Superheroes By Abby

One super morning Captain-girl and her sidekick Harlow were going to fight crime, they left their superhero cave and jumped into their flying jeep. They went up a really high cliff and saw an enormous crack in the middle. Captain-girl and Harlow looked down into a sticky mess, they decided to jump in. They described it as like gloop, there were wet trees everywhere and there was something weird under the soggy ground. It was harmfully dangerous. They immediately used their super powers to destroy it. When they got back to the top everyone was shouting “you’re incredibly brave”.

The Weird Forest by Aaron

One day my family and I went camping in a forest it was beautiful for the first night but the second was not that fun. After having food we went adventureing into the forest we were very excited but when we got there it was not that good after all. We were all Terrified cause we saw lots of dead things and it smelleld like a toxic lake then we heared a deep voice shouting “help”. Then we sprinted as fast as we could back to the camp site. Once we got there we went home straight away and no one ever came back there.

Museum Trip by Cillian

Yesterday my class and I went to a museum in Dublin. It was a 1900’s themed museum and people told me it was a very interesting place. When we walked in the main enterance there was a tour guide person waiting for us. His name was Tim and he looked like a very nice and joyful guy. We questioned why was there a candy bar and he told us they were planning to turn it into something cool. The museum was based on the Easter Rising which we were learning about. Later we had our lunch. At 12:30 we went back to school. We all had a great day.

The Closet by Darragh

James was walking down the orphanage stairs. The stairs were old and the wood was rotted. He tried not to make any sound. Suddenly he heard a noise. He knew he shouldn’t be up after hours if he was caught the orphan keeper would hang him up side down and feed him to the birds. He was

scared. Suddenly he saw a closet he ran as fast as he could.

He waited till it was morning. He woke up and opened the closet door. He stepped out but he wasn’t in the orphanage any more instead he was at a creek…

Garry Lotter by Oliver

Once upon a time there was a boy named Garry.

Garry’s master sent him on a mission to go to a good looking buliding.

When he walked in it looked ugly and there was a goblin in the candy bar.

The goblin said” watch out for the ghost!”

The goblin stayd at the candy bar.

Garry went up the stairs and a ghost scared himbut the ghost was his friend.

Slowly, Garry found a BIKE!

Garryrode out of there like lighting and said over,over and over” I am riding shotgun underneath the hot sun, feeling like a someone.”

The Museum by Emmanuel

Today is my brother AJ’s birthday and he decided that he wanted to go to the museum for his birthday. The reason he wanted to go to the museum was because he is in love with dinosaurs and he wanted to see the huge statue. Before we went to the museum we went to the museums cafe. I got a burger and chips. While my brother got pizza. We went into the main museum and there was a lot of different exhibits. We finally got to the dinosaur room and my brother got so excited he started jumping up and down. He was so excited that he knocked over the dinosaur statue!

The Wedding by Emily

It was 1954. There was boy called Sèan Murphy and a girl called Noreen Murphy. They were going to their auntie’s wedding. The girls were wearing dresses and the boys were wearing suits.The hotel where they were staying had a sweet bar, chandeliers, a stained glass window at the back and mahogany wooden stairs. Their auntie was married to a very weathy and a tall man called Conor O’ Sullivan. The band were playing music and they were singing and dancing the night away. The next day they went home. Despite their feet were sore they enjoyed their honeymoon.

The Wedding by Niamh

It was Wednesday. I was so excited because it was my auntie’s wedding day. When my family and I got to the church the wedding had started 15 minutes ago. My auntie was wearing a pink puffy dress with flowers on it. All the bridesmaids were wearing purple dresses. After the church we went to the party we got a great surprise when we went in there was a huge candy cart. We all got to help ourselves to the candy. Later that night we got cake. The colour of the cake was blue. The party finished at 3:35 in the morning.

Train Station by Craig

Jim got home from school. He arranged to meet the school bully Kevin, at an abandoned train station at six o ‘ clock.

“I thought you would have chickened out!” shouted Kevin his voice echoing.

“What do you want?” Said Jim.

“There is this meeting going on here I want to listen in, I think you might want to too” said Kevin.

“Why would I want to listen in a meeting?” Said Jim storming off.

“It is about our school, ” said Kevin grabbing him by the arm.

“They’re coming,” said Jim.

“Quick hide at the candy bar, ” whispered Jim.

“Alright ” whispered Kevin.

The Haunted Theatre by Cian

I’m trapped in a theatre all by myself,

I come across a statue, it looks like a creepy elf,

I hear the frightening cackles, the horrible laughs to,

I can’t see a speck of daylight, I don’t know what to do,

I can’t do anything, because I can’t see,

But I’m not scared, I could never be,

Suddenly from a corner, red bulging eyes pop out,

I am a little scared now, so I begin to shout,

“Help me”, “Help me”, “Can’t you see”,

“I need help immediately”,

Now the eyes are coming, closer and closer to me,

I’m that scared right now, I think I’m going to pee!

The Haunted House by Leon

One day in Sattleville, Bob was getting ready for Halloween. At half six he went out trick or treating. He started going back to his house at around 8 o’clock when he saw a house that he hadn’t knocked on yet. “How strange I haven’t seen this housebefore,“said Bob to himself. So he walked over to the front door. The door looked old, dusty and broke down. He rang the door bell. The door creaked open. Suddenly it started to suck Bob in. “AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!” screamed Bob. He woke up in an old hall. “Welcome to ghost Hall!” said a voice.

Black ’47 by Mia

Delph woke up and remembered, she remembered it all. Ma and Da passing away, getting evicted and now living in the streets. She would plead for food like an urchin. Once a young lady in drapes ran cautiously away . Her baby in a portable cradle. Exasperated with herself ,Delph got up and began walking. After walking for hours she was hungry so she stole a loaf of bread and a preserved tart from a market stall. A nearby guard began chasing her . Heart in her throat Delph ran . She sprinted until finding an abandoned building: Somewhere to be sheltered and safe. The candy bar sign illuminated like a hello. She had never been so happy.

The Strange Child by Holly

One day my friends and I went on a walk. As we were walking we came across a mysterious,ancient and odd looking hotel. Three of my friends suggested that we enter this odd place. While my other friend and I thought that we shouldn’t. After arguing for minutes we finally decided to go inside. Nervously we wandered around the place, then all of a sudden we saw an urchin hiding behind a candy bar stand. I felt so utterly sorry for her so I let her stay in my house until my family and I find her a good home.

The Baby by Abby

…..After a while….Abigail picked the baby’s name and she decided on James. Abigail was really scared of hospitals so she didn’t want to go. They eventually got to the hospital, “it looks really weird” said Abigail. It was an old hotel changed into a hospital, it was like a vintage hospital, everywhere was vintage even the beds, it was so cool. They got a private tour around the hospital and got the biggest room ever, it had three beds in it. After having the tour Abigail liked hospitals. James was now born and Abigail loved him, she treated him like a doll.

Titanic (2) by Ashley

After 15 minutes of waiting in a huge queue, my family and I finally got to board the Titanic. The Titanic was illuminated with all the bedroom lights on and didn’t look very portable, it was that big. “How much longer in this huge line!?!” I heard a little boy ask his parents, sounding exasperated.

When we all stepped inside, we saw a huge grand staircase and marble walls. There was lots of detail on all the furniture and our bedroom was beautiful.

We had absolutely nothing to worry about, after all, people do say the Titanic is unsinkable…….or not.

100 w/c by Jessica M

One day I was doing my homework when I heard a noise coming from the wardrobe. I approached the wardrobe and opened the door, the wardrobe transported me to an old movie theatre. At first I was frightened but then I started looking around and I saw a candy bar by the stairs. It looked as if somebody had just left all the sweets behind. I started to investigate a little more when I found myself in the place where you sit and watch the movie. It was a pretty cool day and it was a great adventure.

The Museum by Bartosz

One day last year my family and I went to the museum.

My family woke up earlier than usual at about 6:30, at about 11:30 everyone was ready. After a while we went on a 4 and a half hour drive down to Donegal, we got there at around half 3. Across the road there was a KFC my family decided that we were going to eat before we entered into the museum. After a while we went into the museum first thing I saw was a school from 60 years ago and old fashion . At about 5:30 we left to go home.

100 w/c – by Ben

In 1917 the first boarding school was made. When we heard it was made my family and I wanted to check it out. It was located in the southern part of Germany. As soon as we got there I ran to the sweet shop to see if it was open. I got there the shop was closed and I was sad. On the floor was black and white squares so they used it as a chess board. Every winner would get 10 sweets from a shop called candy bar. After I said I would love to go there.

The Haunted Building by Jessica H

One day I came across this queer looking building, I decided to check it out.I went in .As I went further in I could see there was an abandoned candy shop.I saw a shadow at the walls. I knew it was time to leave so I ran away so scared.Finally was leaving I saw a portable vase.I took it, it had a illuminated tone. When I took it I think I might have exasperated a spirit.Then I cautiously backed away.I have no idea what the future holds…

Museum Trip – by Cillian

Yesterday my class and I went to a museum in Dublin. It was a 1900’s themed museum and people told me it was a very interesting place. When we walked in the main enterance there was a tour guide person waiting for us. His name was Tim and he looked like a very nice and joyful guy. We questioned why was there a candy bar and he told us they were planning to turn it into something cool. The museum was based on the Easter Rising which we were learning about. Later we had our lunch. At 12:30 we went back to school. We all had a great day.

The New House By Aaron

Me and my family went to buy a house we bought a big mansion.When we got to the house we picked our rooms I picked the biggest room near the stairs when I went to see the stairs and I realised that our house might have been a shop. I went to tell the rest of my family but no one cared so I just went to my room and played with my sister. We went to the back yard and played football I won my sister 7 – 5 we went back in and had dinner. After we went to our room.

100 w/c by Zach

One day there was a boy named Tim he was sent to a boarding school. He had the meanest head teacher they had to be in bed by 8 O’ clock. Tim was well known for not going to bed at this time. One night the head teacher checked everyone’s bed. The head teacher said “Tim’s bed is empty. What a supprise, it’s not the first time he has done this.”

Everyone tried to find him but none of the teachers could find him. People say that they still haven’t found him to this day.

Party by Oliver

Once upon a time there was a girl named Lily and her family was rich.

She got an invitation to a super cool party.

She looked in her dresser and said “What shall I wear? O.m.g. empty. What a surprise!”

She went to a shop and picked a dress with diamonds.

When she went to the party everbody said”Wow! Fantastic, not.”

“Daddy you said the dress was perfect,” said Lily

“Well he was wrong, little princess!” said a random girl.

Lily left the party and cried in her bed and never went to another party.

Shopping by Niamh

It was Saturday. I was going shopping with my mam to the Pavilions. We went to Penneys and I got clothes for my holidays. After we went shopping we went to get McDonalds I got chips and a ham burger. My mam got chips and a ham burger too. We went home and I opened the door of my house and “hello” nobody answered my house was empty. What a surprise…so we rang my dad to see where he was. He went on a long walk with my little brother and my little sister. When they came home we did a fashion show.

100 w/c by Mia

I woke up I wearily decided I would have a latte so I opened the coffee machine it was empty. What a surprise. So I resisted the urge to go back to bed and went to the shop. I bought coffee beans in a glass jar as plastic is a threat to the environment. On the way home I spotted a jagged stone . It was shining and clear . Diamonds! So I ran home , got a shovel and dug up the rock. I wrapped it carefully in a cloth and took it to a precious jewel store. I could could vaguely hear an electric guitar solo but I was too excited. They said it was a diamond. I got lots of money.

Treasure Hunt by Leon

Atlantic Ocean September 6th 1962.

It was raining cats and dogs outside, the crew were sweeping the floors when they unexpectedly hit land.The captain looked outside and…

“Where in the name of God are we?”

The island looked like about 1000 ship wreckages smashed into each other.

“This must be the ship grave yard from the map the treasure must be somewhere here,”said a crew member.

The next day they set out for the hunt. It took all morning but when they finally found the chest. The captain opened it.

“It’s Empty What a surprise.” They looked and looked but they never found it.

Birthday Surprise by Jessica H

Today is going to be the best day ever. Its my birthday I’m so excited for my birthday presents. I was so excited I even invited my worst enemy for no reason, I guess I felt kind and excited. When my enemy came over she brought a gift over. I went into the kitchen and opened it it was empty. What a surprise I knew she wasn’t going to get me something. Why did I even invite her. After all my friends came we played different games and had cake. Today was a great day even though I didn’t get as many presents as I wanted.

100 w/c by Jessica M

… Empty. What a surprise! As John was walking through Miss O’ Neill’s house he realised every single bit of furniture was gone and so was Miss O’Neill. John started to panic and rang 999. Officer Pete picked up the phone and asked what was wrong. When he heard Pete’s story he asked who he was, John told the Garda his name. Pete said” John are you Miss O’ Neill’s window cleaner? “, ” yes I am” said John. “Miss O’ Neill moved house did she not tell you about it” said Pete. “The moving truck was out there yesterday.” “Phew” said John, “panic over.”

The Robber by Emmanuel

Once upon a time in Dublin,Ireland there was a wanted Robber who went to everyone’s house when they were out. He would steal everything and I mean everything. A family that just moved into the country left their house to go to a new fancy restaurant. They got home and everything was gone. They called the police, the police got to the crime scene. One police officer said to another officer.’ This place is empty’. What a surprise he said sarcastically, the police informed the family about the robber, the family left the country were never to be seen again

Christmas Day by Aaron

One Christmas evening I went to have dinner in my Nana and Grandads. When we got there, there were sweets and food to eat. My sister and I were so excited for Christmas day after eating we went home and went to bed straight away. A few hours later we got up for Christmas. When I got down I went to open a present but it was empty. What a surprise I was so upset and when my sister opened hers it was empty too. We were both crying and our mam and dad were laughing, but then they gave us our real presents.