The Crazy Day by Aaron

One day me and my freinds Seán, Matthew, Ross, and Roy where flying around thecamera. after we went back to my house. Then my friend said we seem to be on the tv for a ladybird programme. After we went back out and started dancing and our parents were laughing. After we came from the dance party we had some cake and coke after we went to play some ps4 and we fell asleep on a cosy bean bag. After my freinds’ parents came to pick them up and we got to go to jump zone and we stayed there for the all day.

The Teacher’s Revenge by Holly

Have you ever felt like you wanted to run away from school. Well a boy called Jordan hated school so much that he considered burning all the schools over the world. After 5 years of deciding on what to do he ended up burning a school in Ireland.

In revenge the teachers and students broke into his house and took all his belongings including a fancy old fashioned bike. The teachers pushed his bike into one of the trees in his garden. Jordan found them in the garden and locked them in his shed. They all died of starvation.

100 w/c – Rhys

What happend.

Oh no! My man is going to beat me when I get home.

Where is my bike?

Oh no!

My bike got stuck in a tree.

How did that happen and why did this happen to me?

This is the worst day my life.

Then it struck me.

I would ask my grandmother if she would buy me a new bike.

I would really love a new bike and her house is right around the corner from where I live.

I should go and ask her nicely to get me a new bike.

I wonder where my bike went.

Jessica M – 100 w/c Jessica M

Clash! As soon as I walked out the door I heard a noise . I slowly started to look around and I saw a rusty, old, gold bike stuck in the middle of a tree. Nobody was about so I don’t know how it got there. I started to investigate how it happened and noticed a bright colourful rainbow in the sky. Next I heard a groaning sound from behind the tree and to my amazement there lay a leprechaun. I asked “what happened” ? He answered saying “silly old me I was riding my bike over the rainbow and crashed into the tree”.

Changing Trees – Zach

One day there was a man called Jack. He was an orienteer. It was a very sunny day. He had trained for this day for many years, it was the biggest orienteering race of his life.

The place was called Changing Trees. Only five people had ever won the race. He wanted to be the sixth . 5 hours later Jack had already started the race, it took so long to arrive to Changing Trees. He managed to find the first station, it was a tree with a bike stuck in it. He scanned the timer on it. He couldn’t believe the bike was in the tree.

Bob – by Oliver

Once upon a time there was a kid named Bob, and he was the sportiest kid in school.

The school where he goes, is one of the sportiest schools in the world.

Bob always cycles to school in a half an hour although Google Maps says it takes a hour.

He always wins first place in any bike race.

Once he lost his bike and made posters, but nobody helped him because he was a show off.

He still could not find his bike, and he sadly said “I wish I had friends to help”.

The Flying Bike by Abby

Harper loved cycling her bike. Harper went cycling around the whole town. On her way home she felt her bike lift up, it keep going up and up. Suddenly the bike went through the tree. Harper ran home to tell her mam, by the time they got back it had disappeared. She said “mam that is so magical!” but her mam didnt believe it was true. Her mam went home while Harper kept looking for her bike. She eventually gave up and went home too. She sadly looked out the back yard and to her delight there was her bike.

ET and his friends by Aaron

One evening me and my friends Seán, |Matthew, Darragh and Ross were playing in the forest when we saw a bike stuck in a tree. Then we saw an alien on the ground covered in leaves. We called him ET. We carried him to a hospital. He was in pain with all the cuts on him. He went to the ER and he had two broken legs and two broken arms. He was in the hospital for eight weeks.When he got out his freinds and family came to collect him. He was happy to be back with his freinds and family.

Lost – Darragh

It was 1983 I was playing a bourd game in my basement. I heard a strange noise coming from the attic. I decided to investigate so I climbed the ladder and opened the door. I heard breathing. I was scared. I knew something was up there with me. I felt goosebumps at the back of my neck. I crept closer and closer and the noise got even louder as crept closer. It was nothing I went downstairs. I went outside and decided to take a walk in the forest. I heard the noise again I ran as fast as I could then I realised I was lost. I looked for any signs of places. That’s when I saw was a bike in a tree.

School Trip – by Cillian

It was Wednesday and my whole class and I were on the bus to Ardgillan. It was sunny and very warm and we exuded happiness. When we arrived we played games such as tag,stuck in the mud and flush the toilet. At 12:00AM we had lunch. When we finished we went on a walk to relax ourselves. Suddenly my friend and I spotted a bike that looked like it was stuck in a tree,beside it a sign said ‘Beware of Ghosts’. We called the rest of the class to see it and they were all scared. That was the scariest trip ever.

Joe’s Bike by Charlie

There was a boy who lived on a farm in Ireland in the year 1906,his name was Joe. He loved riding his bike with his best friend Tom,they both loved to ride their bikes through the forest. The forest stretched on for 10 kilometres. Every morning he and Tom would go for a 10 kilometre cycle,they would race each other. One time when Joe fell off his bike he went tumbling down the hill. He had hurt his left leg badly,he had also lost his bike. After an hour he got back home. In that forest you can see a bike with a tree growing through it.

Tour De Ireland by Emmanuel

In 1625 in Ghost Land it was Tour De Ireland.  Daniel Dahl had his talisman a rubber duck. People say that is was always etched onto him. The race started and somehow Daniel was last. But all of a sudden a strange ghost appeared but it wasn’t actually a ghost it was a boy. He zoomed past everyone and he was first. He had won the tournament. He celebrated and exuded happiness. He couldn’t stop as he was going down the a very big hill and he crashed into a tree. Sadly the boy died and legend says his bike is still in the tree.

The Tree Wheeler – Ben

Once upon a time me and my friends, John, Aaron and Robbie where going to the woods. When we got there we saw builders chopping down trees. We saw a sign that said ‘Step Away’. Thirty minutes later we saw a weird bike in a tree so we checked it out. We decided to call it the Tree Wheeler. John said ‘let’s go to our bikes at the woods’ . So we did. We got there and the bike was gone so we went searching for an hour. All of us were sad and we went home and cried to death.

The Death of Little Red Riding Hood – Cian

After that major scenario with the wolf, little red riding hood decided to cycle to her cousin’s house. She cycled into the woods, along the way she met a bear.

“Do you want to have some tea and muffins in my cave little girl?” said the bear.

Little Red Riding Hood cycled away as fast as she could screaming “Help me!” as the bear ran beside her. She cycled so fast that the bike glided into the air. She turned to see where the bear was when suddenly the bike crashed into the tree. She fell from the tree and started to run but unfortunately she was not fast enough, therefore the bear gobbled her up.

Disney Land by Niamh

Last Summer was such an amazing summer because I went to Disneyland on holiday with my family. The weather was lovely when we were there. We went to the Disney park and went on lots of rides. One stuck in my memory the most it was called “leaf-bell”! It was a huge tree with a bike stuck on the trunk and one on every branch as well. It had the longest Q but I waited because it was the fastest ride on earth. It looked so scary but I really wanted a go. When I got on it was scary but I enjoyed it.

The Boy That Made a Mistake

A little boy called Mike got a bike for his birthday. He was so excited to ride it down the big hill that his friends always ride down.  He knocked for his friends. They got their bikes, went down the hill and everyone enjoyed it. Every day for two weeks at 1:30 they met up and went down the hill. One day it start lashing rain nobody went but him. He thought it would be a good idea if he went down.

The bike start wobbling, hit a rock and he was flung into the air. It was inevitable that he would hurt himself so he jumped off…

The Galactic War – Craig

London: 3:00 a.m. I heard a noise, it came from up on the roof. I jumped out of bed and quietly went outside. I was surprised to see it was a u.f.o. A green robot came out.

“Surrender now!” it said. I ran as fast as I could, anywhere away from it. I started runing then I thought I should go to my Granny’s farm. When I got there I opened the door, the same robot was there. I ran exuding  fear.

In the woods. 5 :00 a.m.  I saw a bike stuck in a tree. Then I saw a underground silver bunker door…

The Bike Crash – Ashley

I went for a walk in the woods yesterday, when I came across a bike going straight through a tree!

I looked around the tree desperate to find clues.  I saw a square shaped stone that read…

“Tom Donuhou.

Died 8th of December 1990.

Due to a bycicle crash.

We miss you.”

I gently touched the tree. Suddenly I got pulled in!!!

I landed and realised it was 1990!!!

I was beside the tree where the crash happened. Just then I saw a boy on the same bike.

I had to save him. I ran up to him and told him that the path was blocked off to turn back. I felt so good that I saved his life.

100 w/c Mia

Once upon a time Adi was her name. ‘YO Adi! ‘ Shouted Emily and Ashley from her class.

‘Do you wanna come down Beech Woods with us?’ Said Ashley.

‘Okay’ replied Adi.

They had their lunch and went to the woods. Adi thought the woods was creepy but wouldn’t admit it to the girls. They walked for about an hour and suddenly they were in the middle of a clearing . They came across a yellow doll’s house. Yellow was Adi’s favourite colour. Suddenly they decided to turn around there was a bike stuck in the tree…

The Dimension Bike by Leon

One day in the depths of the Magic Dwarf Mines three thousand years ago – A BIKE WAS MADE !!!!!!!

( Even though bikes wern’t invented yet.)

But not any bike, it was A DIMENSION BIKE!!!

But what does a dimension bike do???

Well let’s say that it can travel in to any dimension, simple as that.

But people (and dwarves, fairiess, goblins, etc. ) say that it was a very big mistake because it made all the nations clash into war over it.

You might be thinking why would they be fighting over a bike? They wanted to go to threw the so called Dimension of Gold.

One day a man or woman stole the bike and went straight into the Dimension of Gold and when he was he was coming out, he fell in to a tree and fell off the bike and the bike got stuck in the tree for ever.

Forest of Imagination – Jessica H

As I walked through the Forest of Imagination once again I saw something very peculiar, in fact it was a bike in a tree. I wondered how it got there. As I kept walking I think I saw the same tree with the bike inside so I decided to check it out how it got there. After about more than one hour I found something it looked like a name I couldn’t figure it out. I know it started with ‘A’ and my name is Ava, so if it is Ava I would be kind of scared

The Invasion by Darragh

Jack was running for his life. He ran into an old building. He put his back against the cold damp brick wall then suddenly he heard shouting and gun firings. He started running but suddenly he was stopped by a man in a yellow uniform. He zig zagged past the man there were screams still going on. He ran as fast as he could, he heard gunfire and saw a man wounded on the ground it looked pretty bad. He then looked behind him and saw a man charging at him like a gorilla. Jack was so scared he that couldn’t move…

The Day My Auntie Surprised Us by Emily

Ding! Dong! with doorbell rang . It was my favourite auntie. She had tickets in her hand. ‘They’re for the zoo !’ she said. We screamed with excitement . We all got into the car and off we went . Traffic was pretty bad on the way in . When we got there we decided to go to the gorilla island. We saw the zookeeper feeding the gorilla . We asked the zookeeper the gorilla’s name, it was Tom Brick . The next place we went whas the reptile house . One snake stood out, it was yellow and white. We decided to go home when I spotted a cheetah running in its enclosure.

100 w/c – Jessica M

One day Mrs pretty was on a walk. She was walking for a long time when she saw a street called Gorilla Street. She saw man running, he run by her and was saying something but Mrs pretty did not understand. She saw his hands they were yellow Lego man hands. After a while she started to walk and she saw a man made out of bricks but he had human hands. Mrs pretty thought about the other man and thought that it was rather unusual. The man look af her strangely, as if having a different body part was normal …

Gorilla Club – Oliver

Once upon a time there was a women named Tory and she was trying a role with her friend Sikowitz and the role was for pretty scary lady.

“You don’t sound too mad, you need to take more risks,” said Sikowitz.

“I do take risks. Like yesterday I went to the Gorilla Club”said Tory.

“Ok. What’s the Gorilla Club?”said Sikowitz.

“The Gorilla Club is pretty dangerous becauce you can die,” said Tory.

“How can you die?”said Sikowitz.

“There are games called Balls Of Pain, Running Gorilla and The Yellow Dodgbricks” said Tory.

The Trip – by Abby

One beautiful morning we got up bright and early to go to the Brick Camp site. We set off and my dad said “this is going to be a four hour drive.” We got all our travel games ready. Time went and eventually we arrived. Mr.Yellow brought us to are area then we set our tent up. Quickly we went to the lake but all of a sudden we heared loud stomps,we all started running . We hid in the tent, I peeked out, there was a gorilla that seemed nice, so we went over to him and fed bananas. It was a pretty awesome day camping.

100 w/c – Brian

One Monday morning a new Zoo opened in Dublin. They had all sorts of animals like monkeys, giraffes,elephants and more. On Tuesday the Dublin Zoo brought in a new animal it was a gorilla.Mr Yellow took care of the gorilla. He fed him twice a day. On Thursday Mr Yellow opened the gorillas cage to feed him and then Mr Yellow went for his lunch. But the gorilla had gotten out of his cage and he was running towards the front wall of the Zoo. Bang! the bricks came tumbling down from the wall. Mr Yellow heard the news and he was pretty surprised the gorilla broke out.

The Zoo by Charlie

Today we had our school tour. We were going to the zoo.Everyone couldn’t wait to see the gorillas. The entrance was made from mustard yellow bricks, I thought that was odd. Suddenly our tour guide appeared out of nowhere. She said, “hello my name is Amy”. A question came up about gorillas. Amy unfortunately said that we would be seeing the gorillas last. Finally we got to the gorillas habitat. The tallest one was running everywhere.Then the tour finished. When we were leaving we saw a girl from another school, one of my friends thought she looked pretty.

Best Holiday Ever – by Cillian

It was Saturday and my mam and I were on holidays in Mallorca.The name of the hotel was The Brick Hotel. When we arrived at the hotel we saw a water fountain with a statue of a gorilla which I thought was pretty cool. When we went inside it looked very cool which we thought was amazing. On Sunday morning we got dressed and went to have breckfast. After we went to the beach. It was called the Yellow Beach. We saw surfers running to the water. After we went on a tour. Those were the best holidays ever.

The Pretty Gorilla – by Emmanuel

Once upon a time there was a pretty gorilla named Rebecca Bricks. She was the most prettiest gorilla in the whole jungle. Everybody wanted to be her girlfriend.One day there was a new gorilla in the jungle and his name was Harry Yellow. And Rebecca really found him to be really handsome. The next day Rebecca asked him to be her boyfriend. He said that he would love to. After being together for 16 years they got married and had 89 children and they were always running around. They also adopted another 45 children. But then one day Rebbeca died.  Harry then became lonely.