Easter Challenge

A – Z challenge for Easter – How many can you get done?

Attempt a job you’ve never helped with before

Bins – empty the bins / put the bins out

Clean the bathroom

Dust the sitting room

Empty the dishwasher

Feed the birds

Garden – pull up some weeds / mow the lawn

Hoover any room in the house

Ice some buns or cookies

Just wipe all the door handles

Keep your room tidy

Laundry – fold the dry laundry

Make something nice for mammy

Neatly put the clothes away

Offer to help with dinner

Prepare vegetables for dinner

Quietly empty the dishwasher

Rinse the vegetables for dinner

Sweep the kitchen floor

Table – set the table for dinner

Unload the dishwasher

Vacuum your room

Wash the dishes

fiX up your room

You can choose any job

Zzzz give mammy a rest, offer to do one job for her



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The Incident by Zach

One day there was an explorer named Thomas Henderson. He was well known throughout Ireland. He discovered The Lost City Of Gold. He was setting out on a journey to the very dangerous Ruins Of The Amazon Jungle. He always travelled with his trusty companion David Harris. As they were walking they came to a stop it was a giant ledge Thomas told David to hold the rope as he went down. Thomas said “ Are you holding it tight”, “I’m trying to hold on” he shouted. The rope slipped out of David’s hands Thomas fell down and David stood there laughing…

A Sticky Situation by Oliwia

Sara and Greg were going mountaineering later that morning. They packed all their necessities in a bag and drove off. Soon enough they arrived at their destination. They went on the long trail as they were experienced climbers. They were nearly at the top of a mountain when suddenly the gravel Greg was standing on collapsed. Time seemed to have slowed down for the both of them when this horrible turn of events took place. Luckily though Greg had caught on to a rock that protruded from the steep hill. “HELP”, he shouted knowing he couldn’t hold on for long. Sara knew she’d have to act fast. If she didn’t Greg would lose his grip and fall to his death. “I’m trying to hold on”, he shouted more loudly this time. She frantically searched her bag for the piece of rope she brought with her. When she finally found it, she rushed over to help Greg.

Trips by Oliver

John grabbed the rope quickly before Embry fell. “Don’t let me fall,” Embry exclaimed. “I’m trying to hold on,” John shouted back. The police got there shortly and helped Embry up. She safely took us all to safe ground. “Mr. Bronnekan,” the police officer began, “You have earned a fine for taking children to a monument that is off-limits. Did you not read the warning signs? Wrong-way…turn around?” Mr. Bronnekan was speechless, “I…” The police took him away with a sad look on his face. We waited there speechless until our parents could come to pick us up.

My Friend’s 12th Birthday by Niamh

It was my friend’s 12th birthday and we were going to a carnival for his party. When we got to the carnival, there was a huge Ferris wheel. The first ride we went on was the bumper cars. My friend wanted to go on the Loop-o-plane but I didn’t. He went on it and I just watched him. He nearly fell off it because it was going so fast “I’m trying to hold on,” he shouted. When he got off the ride, he felt sick and dizzy. Then we went back to his house for a sleepover a cake.

The Cave by Leon

One day on Mt Ebott…

“Dan, you said we would just look at the cave,” said Frisk.

“I lied,” he replied with a blank expression on his face.

“I’m getting nervous, because well I’m not a big fan of the dark you kno…”whispered Frisk

“Come on let’s keep moving for another few minutes and then we can go back OK?? Why are you not answering,” he said.

Dan looked around, then he realised that Frisk was gone. He looked around and then he realised that there was a very big hole in the ground where they just passed, he sprinted to the hole and looked down, there she was, hanging from the edge.

“Hold on Frisk.”

I’m trying to hold on,” she shouted …

A Dangerous Challenge by Jessica M

“John come down stairs to get your breakfast.”

“Coming mam.”

As he was coming down the stairs he had an idea.

His idea was to slide down the banisters so he could get down to get his breakfast faster. Forgetting that his mam did not allow him to do so.

“I am trying to do a challenge, I’m trying not to hold on,” he shouted and within a second he fell of the banister and down the stairs. His mam rushed out to see what had happened and seen that John was lying at the bottom of the stairs…

The Rollercoaster by Jessica H

My brother and I decided to go to a park and go on a bunch of different rides. We got our parents to drop us to the park. When we got there my brother decided to go on the smallest roller coaster in the park which is still pretty big. When the ride was almost over it turned upside down. I didn’t know what to do as I was pacing around I heard ‘I’m trying to hold on,’ he shouted it was a boy but I didn’t know who he was. All of a sudden the ride started moving again.

The Sea Creature by Holly

It was a lovely Saturday morning. My friends Emily and Sam asked me to come outside. I decided to go outside because it was sunny. We went to the beach. Sam noticed something strange in the sea. It was a big, hairy, ugly, frightening creature. The creature grabbed Sam by his legs and dragged him into the sea. Sam held onto a big rock. “I’m trying to hold on”, Sam shouted. Emily and I threw rocks at the creature. After hours of trying to kill the creature, the creature finally died. My friends and I are never going back to that beach again.

The Cliff by Emmanuel

It was a warm summers afternoon. When Mr Brown’s family decided to go to the circus. Eventually it was time to go. They went. There was a man selling tickets, he was very nice. We got on our chairs. First of all there was an introducer introducing the show. The first act was tigers jumping through hoops. We got candy floss. The next act was the tight rope. A boy and a girl were doing it. They went. The rope was shaking. Suddenly they fell off the rope. They were grabbing on for their life. “I’m trying to hold on”, he shouted. They called 911. They rescued them.

The Circus Disaster by Emily

It was a warm summers afternoon. When Mr Brown’s family decided to go to the circus. Eventually it was time to go. They went. There was a man selling tickets, he was very nice. We got on our chairs. First of all there was an introducer introducing the show. The first act was tigers jumping through hoops. We got candy floss. The next act was the tight rope. A boy and a girl were doing it. They went. The rope was shaking. Suddenly they fell off the rope. They were grabbing on for their life. “I’m trying to hold on”, he shouted. They called 911. They rescued them.

Trains by Darragh

One day my friend Dan and I were taking the train to work. Suddenly the train stopped. I was going to ask Dan what happened but he wasn’t there. I ran to next carriage but he wasn’t there either. When I got to the last carriage, I saw him. I was about to ask why he ran away but suddenly the carriage snapped in half. I grabbed Dan’s hand “I’m trying to hold on,” he shouted. “I almost have you up,” I said. I almost had him up but suddenly he slipped out of my grip and fell out of the train.

The Incident by Craig

Once upon a time there was a boy named John. John went to the bathroom and left the door swinging and it almost crashed into Brian. Brian said ‘get the door quick”I’m trying to hold on’ he shouted. Brian wanted to say what are you holding on to but it was too late and the door bashed into Brian before he said that. John felt guilty and ran away. When Brian came out of the bathroom he came over to John and said ‘ what were you holding on to that was more important than not letting the door bash into me.

The Loch Ness Monster by Cillian

Once, there were two boys named Mike and James that went to Loch Ness in Scotland to see if The Loch Ness Monster was real. Once they got there they were amazed by how beautiful the Lake was. One of the interesting things about the Lake was that you could drink the water because it was a freshwater lake! Although it was cold they went for a swim because the tour guide said they could. They were having fun until James was grabbed by something. He screeched and held on to Mikes arm. “Don’t let go Mike!”, he screamed. “I’m trying to hold on”, he shouted. But it was too late. James had drowned.

My Arch Enemy by Cian

When I was four I had an arch enemy. My enemy was the monkey bars and this story is about the reason why. I really enjoyed school in my first year. Especially yard time because we were able to play lots of different games. The only thing I didn’t like about school was the monkey bars. At P.E time we would have to start our activities by going on the monkey bars. I hated it because the bars were very high and I’m terrified of heights. Today I had to go on the monkey bars first I slipped and landed on my bum. It was very sore.

The Cliff by Charlie

Once upon a time there was a boy named Felix. He and his friend were walking through a forest, they were admiring the trees and the animals when all of a sudden a cliff appeared in front of them. Felix did not realize and fell off but his friend grabbed his arm “I’m trying to hold on,”he shouted. Their hands started to sweat and Felix fell but then out of nowhere an alien ship flew through the sky and caught him. He landed on the ship and got knocked out. He woke up with aliens surrounding him.

The Storm by Brian

One day, I woke up and it was really sunny. I went to knock for my friends. But, when Aaron came outside I felt the wind getting strong. Then, all of a sudden a storm broke out! We had to try and run home but Aaron had to grab onto a bench. I’m trying to hold on, he shoutedI went over to help him but the wind kept pulling me back! I didn’t know what to do and I was panicking and so was Aaron. Then suddenly something very, very strange happened...

Twin Towers by Ben

Last week my friend and I went to the biggest tower in the world. It was called the Burj Khalifa and it was located in Dubai. We went because we loved the history about Dubai and there was a challenge that you have to hang from a building for as long as you can. I went first and got eighteen seconds. When my friend went I remember the words that came out of his mouth’ ‘I’m trying to hold on, ‘he shouted aggressively. It was so fun I went again but only got thirteen seconds. We decided to leave that that day because of Covid-19.

The Trip by Bartosz

Last year the school trip was really, good let me tell you about it. That day I woke up really early. I came in with spare clothes encase I got dirty. We went to a farm. The nature was magnificent. They gave us a tour, we saw all kinds of animals but the best part was coming up, the bog we had a tug of war in the bog. It was my class vs another class that was there. There were screams of anger, tugs and trash talk” hold on”! I’m trying to hold on”, he screamed. “Yes!”, said many excited voices “we won”, came from the other side.

The Twin’s Trampoline by Ashely

There once was a set of twins, Lucas and Maia. One day they decided that for their birthday, they wanted a trampoline.

Their parent’s bought them a trampoline, they were so excited. when they got home, their Dad set it up and when it was ready, they quickly clambered on.

An hour went by and they were still jumping, but in a blink of an eye, Maia heard a scream, Lucas’ foot was caught in the springs and he was clinging onto the net because if he let go it would hurt.

“Hold on, I’ll get Mam!” said Maia, but then remembered that they were at the shops.

“I’m trying to hold on!” he shouted in excruciating pain

“The ambulance is on its way!” Maia called back.

France by Abby

“Jamie! Jamie! wake up,

we are going to be late for our flight to France”, Jamie suddenly jumped right out of bed and got ready. They had two and a half hours on a plane. They survived the flight and were lucky to be in France just in time for the trip to the Eiffel Tower. They decided to check into their hotel, put their bags in and go to the Eiffel Tower. When they got there Jamie climbed to the middle of the tower and realized he couldn’t get down ‘I’m trying to hold on,’ he shouted but I am stuck!.

The Mountain Hike by Aaron

One day my friends and I went up a mountain. When we started walking there was a man doing it in his bare feet. When we asked him is this meant to be walked in bare feet. He said no but he said he does it anyway. When we were almost at the top and we ran back and we said don’t fall were getting help. “I’m trying to hold on”, he shouted. Then people came to help and we got him back up and finished the hike. After we went for some food in an Italian restaurant beside the hotel we were staying in.

Wedding by Oliver

As our horses galloped along the vast area of Tom’s land we heard traditional ball music from his castle.

We took no notice of the sign saying “Tom’s land – stay off unless party guest.”

It was the big day.

Tom and Jane were getting married. Hopefully, there would be no sabotage.

“Darling do we really have to go to this wedding, it sounds awfully boring” I said to Mary.

” Yes we are going and we’re nearly there so if you must say something Charles muster it” Mary replied.

At Tom’s parties you had to be humble to every guest and it was torture.

Going to Wexford by Niamh

It was Saturday at last, I was so excited because I was going to Wexford. On the way there we were so busy talking we took no notice of the sign! We travelled on the usual road but suddenly we noticed it was closed. I got out of the car and asked the workman why the road was closed. He said “the road is closed because it was damaged in the storm and we are fixing it.” I went back to the car but when I was getting in I accidentally hit off my sister, but I said “sorry” immediately.

The Hospital by Mia

Me and my friend Sara decided to explore an abandoned hospital. We noticed a sign that said DEATHLY OUTBREAK KEEP OUT! We took no notice of the sign. It was from the virus that spread 10 years ago. The survivors were made to all live the same lifestyle and be taken away for testing every three months. Sara and Iwere inseparable. We hated the new lifestyle. So we decided to explore. Filled with teen angst we got bored. Who cares about the rules anyway? So we are now in the hospital. There were sterile white things everywhere. All who had been infected were disposed of. Suddenly I heard a noise…

The Plane Journey by Leon

I was finally free. It was like after a year of prison I was finaly let out… as you could infer, I was free from school and I was on my way to the Sahara desert because my Mam told my Dad to find us somewhere hot. He took it seriously and now you see where we’re going.

A few hours later…

‘This is your captin speaking, we might get a bit of turbulence because there is a small storm outside and if anyone is afraid of dyng please don’t look out.’

Of course, like almost everyone I looked out the window and the storm was terrible. I felt like I was going to throw up so I took no notice of the sign and went to the toilet.

The Haunted House by Jessica M

After Jessica rang the doorbell she heard someone coming towards them. Abby took a couple of steps back from the door thinking it was someone from indoors but banged into an old lady. The lady let out a squeal, ‘what are you doing in my garden did you not see the sign?!’

‘Sorry we took no notice of the sign, as we were delivering a cake to this address. We did not think it applied to us, it is a three layered chocolate cake did you order one?’

‘No! Of course not why would I need a cake as big as that one.’