The Panther Cobra – by Cian

I am in the jungle with my co explorer and good friend Tom Bricks, trying to investigate the rarest animal on the planet the panther cobra. We’re investigating how much poison is packed in its bite because we’ve been told that it killed a gorilla. We are pretty cautious when looking for the snake as it is the most poisonous snake in the world. I manage to find one while Tom was eating a yellow banana. I tried to pick it up with my snake catcher but it broke free so we started running away. We didn’t actually get a sample of the venom but at least we are still alive.

Break Out At The Zoo – by Bartosz

Quick start running gorilla on the loose! Go behind this corner.

Haw did this happen?

I don’t know Ms Brick.

Was it Yellow or Pretty that escaped?

It is yellow the bigger one.

How did you let this happen?

It it broke the glass.

Let’s check the radio.

No he’s still in here. Lets find him.

No how about I go on the radio and you find him.

Come with me I’m your boss.

Fine under one condition.


You pay me double wage.


Wait do you hear those foot steps.



Dublin Zoo by Ben

It was the 20th of December. Me and my family were going to see the wild lights in Dublin zoo. When we got there we saw loads of animals like pandas, flamingos, tigers and one gorilla. We got to the gate and there was a pretty woman talking about the gorilla. She said his name was Yellow. The girl said gorillas were close to being extinct. Suddenly every kid in the zoo started running towards Yellow. He was climbing up the walls in his cage trying to escape but the bricks on the wall kept falling down.

The Airport – by Niamh

It was Sunday. It was a lovely sunny day. We were going to the airport to collect my auntie and uncle they were coming over from London. When we got to the airport it was painted bright yellow. We saw a lot of planes landing. One of them had a gorilla painted on to it looked great. When we saw their plane landing I felt very excited. We all went for dinner together. We went to a place called “Bricks”. It takes us 20 mins to get there so we were running late for our booking. The restaurant was so pretty.

The Very Strange Gorilla – by Ashley

My favourite animal is a gorilla.

I went to the zoo yesterday and as me and my family were walking down to the gorillas we saw crowds of people looking at the gorillas I ran over to them, pushed myself through to the glass and saw that Bash the gorilla was walking like a human!

What was going on?

Is Bash even real?

He started running into the bananas he eats, it was not a pretty sight when he fell into some bricks. Suddenly his head fell off!!!

Gasps came from the crowd, just then I realised that it was a man in a gorilla suit.

Mr. Yellow the main zookeeper sprinted into the gorilla enclosoure with other zoo keepers.

The New Year at School by Craig

It is the new school year. The three 5th class teachers names are, Mr Gorllia, Ms Yellow and Ms Bricks. I had a friend in every class, so I knew what the other teachers were like. I have Mr Gorllia, he was pretty serious. Tom says his teacher Ms Bricks is the schools running champion. My friend Ethan has Ms Yellow as his teacher he says she normally gives no homework, I do not believe him though. Out on yard Ethan and Tom and I played build up, after that the bell rang. I loved my first day at school.

Oh! No! by Mia

The ferocious, angry, yellow gorilla was running through the city. As he destroyed a skyscraper he picked up a pretty young girl.’AHHHH!’ she screamed,  trying to escape. He dropped her and ran away crushing cars in his wake . A plane flew by and then it got eaten by the the gorilla called Emanuel.Emanuel ran around the remains of the city.There was rubble absolutely EVERYWHERE.’Daniel , dinner time!’ called Mam . Suddenly Emanuel was flat on his back in a pile of Lego bricks. The room was a huge mess . Daniel was so not looking foward to cleaning up.

The New Brick – Leon

One day in House Land, Brick Inc was planning a new type of brick called the M,B,P. ( Mechanical Brick of Power.) Its abilities were to be able to turn into any colour wanted. Mr Yellow was running Brick Inc and he was very popular and rich for that. He and his pretty wife Julia lived in a big house on the edge of town. Meanwhile House Ingredients .com also made a new brick that can change colours , run by Mr. Gorilla. So it ended up that Mr Yellow and Ms Gorilla went to court. And after a long time debating, voting and tones of discussions Mr Yellow won the M,B,P.

The Gorilla Nightmare by Jessica H

Once there was a scientist called Mr.Bricks he experimented on gorillas with his lab partner who was very pretty. The zookeepers came in with a gorilla that wore a yellow tutu. When they were experimenting on the gorilla they took a short break and went to get food. When they came back the gorilla was gone, both of them went running all over Time Square to find the gorilla. After they spent a hour running around the place they went back to the lab and found the gorilla eating. Turns out she went on a break as well.

100 w/c – Holly

A long time ago there was a pretty girl, her name was Ellie. One day Ellie was walking along the beach when she saw a pile of bricks, she thought she would clean them up.   As soon as she touched the bricks she realised she was a hairy gorilla. People saw her and started running. One boy even turned yellow. She let go of the bricks ad she was herself again.  But everyone still thought she was wried.  Nobody like her. But she liked herself and that’s all she cared about.

100 w/c – Zach

One Sunny day I went to the shops. I had a list. The list had eggs, butter, milk, bread, apples, bananas, carrots, chicken, peas, cauliflower and broccoli. I paid the shopkeeper €66.40. I was walking home when I realised I had forgoten to lock the front door! I started to panic. I ran as fast as fast I could all the way home. I arrived at the front door. I hoped no one was inside the house. I opened the door. I wondered what was behind the door . Luckily there was no one in the house. It was then I realised all of my silver plates were gone .

100 w/c – Rhys

One sunny and warm day me and my best friends Cale, Issac and Eric found an old house on Clonard Street. The house was broken down and boarded up. We thought it was haunted. We slowly creeped into the old house and there was a small, odd shaped shadow. The shadow went quickly behind the front door.

I wonder what was behind the door, I said.

Frightfully and carefully me and my friend Cale looked behind the old door. We saw a big, white and brown bird. Cale ran out of the house and ran all the way home.

100 w/c – Oliver

Ones upon a time there was a person named Jack.

Always on Halloween he wondered what was behind the door and he gets it wrong every time.

This time he thinks he will get it right, but will he?

This year he was dressing up as a Jack-o-lantern.

Jack went to the first house and gets the question wrong but he still get candy.

He went to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 10th and 20th houses and he gets it wrong, like always.

At least he gets delicious candy.

100 w/c – Niamh

It was the first Saturday of our Easter holidays. It was a lovely sunny day. I was going to an Easter egg hunt with my family. The hunt started at 12 o’clock sharp. We left our house at 11am to make sure we weren’t late. The hunt was taking place in a big old castle. We stayed with our family for the hunt and we managed to find 20 Easter eggs. Near the end we found a door, I wondered what was behind the door. We opened it …we founded another 32 eggs and one was a golden egg!

100 w/c – Mia

I’m in the Castle . I found it by walking down the prom. I came across this castle. I knocked on the door. I was desperate, for I had gone hungry for four days and was sick of it and I felt faint . A woman answered the door, she was dressed all in black, she brought me to a room and brought me some porridge. As she left she locked the door. The truth dawned on me, I was trapped. I was locked but the door was old and rickety and opened with one hit. I went upstairs and found a door I wondered what was behind the door so I ventured forth..

100 w/c Jessica H

Once there was a little girl called Ava. Ava had a wild imagination . One day she had a very strange dream or at least she thought it was a dream. Ava was walking through the Forest of Imagination and she stumbled across what looked like a very rare mysterious door. No one ever knew what was inside of it, then she said

“I wonder what was behind the door”.

“Perhaps it could be a magical land or a fire breathing dragon”.

She would have to enter to figure out.  So she stepped inside…

100 w/c – Holly

BANG!!! I woke up to this horrendous sound coming from the ceiling. I went outside then I realised I wasn’t in Ireland I was actually in the Land of HorrorsIt turns out the bang that I heard was actually a tree with a rusty door on it. I nervously grabbed the ladder from my grandad’s shed and I climbed up the ladder onto the roof. I was shaking with fear but I just couldn’t open the door, I got cold feet. It turns out everything was just a dream butIstill wonder to this day what was behind that door? I guess we’ll never know.

100 w/c – Abby

One bright evening, my five friends and I were playing tip the can, Nancy was on she counted to 30 slow. Katie hid in the bin, Alicia hid in the car, Sarah hid the car, Caoimhe and I saw this door we said , “ I wonder what was behind the door “ we then went through the door. It looks like it was in the 1930, we quickly tried to go, but the door disappeared . We tried looking for it but suddenly caoimhe saw Katie. We ran up to her and she pulled us home. I said, ”we’re never playing this game again.”

100 w/c Emmanuel

It was a very spooky Halloween night and everyone was afraid to go out this year, because there was a man eating serial killer going around. My mum was gone out which left me and my lazy brother alone. I was too scared to go out , so I just decided to stay in my room and play on my xbox . Suddenly I heard a loud knock my bedroom door. At first I thought it was my brother then I realised that my brother was asleep. I wondered what was behind the door.Then the door slowly opened …. it was my mum.

100 w/c – Emily

Early Christmas Eve morning my sister and me woke up our mother and father. We had a wonderful breakfast. My father brought us on a long walk. When we got back we watched a good Christmas film to get us in the Christmas spirit. After we got on our fluffy new pyjamas for Santa. My sister and I were getting excited to see what the morning would bring. I went to bed and I read a story. It finally came, Christmas! My sister and I woke up our mother and father. We saw footprints on the floor and I wondered what was behind the door…. it was lots of presents

100 w/c – Darragh

I ran out of the abandoned house while catching my breath. I heard a strange noise coming from the house I wondered what was behind the door. I remember it was the spirit of the house. I ran down the street and went home. I got the key and opened it and went inside. I ran upstairs and went to my room. BANG! BANG! I ran downstairs and answered the door nobody was there. I went back to my room then I heard it again BANG! BANG! I ran downstairs and opened the door a man stood there in a cloak…

100 w/c Craig

Ding! ding! ding! David and Andrew and I walked out of school. Happily we walked home we saw an abandoned house. “are you wimps coming? ” said Andrew. It is a tall house and a giant tree is stuck on top of the roof.Slowly we opened the door it creaked, Daivd flicked the light switch, the lights came on. There were no cobwebs surprisingly. I saw a shadow and heard a door close. Daivd saw the door close. I wonder what was behind the door. I think Andrew was a little scared from his face. ”Open it”said Andrew. I opened it.

100 w/c – Cillian

It was Thursday and I had just come back from football training.I went upstairs and had a shower. After a while my mum called me for my dinner. I finished having my dinner and went upstairs to play on my Xbox. I close my door and played Fortnite with some of my friends. Later, my mum told me that she was going to take out the bins. I was waiting for my mum to come back, I heard someone walking down the stairs of the attic. I was shaking with fear so I rang the guards as quick as lightning. Suddenly I heard someone knock on my bedroom door I wondered what was behind the door….

100 w/c Cian

My friend John and I were walking in the park when suddenly a weird looking spacecraft hovered down from the sky. The people in the park ran away screaming but John and I were very fascinated so we just stood there. We saw a black figure on top of the spacecraft. It said “DO NOT BE SCARED WE COME IN PEACE”. “Why are you here?” I asked. “We’ve come for a collection” the dark figure said. “Come into our craft and we will show you”. We went into the craft and the room went pitch black. I had my hand on a handle when suddenly the lights went back on. I wondered what was behind the door…

100 w/c – Charlie

I had Tae KwonDo in Castlelands Community Centre. I walked inside nobody was there, I strolled over to the receptionist desk there was also nobody there. So I rang the bell. Five minutes past,at this point I was bursting to go to the toilet so I slowly walked into the cubicle, it was dead silent. I creeped out of the cubicle and washed my hands . Then I heard something from a locked cubicle, it was a tapping noise and then a high pitch scratch. I looked down there was a pool of blood. I wondered what was behind the door…

100 w/c Brian

One Halloween night I went out with my family. We came home and I went upstairs to play on my Xbox. I was playing with Emmanuel,Charlie and Aaron.We were playing fifa 19. Suddenly the door opened I wondered what was behind the door. It was my step dad Vinny he asked if I wanted to come down to watch Liverpool v Arsenal. Liverpool scored but the referee said it was offside but it wasn’t. Later in the second half James Milner scored and it was Liverpool 1-0 Arsenal. Near the end of the match Alexander Lacazette made it Liverpool 1-1 Arsenal.

100 w/c Ben

Once upon a time there was a old, dirty haunted house in Berlin. People call it the slaughter house. There was a rumour that a young beautiful woman was stabbed in this house. On the 31st of October Halloween night me and my friend John were having a sleepover in his house. We decided that we would sneak out at 2am to go check the haunted house out. As we got closer to the house I wondered what was behind the door, we went inside and the door slammed behind us, we heard a voice whisper “ you are not going anywhere”…

100 w/c – Bartosz

Come on Tom.


Under this branch.

LOOK over there?

What? OMG why is there this huge door against this mountain?

Let’s knock on it.


Hello anyone here?

Not these pesky humans again.

I guess we can a eat them for supper.

You could come in.

We can’t the door is too big.

Okay sorry now come in.

WHAT are you?

We are giants we come from the mountains.

Okay could we come in.

Yeah but take off your shoes.

Come to the sitting room.

I have a question what are those things.

Come to the back I’ll show you haw to make them .



100 w/c Ashley

I looked out the window and saw a white van with the word ‘Removals’ on it.

When I went downstairs my two sisters were jumping up and down screaming, “We’re moving !!!”

I asked my mam and dad are we seriously moving and they said ‘yes’!

You’ll never guess what……..I am in my new house!

Me and my sisters were checking out our rooms, when I found a secret door.

Oh, I wondered what was behind the door !?!

As I was approaching the door I felt very nervous but also a tiny bit excited.

As I was opening the squeaky door, all I could see was luminous green!

Suddenly my sisters pushed me in !!!!!!!

AAAAAHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!! I screamed.

100 w/c Aaron

One day I was playing hide and seek with my four friends. Matthew, Seán, Darragh,Ross. Ross was counting first. I hid in the basement. Sean hid in the shed and Matthew hid in the toilet. Ross Counted to 100 then I heard a noise further down the basement I ran out and shouted help. I put my ear against the door I wondered what was behind the door.My friends came and the door opened. My friend hit the weird predator thing that was behind the door. It ran away we said what was that.We were scared and ran out of the house.