Area 51 by Charlie

Me and my friends Jack and Sean were going to try sneak into area 51. We had planned for months and we were finally ready. We were breaking in on Saturday. We drove in on Friday night and slept in the van. At 1:am we walked up and saw a sign it said AREA 51 NO TRESPASSING we took no notice of the sign. We proceeded to cut the fence, we skulked over to the entrance and broke the camera. We swiftly sneaked to the end of the hall, it was a dead end. I pressed a button on the wall and it opened up to reveal an Alien. We jumped into his spaceship and escaped.

One thought on “Area 51 by Charlie”

  1. Kia ora Charlie. Fantastic creative writing! I really enjoyed reading your story – it is exciting and descriptive. Well done and keep rising to the 100 Word Challenge!

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