The Dark Woods – by Emily

There were three brothers, they lived on a farm.  One day they decided to go to the dark woods.  In the distance they saw an old cottage.  The three brothers went into it.  They saw a witch, she was stirring a cauldron.  There were green flames coming out it.  There were potions on the wall.  One was ginormous.  The brothers wanted to be hefty.  The witch said, ‘I have a potion for that.’

The boys were happy but she wanted something back.  The brothers emptied their pockets.  The witch said, ‘that’ll do.’

The boys got the potion. They drank it. They turned into statues. One was a horese, one a goat and one a bull. For ever. Never to be seen again.


100 w/c – Darragh

One day I was sitting on the damp cold grass. Then Link told me the blod moon was going to shine tonight. Link told me to hurry up before the spirity came.  I stoop up and asked where we were going. To the coast we ran as as as we could.  We stopped at a stable and decided to ride a horse there.  We were told not to go outside but a few people were outside. The knights went outside. They did not come bakc so me and Link decided to ou out even though the guards siad it was too dangerous.

When it was over we went outside and saw big, white chess pieces.

Farmers by Oliver

In the old days farmers had to kill a lot of animals . There were two types of animals that were hard to kill. One of them was a angry bull. The second one was a harry goat. I know that, I wrote two, but there is a third one and it is a cute horse. As a result, if a farmer killed one of them, he would chop off its head and put it on a stick . Now they putted concrete over it, and put it in a museum, so people can look at it .

The Wedding – by Niamh

On Monday I was going on holidays for one week. When I got over there my friend sent me a text to invite me to his wedding on the following week. I told him I was on holiday and I would see if I could get a flight over in time for the wedding. I managed to get a flight for Friday so I Rang my friend to let him know the good news . When I arrived all the guests had masks on them! But there was three masks that caught my eye. It was a bull, a goat and a horse. They were the biggest scariest masks I ever saw !!

100 w/c – by Mia

I woke up and decided I would go for a walk in the valley . So I got up and dressed then I had breakfast I had French toast and Nutella . Afterwards I set off I walked for about an hour and was hungry so I found a little hut . I knocked the door ,a little woman answered.

” Hello do you want something to eat?” she said.

“Yes, please

I got some cheese cake made of goats milk. The house was ugly. “Thank you” I said”goodbye ” said the woman. I set off again ready to do anything. In a field I turned into a goat I’m still there I’m half human frozen to the spot.

Po Go by Leon

PO-GO is a alien pet that is friendly to people and is very intelligent He lives on the desert in his sand mansion that is made out of sandstone. He has lots of friends. His best friends are three aliens with animal heads and with long white cloak. They love playing Sly Fox together. ( PO-GO’s friends are masters at it but PO-GO is still good at it). They live on Mars but they try to visit as much as they can. PO-GO works as an inventor in

The Animal Statues by Jessica H

There were three animals. A bull a horse and a goat. The bull was called Harris the horse was called Daisy and the goat was called Billy. They were just having an ordinary day all of a sudden a huge gush of wind came. All the animals were swept up into mid air.

“I don’t feel well,” they all groaned .

They felt weird they couldn’t hear a thing except for a buzzing sound. Out of nowhere they fell out of the sky and onto the ground. Everyone and everything went back to normal except for the animals, they turned into statues and stayed like that forever.

The Bullies – by Emmanuel

One day Harry was getting ready for school. Harry hated school so much, the reason was because he would always get bullied.The bullies’ names were Peter,Dave and John.When harry was coming back from school on Monday he dashed to his room and was planning a potion to turn the bullies into animals not just any animals,animal statues. So in P.E class Harry slipped the potion into their drinks.After P.E when they went for a drink they would each turn into a sheep,horse and a goat when the bullies drank they turned into animal statues in Dublin Zoo.

Klu Klux Klan – by Craig

Once apon a time the Ku Klux Klan had a tower in London. They prepared for a ceremony with their Gods. They believed in three Gods. Goat God, which makes them make noise example talk and snap fingers. Horse God, gave them speed and movement. Buffalo God gave them strength and able to lift stuff.

” Builders build statues of our Gods!” shouted Chap the leader of the Ku Klux clan. They all said yes to him.

” Attack now!” said Martin .

” Sir attackers,” said his warrior.

Martin burned every thing in sight.

” Let them finish their stupid build ” said Martin Luther King. The day was won.

Trip to Galway – by Cillian

It was a week before my mam’s birthday and we decided to go somewhere nice to celebrate.We ended up picking Galway because my mam thought it was a nice place.My mam and I decided to bring my granny and grandad because we hadn’t seen them in ages.My mam booked a hotel in a small town called Ahascragh.The next week we packed up and left for Galway.On our way there we stopped in a place to eat and we saw three weird statues that looked like a horse,a bull,and a goat.We had a great time.

The Three Men and a Giant – by Cian

In 2057 Ireland was being attacked by a giant. Everyone was terrified except three men Sean, Oisin and Fionn. They had a plan to kill the giant. They were expecting the attack since 2049. So they got prepared with large amounts of firepower and an ancient sword they stole from a temple in South Africa. As the giant leaped from Scotland onto the Mourne mountains the three men had their weapons ready. They built a robotic army to help them win the battle with the giant. During the battle a witch appeared and cast a geis on the three men and the giant. The giant died and the three men where turned into statues of a bull, a goat and a horse.

The Animal Heads – by Charlie

Once upon a time there was a war being fought between Mankind and Animals.

Mankind kept killing the animals for meat so they fought back.They killed loads of humans they attacked all over the world.The war went on for six years.The biggest battle was in Ireland.The pigs,cows,chickens,dogs and birds attacked Dublin.The people were scared but some fought back,the military from Ireland,England, and Spain barely managed to win.The last battle was off the coast of Australia.Mankind won after three weeks of non stop fighting the animals surrendered.Then they made a treaty and mankind agreed not to kill any more animals.Then sculptures of animals were made.

The Three Dead Animals by Brian

One day a boy called Brian was having a walk on the beach. And he came across three animal heads.He was confused why they were there.He said he should look it up online so he ran home to his house, to look it up and it said it was in memory of the three ancient animals who died on the beach. They were killed for meat by a poor family that was desperate for food ,Brian had a think about it and he went back down to the beach and saw the name of the personwperson who killed the animals it was John Flanagan he was arrested.

The Unusual Figures – by Ben

Once upon a time there were three unusual figures. I was walking in the green one day and I noticed something very unusual so I told my friends I wanted to go see it ,they said they wanted to join in . We noticed they were not real. The statues were a horse ,bull and a goat. And I was very interested and wanted to learn more. So I went home later that day and asked my parents did they know any history about these unusual figures ,they didn’t know much or anything really. I went on to the internet and I found some really weird facts I was shocked .The internet said they went missing from America in 1999. On the day after me and my friends went back to the park. They were…

Three Statues by Bartosz

One day on a farm west of Ohio.3 statues appeared one goat one cow one bull.First day everything was normal but at night all the farmers heard a mighty wind.And their most valued tree it was a hundred years old disappeared. Everyone was blaming the statues.They tried everything to dig them out of the ground but it didn’t work.So the farmers came to a conclusion that they will burn that part of the land.After awhile just before they where going to burn it they saw a truck.And in the back of the truck there was the tree.They all cheered and a new farmer moved in to the house that they made with the wood.It all ended well.

The Last Text – by Ashley

It all started when me and my friends were driving to a dance competition. We were having a great time. My friend was driving and I was looking at my phone, showing them all funny pictures. Then I got a funny text message from this annoying boy in our school, when all of a sudden I heard a voice saying ‘this is your last text’. I thought I was just hearing things, so carried on and showed the text to my friend that was driving and suddenly the car crashed into the curb……..

Next thing, I woke up and found myself in front of three mysterious ghost animals that said “We told you that it would be your last text”…..

The Magical Door

One sunny after noon, Jessica and I went walking through the forest park, chatting and laughing. Suddenly we found a secret door. We were a little frightened but decided to go through it. At first it was a very dark forest but as we walked down this long pathway a waterfall appeared. The water was shining in the sunshine like glitter. Behind the waterfall we noticed two colourful flying unicorns. We hopped on and they brought us to giant animal ornaments. The unicorns sprinkled some magic dust on top of them and they came alive. We played with them for the rest of the day.

Aliens From Bong Bong by Aaron

Once I was playing with my friends and we saw 3 poles with animal heads on them. We were like where did they come from and then we saw a ufo with lots of aliens they were like they are from our planet called Bong Bong and they said we like cheese and so do you if you don’t we will force you to. It’s so easy to make so we went with them and ate lots of cheese and they said the heads were made of cheese so we went back home and played fortnite ate the cheese heads.