100 w/c – Abby

One bright evening, my five friends and I were playing tip the can, Nancy was on she counted to 30 slow. Katie hid in the bin, Alicia hid in the car, Sarah hid the car, Caoimhe and I saw this door we said , “ I wonder what was behind the door “ we then went through the door. It looks like it was in the 1930, we quickly tried to go, but the door disappeared . We tried looking for it but suddenly caoimhe saw Katie. We ran up to her and she pulled us home. I said, ”we’re never playing this game again.”

100 w/c Emmanuel

It was a very spooky Halloween night and everyone was afraid to go out this year, because there was a man eating serial killer going around. My mum was gone out which left me and my lazy brother alone. I was too scared to go out , so I just decided to stay in my room and play on my xbox . Suddenly I heard a loud knock my bedroom door. At first I thought it was my brother then I realised that my brother was asleep. I wondered what was behind the door.Then the door slowly opened …. it was my mum.

100 w/c – Emily

Early Christmas Eve morning my sister and me woke up our mother and father. We had a wonderful breakfast. My father brought us on a long walk. When we got back we watched a good Christmas film to get us in the Christmas spirit. After we got on our fluffy new pyjamas for Santa. My sister and I were getting excited to see what the morning would bring. I went to bed and I read a story. It finally came, Christmas! My sister and I woke up our mother and father. We saw footprints on the floor and I wondered what was behind the door…. it was lots of presents

100 w/c – Darragh

I ran out of the abandoned house while catching my breath. I heard a strange noise coming from the house I wondered what was behind the door. I remember it was the spirit of the house. I ran down the street and went home. I got the key and opened it and went inside. I ran upstairs and went to my room. BANG! BANG! I ran downstairs and answered the door nobody was there. I went back to my room then I heard it again BANG! BANG! I ran downstairs and opened the door a man stood there in a cloak…

100 w/c Craig

Ding! ding! ding! David and Andrew and I walked out of school. Happily we walked home we saw an abandoned house. “are you wimps coming? ” said Andrew. It is a tall house and a giant tree is stuck on top of the roof.Slowly we opened the door it creaked, Daivd flicked the light switch, the lights came on. There were no cobwebs surprisingly. I saw a shadow and heard a door close. Daivd saw the door close. I wonder what was behind the door. I think Andrew was a little scared from his face. ”Open it”said Andrew. I opened it.

100 w/c – Cillian

It was Thursday and I had just come back from football training.I went upstairs and had a shower. After a while my mum called me for my dinner. I finished having my dinner and went upstairs to play on my Xbox. I close my door and played Fortnite with some of my friends. Later, my mum told me that she was going to take out the bins. I was waiting for my mum to come back, I heard someone walking down the stairs of the attic. I was shaking with fear so I rang the guards as quick as lightning. Suddenly I heard someone knock on my bedroom door I wondered what was behind the door….

100 w/c Cian

My friend John and I were walking in the park when suddenly a weird looking spacecraft hovered down from the sky. The people in the park ran away screaming but John and I were very fascinated so we just stood there. We saw a black figure on top of the spacecraft. It said “DO NOT BE SCARED WE COME IN PEACE”. “Why are you here?” I asked. “We’ve come for a collection” the dark figure said. “Come into our craft and we will show you”. We went into the craft and the room went pitch black. I had my hand on a handle when suddenly the lights went back on. I wondered what was behind the door…

100 w/c – Charlie

I had Tae KwonDo in Castlelands Community Centre. I walked inside nobody was there, I strolled over to the receptionist desk there was also nobody there. So I rang the bell. Five minutes past,at this point I was bursting to go to the toilet so I slowly walked into the cubicle, it was dead silent. I creeped out of the cubicle and washed my hands . Then I heard something from a locked cubicle, it was a tapping noise and then a high pitch scratch. I looked down there was a pool of blood. I wondered what was behind the door…

100 w/c Brian

One Halloween night I went out with my family. We came home and I went upstairs to play on my Xbox. I was playing with Emmanuel,Charlie and Aaron.We were playing fifa 19. Suddenly the door opened I wondered what was behind the door. It was my step dad Vinny he asked if I wanted to come down to watch Liverpool v Arsenal. Liverpool scored but the referee said it was offside but it wasn’t. Later in the second half James Milner scored and it was Liverpool 1-0 Arsenal. Near the end of the match Alexander Lacazette made it Liverpool 1-1 Arsenal.

100 w/c Ben

Once upon a time there was a old, dirty haunted house in Berlin. People call it the slaughter house. There was a rumour that a young beautiful woman was stabbed in this house. On the 31st of October Halloween night me and my friend John were having a sleepover in his house. We decided that we would sneak out at 2am to go check the haunted house out. As we got closer to the house I wondered what was behind the door, we went inside and the door slammed behind us, we heard a voice whisper “ you are not going anywhere”…

100 w/c – Bartosz

Come on Tom.


Under this branch.

LOOK over there?

What? OMG why is there this huge door against this mountain?

Let’s knock on it.


Hello anyone here?

Not these pesky humans again.

I guess we can a eat them for supper.

You could come in.

We can’t the door is too big.

Okay sorry now come in.

WHAT are you?

We are giants we come from the mountains.

Okay could we come in.

Yeah but take off your shoes.

Come to the sitting room.

I have a question what are those things.

Come to the back I’ll show you haw to make them .



100 w/c Ashley

I looked out the window and saw a white van with the word ‘Removals’ on it.

When I went downstairs my two sisters were jumping up and down screaming, “We’re moving !!!”

I asked my mam and dad are we seriously moving and they said ‘yes’!

You’ll never guess what……..I am in my new house!

Me and my sisters were checking out our rooms, when I found a secret door.

Oh, I wondered what was behind the door !?!

As I was approaching the door I felt very nervous but also a tiny bit excited.

As I was opening the squeaky door, all I could see was luminous green!

Suddenly my sisters pushed me in !!!!!!!

AAAAAHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!! I screamed.

100 w/c Aaron

One day I was playing hide and seek with my four friends. Matthew, Seán, Darragh,Ross. Ross was counting first. I hid in the basement. Sean hid in the shed and Matthew hid in the toilet. Ross Counted to 100 then I heard a noise further down the basement I ran out and shouted help. I put my ear against the door I wondered what was behind the door.My friends came and the door opened. My friend hit the weird predator thing that was behind the door. It ran away we said what was that.We were scared and ran out of the house.

100 w/c Emily

It was a hot Summer’s day.  My mother decided to bring me and my friends to Ardillan Castle.  We were excited as we got into the car and headed off. We went straight to the playground. We were all having great fun, climbing and running.  Suddenly one of my friends was sad.  He had lost his favourite Lego man.  We all split up to look for it.  We looked high and low.  Under bushes and up trees. One friend saw a trail of Ladybirds and we all followed them.  We were all in amazement that at the end of the trail was the Lego man, surrounded by ladybirds!

100 w/c Holly

There once was a man called Sean who could do magical things. One suny evening Sean discovered wonderful things that he thought he could never do.  He could turn into anything he wanted, like a dog, cat, tree, pencil, anything really.


Sean woke up to an horrific sound. Before he knew it, he was sucked threw a hole into a future planet.  He saw amazing and horrifying things.  The government took over the world and they could control humans.  The truth is Sean is billions of years old and his imagination created humans but that doesn’t explain the story of how a Lego piece with his name carved onto it is stuck in the Government’s house……

100 w/c – Aaron

One day me and my four friends Mathew, Sean, Darragh, and Ross went through a portal and there was a Lego man saying welcome to Lego. We looked at each other and we were Lego men with ladybirds all over us. Then we walked into a dark, dark forest with a flashlight. We did not like being  Lego men as we were very scared because we had heard a rumour that if you went into the forest that you would be eaten by an unidentified creature. When we heard a roar we ran back.

The whole time it was a dream.

100 w/c – Abby

It all started with the giant Lego castle I had built. I brought it outside where I could play beside my favourite Ladybird tree. As I walked towards the tree I tripped and as you can imagine the Lego was everywhere, one Lego man even landed in with the ladybirds. It was my soldier Lego man, the one I built the castle for in the first place. When I went to pick him up all the ladybirds crawled all over him like they were protecting him. I said to myself “maybe I will give the ladybirds my castle so he can protect them instead”.

100 w/c – Ashley

To: Jack

From: Tom

From : Human country (THAT I DONT KNOW THE NAME OF)

Oh Jack, help me. I am a Lego man not a human!

I found a hous’e with three children a lady and a man, they rip my head off and if thats not bad enough………….THEY HAVE A CAT!!!

Well at least I have the best breakfast,pancakes with the most scrumptious purple sauce.

I got trapped by a million ladybirds on a woodland walk.

After that a swan bit my hand off, a dog licked my face, I got stuck in a tree and finally that cat chewed my face now I look like a frisbee !!!!!!!!!!

Oh great the rotweiler is eating me again.😥


100 w/c – Bartosz

Once upon a time Bitler the leader of the Batzis. Suddenly a thought came through his mind what if I took over the world not just Boland. It was a dreadful idea because then it started a war called WORLD WAR II. First of all Bitler got the spiders to attack Bussia. It went great, they put Bussia under siege. But Boscow was not happy, they were fighting like warriors. Out of nowhere they just gave up. Then they went to Boland. They sent the ladybirds, the strongest of them all. They tried as hard as possible but on the 9th day of the 5th month they surrendered. The Batzis thought they had won. Not for long…….

100 w/c – Cian

CRASH! I don’t know what happened. All I remember was that I was in my house and somehow I vanished in a puff of smoke and ended up floating in the sky. I was floating in the air for a while when suddenly I started to fall. I shouted “HEEELLLLP MEEEEEEE”! I landed on top of a tree and rapidly began to shrink. I tried to scream but I was so petrified I couldn’t. I started to cry but after a while I just fell asleep. When I woke up I started to make a plan. Hopefully I would be able to get back to my normal size with the help of my device and my ladybird friends.

100 w/c – Cillian

Snap! The tree fell down. Mam, dad, my brother  Ted and I were having a picnic in The Phoenix park when a tree fell down. Me and Ted were playing football when this happened. Mam was shocked because it nearly hit her and dad. Mam called us for food and we all started eating. The food was amazing. After that we ate popsicles which mam had brought. We brought Lego to build a massive racing car. Ted brought his favourite Legoman which he left on the trunk of the tree that had fallen over as a memory. We had a outstanding day.

100 w/c – Craig

There are 10 lego people alive. They live underground, where they’re are safe from humans. Michael woke up “adventure day in the upper world” shouted the king. Michael hates humans. But he loves the life and plants. Normally the humans are all ready at the jungle. Michael walked the journey with the king and the others. It is not a hard journey because of the trees, they protected them. Whethey made camp, finally, they could put down the heavy bags. They began sleeping. When everyone was asleep, Michael went with a torch and climbed a chopped down tree, he saw many ladybirds.

100 w/c – Darragh

It was an Autumn day the leaves were blowing in the wind. I was playing with my Lego figure and wondered what it wold be like to be Lego. The next day I woke up and everything was huge. I got a shoe lace and tied it to the pole. I climbed down but when I got down I heard a hissing noise. I looked beside me and saw a spider. I sprinted away. I saw an other person trapped with ladybirds I tried to help him, but I got stuck in them eating us away. A hand grabbed us…

100 w/c – Emmanuel

Hi my name is Luke, and I am a Lego man. I live in Lego World. I love ladybirds more than anything in the world. I have a plan that I would make a ladybirds’ torch. It works so that when ever you want to see the ladybirds  you have to have a special torch called the Ladybird Torch 2000.

The idea is that you could use it when you are upset or when you are stressed because who doesn’t like ladybirds.

Hope that you like my new awesome and cool idea.

100 w/c – Jessica H

 I have to get out of here. I can’t survive another night in Lego Land and people say it’s an amazing place but it’s absolutely horrible, they, (and by they, I mean people!), trap you so you can’t escape. Tonight I’m going into the real world. I can’t wait to be free at last. 

I’m finally here. I’m outside. This place is amazing, just amazing. Imagine sitting on a sunflower with loads of ladybirds ahh!… that would be the life. Oh! no! I hear someone calling my name…. it’s the people… I don’t know if I will survive…

100 w/c – Jessica M

Bang! The tree fell, all that was left was the trunk of the tree, well that’s what I was told. My cousin told me that a tree fell down and on the tree trunk there were a lot of ladybirds surrounding a lego man with a camera. She told me when she saw the lego man it spoke to her and said ” I am just taking a picture of the ladybird”. I did not believe her, she is a big liar. She’s fun to play with but only when she does not lie. It was still nice to hear the story.

100 w/c – Mia

I’m grounded but let me explain .

At the time I was REALLY into Fortnite. So when Skull Trooper came back into the item shop I needed it.

I asked my Mam if iI could get it and she said maybe later . But I was still so excited . I went onto the computer I saw the screen saver was a Lego man covered in ladybirds. I logged into Fortnite and went into the item shop but my friend Carragh joined my party. I said I’d come out later. I secretly got Skull Trooper on Mam’s credit card. Boy was she mad . I got grounded for 2 weeks and never went out with Carragh.

100 w/c – Niamh

It was the Summer holidays. I was going on holidays to Spain. When we arrived we went for dinner. After dinner we went for a walk to the beach. While we were there my little sister saw a crocodile made out of lego! There was a lego man sitting on his back and there was a lot of ladybugs on his back aswell. It was such an amazing piece. We got to meet the team of people who made it. It took seven people to make it. I asked “How many pieces of lego did they use and how long did it take”?

100 w/c – Oliver

One day, a horrible guy named Jack woke up and said “horrible morning!”

“Instruction yey. What are we building today? Maybe a gaint skull!” he sadly grumped.

When he was walking to work, he saw some master builders and whispered, “I wish there wasn’t a master builder”.

7 days later he had captured a master builder and was trying to make him use the instruction for the rest of his life.

“I have a laser gun, so nobody can stop me!” he shouted, but he tripped over a rock and fell in the Doom Hole with the laser gun.

100 w/c – Zach

Once there was a Lego City One figure named Hender. The president sent him on an adventure to look for food.

He set off on his adventure, he had a torch, camera and pistol. The first day of his adventure he climbed a big snowy mountain it started to rain at some stage. The second day he came to a very big spider with four eyes instead of eight. It started to run at him, he ran as fast as he could. Suddenly a lizard ate the spider. Hender found a gap in the path and he crashed into a log. Lady birds started to come out  so he took a picture, suddenly the log fell.