Army by Oliver

Long, long ago in a colourful universe a lot of people joined an army for peace and they never fought.

The army went to the gym every day to scare the enemy off.

One day the enemy started to go to the gym and the enemy won.

Suddenly they started to attack the enemy and they lost.

They coloured themsleves so that they could sneak in their base and it did not work out.

A fairy came and said” you said that you will not fight and you did win so I will turn you in to a real statue now.”

6 thoughts on “Army by Oliver”

  1. I really like your creativity and i thought your idea about the gym was amazing at the end i really wanted to keep reading but sadly it was finished, Well done.

  2. This story is very interesting, it had lots of mythical features in it which makes it quite unique.
    You should feel proud of yourself and i hope your teacher enjoys this to.
    please could you visit my story.

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