The First Day Of School by Mia

Michaela was apphrensive about her first day of school. Her eyes flickered behind her fringe. She went through the black door and into the bustling classroom . The room smelt of eggs and unwashed bibs. ‘ Okay ‘ said Ms. Helga ‘We will run on the astro’ . They went out on the pitch and ran . ‘Hi ‘ said a boy , wearing a Marvel hat. ‘Oh hi’ said Michaela ‘I’m Jake’ said the boy. They were friends for a while . Suddenly Jake started hanging out with a girl called Jane. She was in the other class . Michaela felt isolated. But she had other friends.

Tesco by Niamh

It was a Saturday. I was out with my friend. My mam asked me to go to Tesco to get eggs. My friend Charlotte Black was coming with me. We walked over to Tesco and went to have a look out for the new sweets called Fringe. I was delighted that they had them and I bought them. When we started to walk over to get the eggs the lights started flickering and we could not see a all. We got the eggs and paid. On the way home I slipped and fell and my coat was so mucky so I washed it.

Magic by Oliver

Once upon a time there was a world where there was no black or grey.

There was a person named Miss Fringe and she was a scientist on colours.

She was trying to make black and one day the lights flickered and the colours washed into the middle of the table.

BOOM she traveled into a world where there was only black and white.

“Why am I surrounded by eggs?”she said.

“Fudge this was a black and white world” she said.

Know she nows that black is not a good colour.

BOOM she is back in her world.

In Space by Zach

One day in space there were two astronauts,they were talking to each other . The astronauts were talking about going to the fringe of the galaxy to search for a black hole. They had been in space for two months in search of a black hole. All of a sudden the ship was washed away by some sort of meteorite in the shape of an egg until they realized that they were in a field of eggs. The lights started flickering. Then the ship they were in was falling apart! The astronauts had to use the escape pod to get out of the ship before it fell apart!

The Invasion by Zach

One sunny day the armies of the world gathered at a top secret base. They were troubled because of the colourful army .The colourful army were everywhere in Sydney in Australia,America ,Ireland etc. The colourful army was taking people and turning them into colourful soldiers . The coloured army tried to say “Release our king from the Great Forest of the Jungle”. After the army’s heard every country sent their best men to search for him. The English Navy found the king in an ample space the Navy tried to move him. All of a sudden the couloured army ambushed them before they could even defend themselves. That day it was war fare. The war has been going on for decade.

Army by Oliver

Long, long ago in a colourful universe a lot of people joined an army for peace and they never fought.

The army went to the gym every day to scare the enemy off.

One day the enemy started to go to the gym and the enemy won.

Suddenly they started to attack the enemy and they lost.

They coloured themsleves so that they could sneak in their base and it did not work out.

A fairy came and said” you said that you will not fight and you did win so I will turn you in to a real statue now.”

Lanzarote by Niamh

It was Thursday my mam and dad were on holidays in Lanzarote. They went on a walk on the beach to enjoy the lovely sunny weather. When they were walking up the beach they could see hundreds of coloured statues in the distance. When they got near they walked over for a closer look. My mam touched one of the statues and it moved its hand. My mam ran away with the fright and the statue started to chase her. They got such a fright that they rang the police on the person that was running after them. He got in a lot of trouble with the police.

The Explosion by Mia

Layla was fed up with work. All she wanted to do was work with amphibans or remodel the terracotta army, it was a vision in her head . Not to impersonate Miley Cyrus for incoherent strangers! She was not even paid ample, as she was promised. Unfortunately she could not tell anyone what troubled her. She was upset as she went onstage but still performed amazingly, despite the fact that the microphone emitted a squeaking noise. She was tired and she knew that she should conserve her energy but her heart was not quiet there. Layla decided to take a vacation to Houston and Arizona. Who knows what amphbians she will see over there.

Holidays by Leon

One day in China in the terracotta museum something very weird happened. The army woke up. IN COLOURS!!!!

“Hello Bob long time no see.” Said Joe

“Hello, Hello” He answered.

“I can’t wait to get my hands on some food…. AAAAAAAA my hands, they’re GONE!!!” screamed Joe.

Every body was missing a body part, some where even missing a head!! Everybody were very troubled. Most of them ran into the streets of China. All of them ran to the airport into some of the planes. They all went to different countries of the world Like Australia, Ireland and on and on.

The Witches by Jessica H

There was one night where all was dark and quite .Every one was in their houses scared.Tonight was the night when the witches came out to hunt humans and turned them into statues .For the witches not to come to their houses , they had to put out a rose outside their houses to put a warning to the witches not to come.There was this one house who didn’t do it and can you guess what happened. They were turned into statues and kept with the rest of the other statues in Australia.

The Girl’s Dolls by Holly

Once upon a time there was this girl who loved to play with dolls. When this girl fell asleep her dolls would always come alive and fight in a war. She found out about this and decided to watch them one day. Her dolls were so shocked that they froze and couldn’t move. The girl was kinda scared of them so she ran home. When she went back to place where her dolls were fighting they had all disappeared. 5 hours later her toys were on the news in Sydney Australia frozen and much much bigger. She was so confused.

The Lego People by Emmanuel

Once upon a time in Sydney Australia lived tiny Lego people. The Lego people were very scared because there was a volcano about to erupt. Everyone was told to leave the city, everyone except a few fire fighters who decided to stay and help the city from the volcano. There was one minute till the volcano was about to erupt. Boom burning pieces of rock were flying everywhere wiping out almost all the fire fighters.The rest of the fire fighters decided to go up and try to block it with a large piece of metal. Horray they did it and everyone was happy the end.

A Day Out In Dublin – Emily

One Saturday in the summer. My whole family went on a trip to Dublin. We decided to get the train. I enjoy looking out the window on the train. It took nearly an hour to get there. We did a little shopping in Grafton street. After we saw a giant poster advertising a exhibition of old China army statues in the R.D.S. So we all got on the Luas to the R.D.S. My sister and me were very excited to see what they are like. They were normally terracotta in colour. It was an amazing sight. They were different in colour and there was a lot of them.

Teracotta Army by Darragh

Dan woke up in the hotel room. He went down stairs and had breakfast. As he was reading the paper he heard two people saying that there’s another Terracotta Army in Australia. He decided to go to Australia then. When he got to the airport he got on his plane. When he got there he went to a field to try to find a cave. He went further down the field and had found nothing. Suddenly when he was walking back he fell down a hole and what was right in front of him was the Terracotta Army he was amazed.

Chinese Invaders by Craig

In Sydney 1856. The Chinese invaded Sydney, when they landed in a boat they looked like terracotta soldiers,weird I know but it’s true. The people of Sydney were troubled because they were not prepared to fight, also no one told the military that were on the other side of Australia so they became servants. One night a ship came at the docks it had more terracotta soldiers and a man in a Dragon suit. The next day they were forced to build red, blue ,yellow and green terracotta statues. They did as they were told, because they were told the other choice.

Warm Holidays by Cillian

Charlie and his mam were on the plane heading towards Sydney. When they arrived they got a Taxi to their hotel. “The hotel is beautiful” mam told Charlie. There was ample space in their room for the both of them. Later they went for a nice walk. It was 33 degrees outside so they put some sunscreen on. Suddenly they saw a type of army, it reminded mam of the Terracotta army so she took a picture. After they went back to the hotel and had a nice dinner, they had ice-cream for desert. After they went to their room. They had a nice afternoon.

Australia by Charlie

Me and my family went on a trip to Australia for two weeks. We went to a five star hotel beside a beach near Sydney Opera House. The hotel was excellent, when we got there we unpacked all of our stuff and then went to find a restaurant. The food was delicious, for dessert me and my sister had oreo chocolate cheesecake. The next day we went out for breakfast, the first thing we saw was a load of weird looking multi coloured plastic people wearing tunics.We went into the breakfast place there was an ample amount of people I had eggs, smokey bacon, sausages, grilled tomato and mushrooms.

100 w/c by Brian

One day me and my friends Emmanuel, Aaron and Matthew were going to the beach. We were going in my dad’s car. When we finally got there we saw plastic army men. They were really cool, Emmanuel touched one of them. Then we left them and started swimming we got soaked! Then we dried up and left. We went to my house. And got a takeaway, we got a large munchie box. We were starving after the day we had none of us had eaten. Then we went out to my backgarden and played football. It was a fun and exciting day.

100 w/c by Ben

Two weeks ago I went to Australia. We stayed in a hotel beside the Sydney Opera house. It was called The Ample. It was a five star hotel. One week later we went to a concert at the opera house. On the way back we saw a big army of weird statues. They were painted purple,yellow,green and blue. I was scared because I thought it was a jump scare. Two days later we checked if they were still there. While we were walking up to check, we saw them move. So we ran as fast as we could and went home.

Holiday Dream by Bartosz

Last year me and my family went to Sydney in Australia. That holiday was the best time of my life, well kind of and I’m about to tell you why. On the 15 of June 2018 when we landed we got a taxi to a 5 star hotel. OMG! it was so beautiful my dad thought we were at the wrong hotel. We arrived at about 3:00am so we couldn’t see much but I could tell It would be great. When I woke up in my very comfortable bed I looked out the window and I saw the terracotta army . But as soon as I asked my mam I woke up in my normal bed! Nooo!!!

The Interruption by Ashley

One day, while I was in Australia walking in a town.

I walked around this corner of abandoned apartments and I saw the most astonishing thing, loads of people where frozen in rows and they all were purple, blue, green, white, red and yellow.

A man was standing between all of them and said “Oh, hello there……Ha, You next!!!”

He pointed a weird looking stick at me and was about to say some spell when his phone rang, he answered it “Hello, not now mam I am….. a bit busy……..”

“Cut! Take 5 minute break people, 5 only” Jack said, our producer of the movie.

So we went off for five minutes.

Dance Class by Abby

Jemima and Skye were so excited for their dance class. They were all ready with their bags packed and dance clothes on. Skye’s mam brought them down to the bridge were the dance was on, when they got there Jemima mouthed “the p….p…p people, they are fake”. They realised they were at the wrong place. Eventually they found the right place. Skye said ” there is ample room for every one to dance”. They loved moving and grooving to the dance music but used up a lot of energy. When they got home they told everyone how fun it was.

My Holiday by Aaron

One day me and my family went to Sydney. When we got there we went to our hotel room. After we got our room we went to the beach and saw plastic statues it was insurmountable to get over so we just went back to the hotel, changed and went for dinner. I got pizza, my mam got roast chicken, my dad got a hotdog and my sister got spaghetti bolognase. We went back to the hotel and had strawberry and vanilla ice cream for dessert. After we went back to the warm hotel room and watched an action movie.

But How ? By Zach

One day there was a bunch of kids going to an outdoor campsite called Camp Greenwood. Some kids were talking to their friends on the bus to the camp. But there was one girl who looked like she did not talk to anyone. When the children got off the bus the camp leader did a head count The girl that talked to not one of the other kids was missing. They looked all over the bus. The children thought but how could she just disappear?  No one found her they tried to text and call the parents. Suddenly they heared a scream from the woods and saw trees fall. They heard someone say “RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! NNNOOO!! !!!AAHH”chomp comp…

Dectective by Oliver


“Calm down.What happened?” the detective asked.

“My husband got shot and the murderer has disappeared!” she said.

” Buy how could she just disappear?”the Detecive said.

“I don’t know?”she said.

Now he had no idea were to start

“Let’s go to the house!” said the Decetive.

So he went to the house where the husband got murdered and his blood was raspberry and rudy red.

“Mmm. The husband’s blood is fresh so the murderer is not far, but he maybe got shot from far?” said the Decetive.

“Oh yeah she said that she saw him get shot so he was not shot from far.” said the Decetive.

Ice Cream by Niamh

It was a sunny day. So I asked could we go to an ice-cream place called Pappagallino. My mam and dad said yes. When we got there we had a look at the ice-cream and there was a lot of different flavours. There was raspberry, pistachio, butterscotch, lavender, ebony and watermelon. Eva got raspberry, Liam got butterscotch, Conor got ebony, I got watermelon, my mam got lavender and my dad got pistachio. Eva was the first to get hers and stood to the side. While we were waiting on ours Eva disappeared. We were looking for her all over and we could not find her, but how could she just disappear?

The Land of Colour by Mia

Ruby was worried about her sister, Lavender.She had been gone for a few days but how could she just disappear? Suddenly as if in answer Lavender appeared. ‘Lav I was so worried’ said Ruby .’I know Rubes but come with me ‘She said. They flew into the air. Soon they were in a crazy whirlwind of colour.It was CandyLand . There were candy in shades of ebony,coal ,butterscotch and pistachio.’ Here try some Rubes’ So she did. A burst of fruit hit her ,it was lemon ,lime , grape and raspberry. All her favourites . The girls never left Candyland

Hello by Leon

Joe and Lizzy were in their sitting room watching TV when their friend Johnny came in.

“Hi guys”Said Johnny.




“Wha???? Who’s voice was that!!!!!!!!” shouted Joe.

Linda appeared beside the TV.

“WWWHHHAAATTTTTT!!!!!!!! I want to turn invisible Haw come she gets to turn invisible!!!!” Screamed Joe. Sadly he fell on to the floor and pretended to die.

“My sister gets what ever she wants” He mumbled.

Linda disappeared.

Lizzy disappeared too.


He stormed off to his room.

Johnny started watching the Simpsons.

100 w/c Jessica M

Yey! the children were so exited because they were going to Dublin Zoo to especially see the new born flamingo, Amy. All the class love flamingo including the teacher, Ms Kate. After Dublin Zoo Ms Kate promised to get them ice-cream. When they got to the ice-cream shop she asked them what they wanted, and went to the till. When she turned a girl was not there, she thought but how could she just disappear it was impossible. After a while she was found but she did not get any ice-cream.

Ice-Cream Up Shop by Emmanuel

Once upon a time in a ancient city there was a very dusty ice cream shop that was thousands of years old. One day after school Emmanuel, Bartosz and Ben went into the ice-cream shop. The reason they went into the ice-cream shop was that they had the best ice-cream in the world. They had raspberry, pistachio and lime flavour. But worst of all was the lavender flavour. When they walked in the shopkeeper was gone “but how could she just disappear?” Emmanuel said to himself. The three boys decided to go to the back and found that she was stuffing her face with ice-cream!