100 w/c – Zach

The year was 1983 it was a nice day. A man named Daineal Orange got up and went to have a bath he turned on the radio on, it said “War Has broken out, the fighters are everywhere!”

Daniel packed up for the army when the letter came to his home. After five weeks since war broke out Daineal very clumsily dropped his gun on the ground. Suddenly all the shooting stopped and music was playing. The enemy raised a white flag. The enemy army danced and peace was made they said “Let’s not dwell on the past.”

BANG a shot was let out…

100 w/c – Rhys

My name is Sam I’m 11 years old, I danced the night away at my cousin’s party to Kung Fu Fighter. Even though I was dancing very clumsyily, it was a great night. I couldn’t wait to get home and relax in a nice hot bath as my legs were aching. When I was finished in the bath I went to bed to try get some sleep.I think I over did the dancing as my legs were so sore. I eventually got to sleep. I woke up with no aches. I was very happy to see the organge sun rising.

100 w/c – Niamh

It was a Saturday and a rainy day. I was having a lazy day. I needed to call my little brother in because it started to rain. When I came back in I needed to have a bath because the mud splashed up on me. When I got out of the bath my big brother was running down the stairs because there was a fighter on the television. After the fight there was a dancer on the television. She was amazing! When she finished dancing the next person that danced, danced very clumsily. The 1st person won the dance competition her name was Milly Orange.

100 w/c – Mia

Sara was an MMA fighter. One day Sara took a bath. As it was running she danced around clumsily. When her bath was finally ready the water was bright orange, but Sara got in. S he closed her eyes and relaxed. When she dried herself she noticed that she was Cheeto orange.

“AARRGGGHH”, she yelled. Sara scrubbed herself. It would not come off . So she went to hospital. It was eight pm . By the time she was seen to it was 2 am. The small nurse gave her a saline bath. It stung. After that incident Sara was a lot more noticing.

100 w/c – Leon

The Illuminati King is the king of all the illuminatis. ( As you might have guessed because it is in his name. )

He is a great fighter. He learnt his skills in the BATH land , which is in Bath world.

He only danced once, when he was about 7 and this is very sad.

His castle is completely orange with tons of clumsily made illuminati statues.

He is friends with Mr Yety and POGO.

He is very rich. ( Not as rich as Mr Yety but rich enough. )

He has 500 servants and butlers and 50 body gards armed from their toes to their teeth !!!!!

He is very happy in his castle.

100 w/c – Jessica M


What was that? Nothing.

What was it Ellie Orange?

It was just me hitting off the bath.

Mam can I go to hip hop?

How come you want to go to hip hop all of a sudden?

I want to be a dancer when I grow up so I need to learn to dance.

Did you know Molly wanted to be a fighter when she grews up, although she does it clumsily?

That does not matter, are you sure you want to go to hip hop?

Yes I am sure.

Ok then I will sign you up.

100 w/c Jessica H

Once there was a dancer called Layla she loved to dance but sometimes she danced very clumsily .There was a big dance competition coming up and she really wanted to go if her dance teacher would let her .It was the day when Layla’s dance teacher picked who was going to the competition. There were five people going all together. Layla’s two friends got in and two other girls and Layla! Layla was so happy, as soon as she went home she had a pink bubbly bath. The day of the competition arrived and boy was she a fighter , she danced so amazingly that she won the competition.

100 w/c – Holly

Once upon a time there was a girl who fell in love with a prince. She knew he would never want her because she wasn’t a princess. He was a strong fighter but he was definitely not a lover. One day on the news there was a video of the prince dancing clumsily in the bath. He slipped and fell and got rushed to hospital. Emily Orange (the girl who fell in love with him) was going to the hospital that same day. She met him in the hospital and she was very disappointed in him. He wasn’t the person she thought he was in person, he was very disrespectful and rude.

100 w/c – Emmanuel

It was fight night and everybody was excited. It was Leon Orange fighting against Dave Clumsily. But for some strange reason instead of the fight being in the octagon, it was in a Bath Tub, not just any Bath Tub a huge one. The fighter everyone wanted to win was Leon Orange because he was so good .Leon was undefeated, hopefully that would change tonight. The fight started and Leon kept on swinging but couldn’t land his punches. Dave went for a punch he had knocked out Leon. Everyone was so dazzled. The winner was Dave. Dave danced because he was so happy and he got a huge belt.

100 w/c – Emily

It finally came, Halloween night .I dressed up as a scary zombie and my sister dressed up as an orange pumpkin.My father brought us trick or treating. We had lots of fun going house to house. We met a boy dressed up as a samurai fighter. After we went went to a massive bonfire and we danced around the bonfire clumsily after a while we went home because it was getting so late. My mam said”you smell like smoke”. So I got a bath and watched tv and ate sweets for a while then I went to bed.

100 w/c – Darragh

It was 20 years ago, the streets were quiet. I stepped into the old house.T here was an old switch, I flicked it and lights came on there was an orange glow. I walked into a room and it had a old bath in it. Suddenly I heard a noise from the kitchen, I walked with caution. I didn’t see anything just dust that danced away. Then something came out of the wall, it looked like a spirit. I ran clumsily knocking down a vase. A spirit came out dressed like a fighter, it had an axe and threw it at the door. I ran out catching my breath when suddenly…!

100 w/c – Craig

The parade is finally here, the St. Patricks’parade. I was at the parade. Firstly I saw advertising oabout baths, please who wants a bath when you can have a shower I thought. Secondly there were drums that you strap around your back. Thirdly there were fighters on back of a truck. Next were all the football, gaelic, hurling, hockey and athletics clubs. Mr Orange the singer sang Shotgun. Dancers behind him danced to the tune. After that a stormtrooper walked clumsily down the road. Next a van came over and gave out Whispas, Double Decker bars and bags of candy.

100 w/c – Cillian

It was Saturday 2 minutes before the Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov re-match. The fight was located in Bath,UK. There were a lot of famous people in the arena, one of them was a famous fighter called Tony Ferguson. He was up for Conor. When Conor and Khabib were walking out for there weigh-ins someone from the crowd threw an orange at Khabib and everyone started cheering and laughing. When they were nearly ready in the ring, Conor danced his signature move. The match started and everyone cheered. In the third round, Conor got a lovely hit on Khabib and he fell clumsily. Conor won. I had a wonderful time.

100 w/c – Cian

In a primary school called St. Johns in England there was the worst teacher ever! His name was Mr. Bath. All Mr. Bath did was work and nobody knew why he was so grumpy! Then one day Mr. Bath was not in school because he was sick so the class had a substitute teacher. The teachers name was Mr. Orange. As Mr. Orange came into the class he clumsily slipped on a banana skin. All the children started to laugh and so did he. After he got up he pranced and danced around and suddenly started doing karate moves like he was a professional fighter. He walked over to his desk and shouted, “HI KIDS MY NAME IS MR. ORANGE!”.

100 w/c – Charlie

Once upon a time I went to a party I wore an orange t-shirt.It was a very good party we had a humongous obstacle course bouncy castle.I danced very clumsily.Then we put on a movie with a fighter called Throx,he had to fight loads ginormous monsters.The next day me and my family went to a circus.There were loads of acts people in a steel cage went on motorbikes they were extremely loud.People were using throwing knifes that were on fire.Then we went to Mc Donald’s I had a Big Mac,we went home,my Mam had a bath.The two days were extremely fun.

100 w/c – Brian

One day the fighter called Conor McGregor was having a bath. He left his orange juice beside the bath and it fell into the bath, he was covered in orange juice so he just got out and had a shower. On Tuesday, Conor McGregor had a fight against Emmanuel Cullen. Conor McGregor had him on the ground and he danced in celebration. But he clumsily fell backwards and Emmanuel Cullen got back up and jumped on him.Emmanuel Cullen won the fight and then he celebrated instead of Conor McGregor.Conor McGregor was so annoyed with himself after that result.

100 w/c Ben

It is the night of UFC 229. The main event is Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurgamedov.

First fights are the undercard. The training for Conor was hard. He had to eat an orange as well for Khabib. A few hours before the fight they got in a bath and did an ab workout. They have been training for more than six months.

I’m on Mcregor’s side because he’s from Dublin. Conor McGregor is my favourite fighter. On the night of the fight Mcregor lost by a rare naked choke that made him tap. The night was over and Khabib won in the 5th round. At the end of the fight khabib attacked Conor but Conor didn’t press any charges and khabib dan

100 w/c Bartosz

In Bath UK, the fighter named O’Shea clumsily danced around the ring until the other fighter came in. Suddenly he got a whack and another smack. O’Shea said he was weak and he lost the fight. His orange eyes were tearing up even though he was acting big. The next day everyone found out he wears a wig. Now his record is 0 wins 1 loss. The other fighter was good. Very great indeed. His record is 101 and 17. People were amazed by his record. The other guy’s name was George St Peire. The other fighter was great I have to admit.

100 w/c – Ashley

Hello,this is the Daily Mail and today we are going to be telling you about weird,wonderful and funny news.

In Canada people are celebrating a day called “Water Sunday”.

Your probably wondering “what is that?” well it is when lots of people go outside and have a bath! Now that is weird!!!

The famous Jong Chau, the Japanese fighter, was at his boxing match.But was very clumsily beaten.He fell over his own foot, after that he walked into the ropes and finally his opponent boxed his arm and Jong boxed himself !!!

Georgia Darcy, the hip hop dancer, fans went MAD because they saw her eating an orange! Sadly the crowd wasso big that four people were taken hospital. Thankfully not life threatening and two were arrested .

100 w/c Abby

One sunny evening, Isabella and Olivia had just gotten out of a nice warm bath. After their bath they got into their pyjamas . Suddenly ,their mam called them,

‘I have a suprise for you, Im bring you to the the WWE fight tomorrow night.’

The girls danced with joy and laughter. They both loved WWE wrestling. They raced up to bed as quick as they could. The morning finally came and the girls were so excite., Olivia put orange juice clumsily into her cereal . If the girls see their favourite fighter it will be the best trip ever.

100 w/c – Aaron

There is a new thing called UFB, it is when there are two fighters in a bath and they fight but they fight clumsily. One day the first fight in UFB was happening. The fighters started to fall out and the crowd danced. After the fight the winner was decidedby who the most beautiful. After the fight they go and eat lots of oranges and have a nice bath. I can’t wait till the Connor McGreger vs Khbaib rematch, but this time in the UFB and I will be front row.  I’m also going to the weigh in.

100 w/c – Emily

It was the 18th of July .Me and my family Were going to Spain.My neighbour brought us to the ginormous airport. It took 20 mins.I got check in it was boring.After that I got something to eat and I went shopping. I got on the plane and went on my phone. It took 2hr 30 mins .I met my nanny and granddad I was so exhausted so I went to my big bed . Next day I got dress and watch tv . Then I went to a town called Getaria. I went to a bub I got prawns and coke . I went home and played with my friends called susana and malen all day

100 w/c Zach

One sunny day when my family and I went on a trip to Corck and for a big wedding.

We stopped for something hot to eat and drink a soft drink at Mc Donals it reminded

me of a time when,we all had to eat before we went to the airport.On the way to Corck

we saw a lot of big white sheep,brown black and white horses and very big cows. It

Toock two long hours but we got there in the end , the hotel we stayed it was

Wonderful. We got to see our cousins Rory and Lorca their parents were getting married. After the party we went to see my mom’s friend that lives in Corck after we went home we all said goodbye to everyone.

100 w/c – Cian

One day I was doing my homework minding my own business when suddenly the ground started to shake. I was scared. The ground started to move again so I decided to climb to the top of my house because I thought it would be safe up there. As I started to climb out my window I saw it was blocked by a massive tree so I decided to stay inside my house. This reminded me of a time I was watching a video with my class about an earth quake in Hawaii. Eventually it stopped. I was so happy I survived but the bad thing was I still had to finish my homework!

100 w/c by Rhys

I can’t remember much

As I was so tired from a hard day in school what I do remember is doing my homework and eating my dinner I didn’t go out because I had no energy so I just chilled out on the sofa watching television and then I went to bed read a bit of my book Diary of a whimpy kid before I turned off the light and went to sleep I didn’t stay asleep long as I had a nightmare it was horrible I eventually went back asleep and slept till my mom called me for school this reminded me of a time when I had a nightmare in my granny’s house

100 w/c – Ashley

”Wake up Lilly !” I was rudely awoken by the sound of my mam shouting at me. Just then I remembered I was going on holidays! I leaped out of bed like a flash of lightning.

A few hours later, finally I am on the plane on the way to Lanzarote!

I am in my apart-hotel now and I just saw a little girl fall. It reminded me of a time when I broke my ankle, it was very sore. I was only four and the ward was very scary at night time and smelled horrible. Oh and the creaks and sounds, I hate thinking about it!

Well I’m off to the pool, fingers crossed I don’t break any bones!

100 w/c – Jessica H

Today was a great day at school. We had the ipads today and we watched a movie called the Little Mermaid it reminded me of a time when I went swimming with my parents and I wore a mermaid tail oh… that was a quite funny day because what happened was my brother fell into the freezing cold pond but he was okay thank god.After that situation we went to get ice- cream.I got bubble gum flavour and my brother also got bubble gum my mam and dad didn’t get any ice-cream that was a amazing day.

100 w/c – Cillian

It was Saturday,me and my whole family were in the sitting room watching Athletic Bilbao the team that I support play Barcelona in the Champions League Final.Bilbao were playing at home the stadium was extremely loud and bright.It was 7 o,clock when the referee blew his whistle for kick off.It was a very tight game until the 35 minute,Barca scored a goal it was a penalty.Just before halftime Bilbao scored a goal from outside the box.At halftime Bilbaos best player got injured it reminded me of a time when I broke my lag playing football.Bilbao ended up winning 2-1.It was the best day of my life

100 w/c – Craig

I was coming home after school. When I got home there was a note. It said Dad are working till midnight, behave xoxo Mum. I was shocked to hear that. “What’s their boss doing, making them work overtime?” I thought. I updated Fortnite season 7. There was a new place called Hyper Holiday. I went there also a lot of players going there to. When I saw it, it reminded of a time when we were on holidays in Spain. When all the tap water was too hot to drink from. Then I died, last place, I raged so hard I broke the tv.

100 w/c Leon

Friday October 6th 3413

The day was all most over. All the forces have been transported here. ( Gammoo* valley. ) It reminds me of the time when the battle over at Hlada* was on. It was also in a valley. Any ways we’re predicting that the Kasteos will atack tommarow at sun rise so we’ll be ready.

Saterday October 7th 3413

We won. Sorry but I have to go. I’ll be late for the party.

Sunday October 8th 3413

Sorry about yesturday. I couldn’t wait untill the feast. It was so much fun. There was a disco, food and on and on and on. I’ll tell you about the battle. So we all hid and when they came- BAM!!! They gave up straight away. So now when you think about it there wasn’t much to be celebrating about.

🦑By General Squex.🦑