim in the river when out of nowhere two poachers jumped out from a bush and started shooting at Ella, they wanted the ivory in her tusks. The hunters were happy that they had finally found an elephant. Peter swam to the river bank and picked up a stick he started to hit the poachers on the back of the head, they both fell to the ground knocked out. They went home and whilst Ella painted a picture of the poachers Peter played a song on the violin.

The Holiday Renovation by Jessica H

Yesterday I redecorated my bedroom. My dad painted my room but he wouldn’t tell me what colour it was. I haven’t been in my room yet because the paint was still wet. Today I went into my room and the colour was purple and pink which I loved. I walked around my room and saw a big fluffy elephant teddy. I was so happy. My mam walked in with a new violin for me because I broke my last one. This was the best day ever. For the rest of the day I was just upstairs in my room.