100 w/c Emily

It was a hot Summer’s day.  My mother decided to bring me and my friends to Ardillan Castle.  We were excited as we got into the car and headed off. We went straight to the playground. We were all having great fun, climbing and running.  Suddenly one of my friends was sad.  He had lost his favourite Lego man.  We all split up to look for it.  We looked high and low.  Under bushes and up trees. One friend saw a trail of Ladybirds and we all followed them.  We were all in amazement that at the end of the trail was the Lego man, surrounded by ladybirds!

100 w/c Holly

There once was a man called Sean who could do magical things. One suny evening Sean discovered wonderful things that he thought he could never do.  He could turn into anything he wanted, like a dog, cat, tree, pencil, anything really.


Sean woke up to an horrific sound. Before he knew it, he was sucked threw a hole into a future planet.  He saw amazing and horrifying things.  The government took over the world and they could control humans.  The truth is Sean is billions of years old and his imagination created humans but that doesn’t explain the story of how a Lego piece with his name carved onto it is stuck in the Government’s house……

100 w/c – Aaron

One day me and my four friends Mathew, Sean, Darragh, and Ross went through a portal and there was a Lego man saying welcome to Lego. We looked at each other and we were Lego men with ladybirds all over us. Then we walked into a dark, dark forest with a flashlight. We did not like being  Lego men as we were very scared because we had heard a rumour that if you went into the forest that you would be eaten by an unidentified creature. When we heard a roar we ran back.

The whole time it was a dream.

100 w/c – Abby

It all started with the giant Lego castle I had built. I brought it outside where I could play beside my favourite Ladybird tree. As I walked towards the tree I tripped and as you can imagine the Lego was everywhere, one Lego man even landed in with the ladybirds. It was my soldier Lego man, the one I built the castle for in the first place. When I went to pick him up all the ladybirds crawled all over him like they were protecting him. I said to myself “maybe I will give the ladybirds my castle so he can protect them instead”.

100 w/c – Ashley

To: Jack

From: Tom

From : Human country (THAT I DONT KNOW THE NAME OF)

Oh Jack, help me. I am a Lego man not a human!

I found a hous’e with three children a lady and a man, they rip my head off and if thats not bad enough………….THEY HAVE A CAT!!!

Well at least I have the best breakfast,pancakes with the most scrumptious purple sauce.

I got trapped by a million ladybirds on a woodland walk.

After that a swan bit my hand off, a dog licked my face, I got stuck in a tree and finally that cat chewed my face now I look like a frisbee !!!!!!!!!!

Oh great the rotweiler is eating me again.😥


100 w/c – Bartosz

Once upon a time Bitler the leader of the Batzis. Suddenly a thought came through his mind what if I took over the world not just Boland. It was a dreadful idea because then it started a war called WORLD WAR II. First of all Bitler got the spiders to attack Bussia. It went great, they put Bussia under siege. But Boscow was not happy, they were fighting like warriors. Out of nowhere they just gave up. Then they went to Boland. They sent the ladybirds, the strongest of them all. They tried as hard as possible but on the 9th day of the 5th month they surrendered. The Batzis thought they had won. Not for long…….

100 w/c – Cian

CRASH! I don’t know what happened. All I remember was that I was in my house and somehow I vanished in a puff of smoke and ended up floating in the sky. I was floating in the air for a while when suddenly I started to fall. I shouted “HEEELLLLP MEEEEEEE”! I landed on top of a tree and rapidly began to shrink. I tried to scream but I was so petrified I couldn’t. I started to cry but after a while I just fell asleep. When I woke up I started to make a plan. Hopefully I would be able to get back to my normal size with the help of my device and my ladybird friends.

100 w/c – Cillian

Snap! The tree fell down. Mam, dad, my brother  Ted and I were having a picnic in The Phoenix park when a tree fell down. Me and Ted were playing football when this happened. Mam was shocked because it nearly hit her and dad. Mam called us for food and we all started eating. The food was amazing. After that we ate popsicles which mam had brought. We brought Lego to build a massive racing car. Ted brought his favourite Legoman which he left on the trunk of the tree that had fallen over as a memory. We had a outstanding day.

100 w/c – Craig

There are 10 lego people alive. They live underground, where they’re are safe from humans. Michael woke up “adventure day in the upper world” shouted the king. Michael hates humans. But he loves the life and plants. Normally the humans are all ready at the jungle. Michael walked the journey with the king and the others. It is not a hard journey because of the trees, they protected them. Whethey made camp, finally, they could put down the heavy bags. They began sleeping. When everyone was asleep, Michael went with a torch and climbed a chopped down tree, he saw many ladybirds.

100 w/c – Darragh

It was an Autumn day the leaves were blowing in the wind. I was playing with my Lego figure and wondered what it wold be like to be Lego. The next day I woke up and everything was huge. I got a shoe lace and tied it to the pole. I climbed down but when I got down I heard a hissing noise. I looked beside me and saw a spider. I sprinted away. I saw an other person trapped with ladybirds I tried to help him, but I got stuck in them eating us away. A hand grabbed us…

100 w/c – Emmanuel

Hi my name is Luke, and I am a Lego man. I live in Lego World. I love ladybirds more than anything in the world. I have a plan that I would make a ladybirds’ torch. It works so that when ever you want to see the ladybirds  you have to have a special torch called the Ladybird Torch 2000.

The idea is that you could use it when you are upset or when you are stressed because who doesn’t like ladybirds.

Hope that you like my new awesome and cool idea.

100 w/c – Jessica H

 I have to get out of here. I can’t survive another night in Lego Land and people say it’s an amazing place but it’s absolutely horrible, they, (and by they, I mean people!), trap you so you can’t escape. Tonight I’m going into the real world. I can’t wait to be free at last. 

I’m finally here. I’m outside. This place is amazing, just amazing. Imagine sitting on a sunflower with loads of ladybirds ahh!… that would be the life. Oh! no! I hear someone calling my name…. it’s the people… I don’t know if I will survive…

100 w/c – Jessica M

Bang! The tree fell, all that was left was the trunk of the tree, well that’s what I was told. My cousin told me that a tree fell down and on the tree trunk there were a lot of ladybirds surrounding a lego man with a camera. She told me when she saw the lego man it spoke to her and said ” I am just taking a picture of the ladybird”. I did not believe her, she is a big liar. She’s fun to play with but only when she does not lie. It was still nice to hear the story.

100 w/c – Mia

I’m grounded but let me explain .

At the time I was REALLY into Fortnite. So when Skull Trooper came back into the item shop I needed it.

I asked my Mam if iI could get it and she said maybe later . But I was still so excited . I went onto the computer I saw the screen saver was a Lego man covered in ladybirds. I logged into Fortnite and went into the item shop but my friend Carragh joined my party. I said I’d come out later. I secretly got Skull Trooper on Mam’s credit card. Boy was she mad . I got grounded for 2 weeks and never went out with Carragh.

100 w/c – Niamh

It was the Summer holidays. I was going on holidays to Spain. When we arrived we went for dinner. After dinner we went for a walk to the beach. While we were there my little sister saw a crocodile made out of lego! There was a lego man sitting on his back and there was a lot of ladybugs on his back aswell. It was such an amazing piece. We got to meet the team of people who made it. It took seven people to make it. I asked “How many pieces of lego did they use and how long did it take”?

100 w/c – Oliver

One day, a horrible guy named Jack woke up and said “horrible morning!”

“Instruction yey. What are we building today? Maybe a gaint skull!” he sadly grumped.

When he was walking to work, he saw some master builders and whispered, “I wish there wasn’t a master builder”.

7 days later he had captured a master builder and was trying to make him use the instruction for the rest of his life.

“I have a laser gun, so nobody can stop me!” he shouted, but he tripped over a rock and fell in the Doom Hole with the laser gun.

100 w/c – Zach

Once there was a Lego City One figure named Hender. The president sent him on an adventure to look for food.

He set off on his adventure, he had a torch, camera and pistol. The first day of his adventure he climbed a big snowy mountain it started to rain at some stage. The second day he came to a very big spider with four eyes instead of eight. It started to run at him, he ran as fast as he could. Suddenly a lizard ate the spider. Hender found a gap in the path and he crashed into a log. Lady birds started to come out  so he took a picture, suddenly the log fell.

100 w/c – Zach

The year was 1983 it was a nice day. A man named Daineal Orange got up and went to have a bath he turned on the radio on, it said “War Has broken out, the fighters are everywhere!”

Daniel packed up for the army when the letter came to his home. After five weeks since war broke out Daineal very clumsily dropped his gun on the ground. Suddenly all the shooting stopped and music was playing. The enemy raised a white flag. The enemy army danced and peace was made they said “Let’s not dwell on the past.”

BANG a shot was let out…

100 w/c – Rhys

My name is Sam I’m 11 years old, I danced the night away at my cousin’s party to Kung Fu Fighter. Even though I was dancing very clumsyily, it was a great night. I couldn’t wait to get home and relax in a nice hot bath as my legs were aching. When I was finished in the bath I went to bed to try get some sleep.I think I over did the dancing as my legs were so sore. I eventually got to sleep. I woke up with no aches. I was very happy to see the organge sun rising.

100 w/c – Niamh

It was a Saturday and a rainy day. I was having a lazy day. I needed to call my little brother in because it started to rain. When I came back in I needed to have a bath because the mud splashed up on me. When I got out of the bath my big brother was running down the stairs because there was a fighter on the television. After the fight there was a dancer on the television. She was amazing! When she finished dancing the next person that danced, danced very clumsily. The 1st person won the dance competition her name was Milly Orange.

100 w/c – Mia

Sara was an MMA fighter. One day Sara took a bath. As it was running she danced around clumsily. When her bath was finally ready the water was bright orange, but Sara got in. S he closed her eyes and relaxed. When she dried herself she noticed that she was Cheeto orange.

“AARRGGGHH”, she yelled. Sara scrubbed herself. It would not come off . So she went to hospital. It was eight pm . By the time she was seen to it was 2 am. The small nurse gave her a saline bath. It stung. After that incident Sara was a lot more noticing.

100 w/c – Leon

The Illuminati King is the king of all the illuminatis. ( As you might have guessed because it is in his name. )

He is a great fighter. He learnt his skills in the BATH land , which is in Bath world.

He only danced once, when he was about 7 and this is very sad.

His castle is completely orange with tons of clumsily made illuminati statues.

He is friends with Mr Yety and POGO.

He is very rich. ( Not as rich as Mr Yety but rich enough. )

He has 500 servants and butlers and 50 body gards armed from their toes to their teeth !!!!!

He is very happy in his castle.

100 w/c – Jessica M


What was that? Nothing.

What was it Ellie Orange?

It was just me hitting off the bath.

Mam can I go to hip hop?

How come you want to go to hip hop all of a sudden?

I want to be a dancer when I grow up so I need to learn to dance.

Did you know Molly wanted to be a fighter when she grews up, although she does it clumsily?

That does not matter, are you sure you want to go to hip hop?

Yes I am sure.

Ok then I will sign you up.

100 w/c Jessica H

Once there was a dancer called Layla she loved to dance but sometimes she danced very clumsily .There was a big dance competition coming up and she really wanted to go if her dance teacher would let her .It was the day when Layla’s dance teacher picked who was going to the competition. There were five people going all together. Layla’s two friends got in and two other girls and Layla! Layla was so happy, as soon as she went home she had a pink bubbly bath. The day of the competition arrived and boy was she a fighter , she danced so amazingly that she won the competition.

100 w/c – Holly

Once upon a time there was a girl who fell in love with a prince. She knew he would never want her because she wasn’t a princess. He was a strong fighter but he was definitely not a lover. One day on the news there was a video of the prince dancing clumsily in the bath. He slipped and fell and got rushed to hospital. Emily Orange (the girl who fell in love with him) was going to the hospital that same day. She met him in the hospital and she was very disappointed in him. He wasn’t the person she thought he was in person, he was very disrespectful and rude.

100 w/c – Emmanuel

It was fight night and everybody was excited. It was Leon Orange fighting against Dave Clumsily. But for some strange reason instead of the fight being in the octagon, it was in a Bath Tub, not just any Bath Tub a huge one. The fighter everyone wanted to win was Leon Orange because he was so good .Leon was undefeated, hopefully that would change tonight. The fight started and Leon kept on swinging but couldn’t land his punches. Dave went for a punch he had knocked out Leon. Everyone was so dazzled. The winner was Dave. Dave danced because he was so happy and he got a huge belt.

100 w/c – Emily

It finally came, Halloween night .I dressed up as a scary zombie and my sister dressed up as an orange pumpkin.My father brought us trick or treating. We had lots of fun going house to house. We met a boy dressed up as a samurai fighter. After we went went to a massive bonfire and we danced around the bonfire clumsily after a while we went home because it was getting so late. My mam said”you smell like smoke”. So I got a bath and watched tv and ate sweets for a while then I went to bed.

100 w/c – Darragh

It was 20 years ago, the streets were quiet. I stepped into the old house.T here was an old switch, I flicked it and lights came on there was an orange glow. I walked into a room and it had a old bath in it. Suddenly I heard a noise from the kitchen, I walked with caution. I didn’t see anything just dust that danced away. Then something came out of the wall, it looked like a spirit. I ran clumsily knocking down a vase. A spirit came out dressed like a fighter, it had an axe and threw it at the door. I ran out catching my breath when suddenly…!

100 w/c – Craig

The parade is finally here, the St. Patricks’parade. I was at the parade. Firstly I saw advertising oabout baths, please who wants a bath when you can have a shower I thought. Secondly there were drums that you strap around your back. Thirdly there were fighters on back of a truck. Next were all the football, gaelic, hurling, hockey and athletics clubs. Mr Orange the singer sang Shotgun. Dancers behind him danced to the tune. After that a stormtrooper walked clumsily down the road. Next a van came over and gave out Whispas, Double Decker bars and bags of candy.

100 w/c – Cillian

It was Saturday 2 minutes before the Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov re-match. The fight was located in Bath,UK. There were a lot of famous people in the arena, one of them was a famous fighter called Tony Ferguson. He was up for Conor. When Conor and Khabib were walking out for there weigh-ins someone from the crowd threw an orange at Khabib and everyone started cheering and laughing. When they were nearly ready in the ring, Conor danced his signature move. The match started and everyone cheered. In the third round, Conor got a lovely hit on Khabib and he fell clumsily. Conor won. I had a wonderful time.